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   Chapter 52 You Are Allowed To Love Me

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9816

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The kiss was more lingering than ever. Against the moon, it was like a beautiful picture. But in the meantime, it was like an oil painting with stared colors and flowers, pouring out her feelings freely and passionately.

Kate grabbed his collar tightly, her face as red as a tomato.

She gritted her teeth and didn't want him to get in, but it only increased Brian's desire to conquer.

After a little while, Kate put up her hands and surrender, letting his tongue penetrate into her mouth and swept every corner of it. At last, her tongue was rolled up by his.

Kate gave up her resistance completely. She would have collapsed onto the ground if her waist were not held by Brian. It was a shame to imagine that.

When Kate was out of breath, Brian released her but again blocked her mouth. In the end, Kate was about to faint. She could guarantee that she was not the only one who was not well behaved tonight. Mr. Brian was also abnormally nervous

When kissing, tears were welling up in Kate's eyes and streamed down her cheeks. When the salty tears melted into their lips, Brian was a little stunned and released her. Kate bit her lower lip, tears keeping running down from her eyes.

"Why do you treat me like this? Is that hypocrisy funny? Brian, I wish you could stay away from me. You shouldn't have helped me at the first. You shouldn't have given me a towel when I was isolated and helpless; you shouldn't have helped me massage my belly when I felt pain; you shouldn't have stood by my side when I was isolated. You should have let me bear it alone! " Kate's sobs became a crying sound. She looked at him, with crystal tears on her eyelashes. She lowered her eyelashes, with tears pouring down her cheeks.

"I hate you. From now on, we'd better separate! You can fire me. I'll go home and sell flowers with mom. After all, Sherry is not here. I don't want to stay here any more. "

"Our world should not have any tangles. It's my fault. I was wrong from the beginning."

"Brian, divorce with me."

Finally, Kate said, she was still staring at Brian, the first time she called his name.

Kate had made up her mind to separate with Brian and help her mother to sell flowers and run a flower shop. Anyway, her mother didn't expect her to make any big deal. She could still live by selling flowers and helping her mother with part-time jobs.

Kate looked at Brian, turned around and was about to leave, but her hand was grabbed.

With arms around her waist, he pulled her into his arms. Kate didn't want to struggle, because she couldn't defeat him. She couldn't stop him from doing anything. She always lost the initiative in front of him.

"I don't agree." Said Brian in her ear.

She didn't care about what was going on in Brian's tone.

"If you are worried about grandma, you can rest assured. Even after we get divorced, I will go to visit grandma every day and take her as my grandma. " Kate sneer

gh Kate had thought about it for a long time, she still didn't have any thoughts. She turned around and looked at Brian. Then, her phone rang.

Kate was shocked and quickly turned her head away. She was staring at Mr. Brian. Kate! you are beyond remedy!

Hearing her cell phone ringing, Brian slowly released her. After getting up, Kate looked at the back of Brian who was getting dressed and hastily hid into the bed, only revealing her two big eyes all over her body.

The boss's body was really good. There was no fat on his waist, and his back was straight. Down Kate didn't dare to look anymore

According to Kate's eyesight, the CEO's body seemed to be better than hers. Although there was no comparison between men and women, the body that Kate had always wanted to pursue was the same shape as Brian's!

Moreover, the CEO's skin was also very good, with wheat colored healthy skin covering the naked upper body without any spots.

Of course, this was a conclusion made by Kate. She didn't make any comments on the rest part of Brian's body.

Since Brian had his back to her, Kate was shocked by his strong abdominal muscles.

Kate, who was wrapped in the quilt, thought Brian was lucky. She thought that the CEO wouldn't definitely be innocent if only the women in his room were Lora.

Kate had seen Lora attack a man in the street, just because the man looked pretty in the ordinary people. Unfortunately, he encountered Lora with a strong desire, so he was attacked.

While Kate was lost in her thought, she suddenly found that the quilt over her head was suddenly lifted and a faint smile appeared in front of her. Kate was stunned for a second and quickly showed a bright smile. "Good morning, Mr. Brian."

"Good morning." Said Brian, who pulled her out of the bed without mercy.

Kate was shocked as she realized that she was hanging in the air. She put her hands around Brian's neck in a hurry, and her face turning pale.

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