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   Chapter 54 Don't Disgrace Him

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The door was closed. Kate lowered her head and stood quietly in front of him.

Kate said nothing and Brian said nothing, Brian paced back to the desk and absorbed himself in checking the documents as if nothing had happened.

"Boss." After a long time, Kate finally called his name.

"Yes." Brian didn't stop writing. He replied indifferently, indicating that he was listening to her.

Kate raised her head and glimpsed at Brian. She felt so aggrieved when she recalled the scene that he left her alone this morning.

In fact, there was nothing to be aggrieved. Kate felt that the shy feeling in literature that she had learned for four years was expressed at this moment.

"I want to leave the Secretary office and go back to my original position." Kate said with hesitation.

She had mentioned that before she came to the Department. Now Kate brought it up again.

"Why?" Brian stopped writing and looked up at her.

Kate lowered her head and said in a low voice, "I'm not capable enough."

"Are you so timid and self-abased that you even dare not to challenge?" Said Brian, who stood up and walked towards her.

Kate was a little stunned. She was really not confident in her job. She thought she had self-knowledge, and she didn't know that these things had become self-abasement in the eyes of Brian.

"I..." Kate hemmed and hawed.

Brian pinched her chin with his fingers to force her to look at him. Kate could not match his strength and looked up at him blankly.

He was still cold and handsome, and his dark eyes glared at her, which made people dare not to look straight at him. He looked at her like a king looking at his subjects, and his eyes flashed a trace of pity and pity.

"Don't disgrace me." The voice of Brian was low but powerful.

Kate's breath hitched. She was in a trance and looked at him blankly.

He said Don't disgrace him?

"If you are just afraid of being gossip, then prove to everyone with your own capacity. Prove to me. You are not bad. " Added Brian.

Kate's heart skipped a beat and nodded, "yes."

Hearing Kate's reply, Brian let go of her chin, swirled on the sofa and said casually, "help me make a cup of coffee."

After getting the order, Kate made a cup of coffee for him without thinking, and then she put the made coffee before him. She suddenly realized that She was serving him..

Brian took the coffee and had a sip. Kate looked at him nervously. She didn't make the coffee, but mixed the material with water.

Seeing Brian putting the coffee down, Kate was so nervous that she was waiting for further comments.

"Sweet. Add less sugar next time." Said Brian slightly.

Kate nodded.

There was other chance?

One occupied the whole sofa, while the other stood in front of a small round table stiffly, one was the emperor and the other was a citizen. They were in sharp contrast.

Kate looked at Brian in a black su

oft ear, gently exhaled by her ear, and then the hot breath drilled into her ear all the way to her brain.

Her brain was completely blank and then she heard a loud bang.

It took Kate a long time to come back to her senses.

Boss, did you pass your English exam? Was a certain distance the distance like this? As soon as Kate came to herself, she thought Brian's English was not good.

As she was immersed in her own thoughts, Kate didn't notice that Brian had already put her on the sofa, but he was still sitting next to her.

"Well, I'm going back to work." Kate pretended to be calm, but in fact and smiled.

She stood up and was about to leave.

But before she could stand up straight, she was taken down by a force and slumped into the sofa defenselessly.

"Mr. Brian, what can I do for you?" Kate changed her crying face into smile when she turned her head to Brian.

She forgot what had happened just now. She just suffered a loss. It was normal in the commercial field, so there was nothing special about it. Kate, you should keep calm!

Without answering her, Brian leisurely picked up the financial newspaper on the table.

Seeing his movement, Kate didn't dare to stand up and leave. But she didn't know what to do if she didn't leave.

When Kate was hesitating if she should ask him again, there was a sudden knock on the door.

Kate was delighted and just wanted to open the door. But when she thought of Anna, her body froze.

Although both she and the CEO were dressed neatly, when Anna saw her in the office, she must have thought of something

While Kate was thinking about this, the door was pushed open. She was startled and thought, 'is the door unlocked? If someone came in just now Does she still have a place to stay in the Li group?

She was trembling with fear at the thought. She turned quietly to look at Brian, but he was still reading his newspaper without even raising his head

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