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   Chapter 55 Have Lunch Together

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Kate cautiously turned her head to the door. When she saw it was Jacob, she breathed a sigh of relief. With her back straight down, she was indeed frightened to death.

"Hey." Jacob put a packed delicately wrapped rice basket on the small round table in front of Brian and Kate and greeted them with a smile.

Brian nodded and put down the newspaper.

It was a rare chance for Kate to see such a delicate rice basket. She couldn't help stretching out her neck.

"Are you hungry?" Brian blankly glanced at Kate and asked.

Seeing the exquisite and delicious food, Kate couldn't help but swallow. However, when she was faced with the question, she resolutely shook her head and calmly said: "I'm not hungry. I've had a nice breakfast today."

She was not full, just a little bit for breakfast today! Kate thought to herself.

Without saying anything, Brian nodded and began to eat, ignoring Kate next to him.

Brian, one day, I will have a big meal in front of you. I will make you jealous! "! Kate resentfully clenched her fists and gritted her teeth.

She was sure that he did it on purpose!

In the middle of the meal, Brian picked up a piece of red cooked pork and looked at Kate who was swallowing. He asked indifferently: "do you want to eat?"

Kate nodded, but then shook her head immediately. She turned her head and looked out of the window, as if she didn't want to eat at all.

"Open your mouth." The cold voice from Brian got into Kate's ears.

The braised pork was so delicious, and she was too hungry

So Kate looked back and opened her mouth obediently, "aha..."

Brian smiled with satisfaction. Then he picked up a piece of delicious chicken and put it into Kate's mouth. Finally She ate up all the food left

Jacob stood not far away, turned his head silently and sighed, "Boss, your ability to tame pets is so brilliant!" There was even no leftover in the room. Killing two birds with one stone.

"Does it taste good?" Brian took out a piece of tissue elegantly and wiped the stains from the corner of Kate's mouth carefully.

Kate nodded happily and smiled innocently, "it's delicious."

She didn't realize that she was eating Mr. Brian's leftovers.

"Well, go back to work." Brian nodded and pursed his lips. His stiff face softened when he looked at Kate.

When she heard that she could leave at last, Kate was so excited that she jumped up and bowed slightly to Brian. "Okay, Mr. Brian. Goodbye."

As soon as she finished her words, she ran out of the room as if she was afraid that Brian would back out and take her back.

Seeing that she ran outside with fear, Brian's face that had just eased down slightly darkened.

When she returned to her office, she found that the office was empty and the other four hadn't come back yet. Kate hastily ran to her seat a

Kate was stunned. She didn't mention anything about Anna, nor did she mention Anna saw them kissing in the office? How did Brian know it?

Besides, who is Lee? She couldn't understand what they were talking about at all.

"I'm leaving too. See you tomorrow." Regardless of Kate's stunned expression, Jacob waved at her.

Kate waved at Jacob and smiled.

After Jacob left, Kate took a look at the empty office and suddenly realized that the CEO was still in the office She was going to stay at a room with the CEO again.

Why did Jacob leave so fast

Kate was sitting on her chair. She wanted to read something to distract her attention, but she kept her eyes on the papers, on which was the shadow of Brian. He frowned slightly on his cold face and smiled.

"I found a wallet on the roadside and handed it over to the police..." The phone rang in the empty office, which startled Kate who had been lost in various fancies and conjectures.

She took out the phone and saw it was her mother calling.

"Mommy, have you eaten yet?" Asked Kate on the phone.

"Yes. What about you?" Asked Mary.

"Not yet, it's going to eat."

"Are you going to eat with Jacob? How are you getting along with Jacob recently? Are they living together? When are you going to get married? " Mary asked anxiously.

Jacob? 'Jacob?'?

How dare Kate say that she was living with Brian.

"Emm..." Said Kate in a twinkling of an eye.

It was said that mother knew her daughter best. Hearing Kate's tone, Mary asked in a low voice, "are you still with Brian?"

"No... No! " Kate denied in panic.

"Kate, I don't mean to prevent you from being with Brian. He doesn't not fit you. I've asked a fortune-teller. He is unfit for you. " Mary tried her best to persuade Kate.

After a moment's reflection, Kate asked carefully, "Mom, if I love him, will you allow me to be with him?"

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