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   Chapter 53 Anna's Strange Action

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Brian lifted her out of the bed. Kate, still suffering from the shock, held his arm and looked for her shoes on the other side.

She was shocked by this sudden move of Brian. Kate once again understood that the key to be with the CEO was to have an incomparably strong heart.

Fortunately, Brian didn't play dirty tricks later. After dressing up, Kate followed him to the restaurant for breakfast.

As for what happened yesterday, Kate dared not to mention it, let alone quarrel with Brian. She was not that stupid to lose her temper.

That's right. Maria's food is very delicious. Kate continued to eat while Brian gracefully moved his chopsticks. He, who was unconcerned and frowned, looked at Kate.

"Maria". Called Brian, putting down his chopsticks.

"Master, what's up." Maria answered quickly.

"Bring miss. Kate's favorite food to the small dining table last night. She could back to this table until she's behaviors reaches the standard of dining etiquette." Said Brian slightly.

Then, Kate was politely invited back to the small table where she stayed last night.

Kate silently looked at the bowl and a plate of food in front of her, and then turned her head to look at the delicious food in front of Brian, gnashing her teeth with hatred.

But she didn't dare to show this emotion. She could only quietly and gracefully bite the rice in front of her. She had calmed down, why didn't he let her eat a little better. The more Kate ate, the more depressed she felt.

After breakfast, Kate went to work with Brian.

Another good thing about living with Mr. Brian was that she didn't have to take bus or subway when she went to work. Kate also had luxury cars to pick her up. Kate sat on her stomach against the car window, staring outside. She thought for a while and suddenly realized that it was not a bad thing to live with the boss.

Except that sometimes his lust went out of control, he was doing well in the rest of his time.

With Brian by her side, she didn't have to worry about her work at all. Although sometimes Brian wouldn't directly tell her where she had done wrong, he was still an indispensable role of guidance for her.

Kate stealthily turned her head to glance at Brian, who was quietly leaning against the seat and slightly closing his eyes. The warm sunlight poured in from the window, and his side face against the light was very angular. He sat there like a perfect God sculpture, with a invincible power in the sun.

This man

Hearing that, Brian frowned and Kate lowered her head at once. Her heart was filled with a strange feeling. She had never felt this inexplicable sense of satisfaction before, and everything was novel to her.

It was not until the car entered the parking lot of the company that Kate came to her senses. She quickly packed up her belongings and was about to get out of the car. On the other side, Brian also woke up and took a loo

Yes, it was true.

Her position was acquired because of her relationship with Brian.

"What do you mean?" Kate forced herself to calm down, looked at Anna and asked.

"You know exactly what I mean. Kate, you are so disappointing." Then, she walked around Kate and walked up to Vicky and others.

Kate's feet seemed to be nailed to the ground, unable to move.

After a long time, she turned around and wanted to walk to Vicky and those girls. But when she turned around, she found that everyone had gone.

She didn't see anyone in the secretary room.

Would Anna tell Vicky and others about this?

However What she said was true.

Kate walked back to her seat in a daze.

'what did Anna see last night

No, last night no one was in this office Kate sat down, with her heart beating rapidly. Where else could Anna meet her and Brian besides here?

The scene of last night's kiss suddenly came to her mind. She blushed all over her face and bent over the table in silence. Thinking that Anna might have seen that scene, she felt more and more uncomfortable.

Why did this happen? Even though she knew that she was in the company, she still did not push him away last night. As long as she pushed him away, Anna wouldn't see them.

Kate knocked on her head gloomily.

She leaned on the table for a while but still felt a little uncomfortable. She stood up and walked to the door of the CEO's office. She hesitated and did not dare to knock.

What would Anna think if she saw her walking out of the office?

After hesitating for a while, Kate turned around and left.

"What's up?" Behind her came the indifferent voice of Brian.

Kate was a little stunned and slowly turned around. When she saw him, she felt a touch of grievance.

Looking at her hesitant look, Brian frowned and pulled her into the CEO office.

Being sensible, Jacob left with the documents. Before he left, he said, "I'll get meals for you."

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