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   Chapter 57 Have Dinner With Lee

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After dinner, Kate searched online for Lee's information. The Lee group was also well-known in Z City, and was responsible for the real estate in the suburb.

After a while, Kate twisted her neck and tried to change her rigid face. Then she looked at Lee on the screen and shook her head. She really couldn't understand why Lee didn't agree to sign the contract. After all, it was a very good deal to cooperate with the Li group.

Turning her head, she saw Brian sitting on the other side of the study, busy with his work.

The study room in this villa was large and they stayed in each side of the room. In Kate's opinion, the room occupied by Brian was much more spacious than hers.

"Mr. Brian, why do you have to cooperate with Lee?" Seeing that Brian also put down his pen, Kate asked hastily.

Lee's arrogance defied against Brian's cold personality. Kate couldn't imagine that they were both unwilling to give in to each other.

Looking at her, for a moment, Brian opened his mouth and replied gently, "to prove your ability."

"……" Kate was speechless. Was Lee's case taken as an entrance exam in Brian's eyes?

Kate knew that she could not get any useful information from Brian, so she had to go back and continue to study her plan.

"Lee doesn't like being late or drinking sweet food. Besides, he always pay attention to details." Said the cold voice from Brian.

Kate was slightly surprised and turned around to look at him. His eyes were fixed on the documents and he didn't look at her anymore.

His words assured Kate. At this critical moment, her boss was indeed useful to her. She giggled with joy.

In the evening, though Kate was absolutely reluctant, she went to bed quietly in front of Brian.

Feeling the steady breath of the man beside her, Kate unconsciously moved to the warm place and slowly closed her eyes. She soon fell asleep.

Perhaps she had been used to sleeping on the same bed with Brian. At that moment, Kate could fall asleep naturally. It wasn't like the time she would lost in various fancies and conjectures before sleep.

The next day, Kate made an appointment with Lee. She went back to the company and prepared some documents before she arrived at the place. Lee didn't like late people, so Kate arrived there half an hour earlier.

To her surprise, Lee was already there waiting for her.

Kate checked the time and was shocked. She did come here half an hour earlier. She realized that it would not be bad if Mr. Brian told her how long will Lee advance.

Kate checked her clothes and said to Lee elegantly, "Hello, Mr. Lee. I'm Kate from the Li group. Nice to meet you."

Mr. Lee looked up at her and nodded slightly, sort of greeting to Kate.

Mr. Lee was about 40 years old. He had a strong and tough figure, and there were few words on his face - "successful man".

Kate looked at Mr. Lee and sat down in front of Mr. Lee with a smi

else, I will go back first." Mr. Lee stood up and said in a low voice.

"Okay. Be careful on the way." Moore said with concern.

Mr. Lee nodded. When Kate saw Mr. Lee facing Moore, the look on his face was affection.

What's the relationship between Moore and Lee?

After Mr. Lee left, Kate also stood up and said: "I have to go now. I still have something to deal with in the company."

With that, she prepared to leave.

"Kate, don't you have something to tell me?" Moore stood up too, looked at Kate's back and called her in a clear and clear voice.

Kate frowned. Was there anything to talk about between them? It suddenly occurred to her that Moore had confessed his love to her last time when they met. But she had refused him at that time. They should not be entangled.

"Uncle is a strange person. Even though you have done a good job, he may not agree to sign the contract with you." Moore added.

Upon hearing the contract, Kate turned around. She wanted to get the contract, to prove her ability to Anna, and to avoid humiliating Colin. She must win the contract.

"Moore, this contract is very important to me. In your opinion, how can I sign the contract with you successfully?" Asked Kate.

Moore looked at her with a gentle smile and said, "you have talked for a long time. You must be hungry. Let's go to eat something first, okay?"

She had meant to refuse Moore's kindness, but when she thought of the contract, she felt a little hungry. After thinking for a few seconds, she nodded.

She didn't want to be so close to Moore, not because she hated him, but because she was reluctant to remember the life in the University. Though Moore didn't say anything, Kate still felt guilty.

At first, Moore just wanted to help her, but she drove him away with fierce words. Kate also knew what Moore had done, but she dared not mention it. The more she mentioned them, the less courageous she was to face Moore.

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