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   Chapter 56 Mom's Opposition

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The other side was silent for seconds. Though it just had been a few seconds, Kate felt that she had been waiting for a century.

"Have you seen his parents?" Asked Mary.

"Yes..." Kate answered with a lisp.

"Are his parents okay with their personalities? Are you sure you won't be bullied by them after you get married? " Mary asked.

Sure enough, mother didn't know that Brian's father was William. His mother was just suspecting. After ten years, Kate's impression of William was somewhat vague, but Mary remembered it deeply, so she didn't like Brian who looked somewhat like William.

Moreover, sometimes, the sixth sense of women was horrible. If Mary didn't want Kate to be with Brian, there must be woman's innate intuition which exert an difference.

Kate didn't know how to answer this question. Should she say directly that Brian's father was William? Then her mother would definitely come and tie her up again.

"Mommy, I met uncle William." Kate slowly said.

"……" Mary didn't respond.

"He is downstairs of the house I rent. He seems to be waiting for you. Every day, I see him waiting at the door..." After a short pause, Kate asked, "Mom, was it because of uncle William that you were in such a hurry to leave here? Did you see him? "

Mary remained silent.

"Mom, if he did that for his difficult speech, can you forgive him?" Kate asked tentatively.

After a moment of silence, Kate heard a firm voice from Mary. "I will never forgive him."

Mary's words made Kate's heart sink. What a bottomless abyss.

"Before Juliet came to our house, did you know that uncle William had a family? Asked Kate.

Without answering her question, Mary smiled and said, "it's late, Kate. You can go to have dinner now. I have to go to work. Bye. "

"Mom!" Kate called her, but it was already beep.

Kate looked at her phone with a wry smile and looked out of the window. 'in fact, mom must have known it at that time. After William took her to his company, she knew that he had a family.

It was at that time that Brian saw them together.

Would mom forgive William? 'will she forgive uncle William? What would her mother react if she knew that she had got a marriage certificate with William's son?

A pang of depression lingered in Kate's mind.

"You're out of your mind." Brian's cold voice came from behind Kate. She was stunned and before she could see who he was, she was held into a warm chest.

Kate raised her head and saw Brian's sharp, hard jaw.

"You just called your mother?" Brian leaned his head on Kate's shoulder and asked.

Her voice was so cold and emotionless.

"Yes." Kate nodded.

She felt a little uncomfortable because Brian was behind her. When Kate thought of being seen by others, she felt uncomfortable. Her elbow moved slightly and tried to break the arm around her waist.

Without asking more, Brian released her waist, t

m eating, her smile gradually became stiff, and finally became numb.

Brian! You asshole!

Kate went crazy again and again. Finally, Brian put down his chopsticks and looked up at her.

Kate kept smiling.

"Come and eat." Brian looked at Kate coldly and said.

"Well." Kate responded as soon as she heard these words, and then she immediately sat down next to Brian. Kate was so hungry that she wolfed down the food in front of her and forgot all the courtesy.

She ate too fast and almost chocked to tears. Brian frowned and reached out to pat her on the back.

With these thoughts in her mind, Kate looked very sad. She missed the days when she was with Sherry more and more. At that time, she could eat whatever she wanted to eat and Sherry would also make different plans to serve her stomach.

today is different from that days. She had thought that working for the CEO would bring her something to eat, but the past two days' experience had told her that as long as the CEO was not satisfied with you, he might not even eat anything.

After eating, Kate suddenly realized It seemed that she was eating the leftovers of Brian again!

What a pervert! How much did the man hate her! Kate raised her head and looked at the ceiling. The ceiling was filled with glazed lights, which almost blind her eyes.

Kate had never thought that she could live in such a luxurious environment, and she had never thought that she would get a marriage certificate with the emperor of Z city. What was more unexpected was that her stepfather was the emperor's father. Fate was really a magical thing.

Sherry, where are you now?

Thinking of Sherry, Kate always felt uneasy. Although she knew an artist's act might be a little strange, Sherry never hide herself.

She lowered her head and took a rest silently. The CEO who was by her side didn't leave at all, bringing her so much pressure that she couldn't even enjoy a meal

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