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   Chapter 51 Eating Furtively At Midnight

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Kate tried to sleep but couldn't fall sleep. She was on an empty stomach that made her feel bad. She'd better find something to eat.

There were so many dishes on the table, which was enough for Brian to eat. And there might be leftovers in the kitchen, thought Kate.

Kate tried to shake off Brian's arms, but he was too strong for her. Kate looked at the ceiling helplessly, took a rest and tried again. Smart as she was, she didn't try to move his arms but slipped out his arms slowly.

It was at this moment that Kate felt well as a thin person.

With all her strength, Kate finally freed herself from Brian's arms. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and was proud of herself.

Kate squatted beside the bed and looked at Brian. Well, he was still asleep.

Kate grinned and crept out of the bedroom. There was a light in the corridor. Though it was a little dim, it didn't affect her at all. All she was thinking about now was delicious food.

Kate slipped into the kitchen and hurried to open the fridge, but the leftovers were gone. She looked at the fridge which was filled with kinds of vegetables, but there were no leftovers.

Kate was confused and turned on the light in the kitchen. She looked around but didn't find any leftover.

Depressed, Kate opened the fridge, took out a few tomatoes and washed them before eating them. When she stood there, she felt uncomfortable. She sat on the chair in front of the dining table, while her one leg was put on the table comfortably.

Kate looks very domineering.

After eating one, Kate felt a little bit uncomfortable in her stomach. However, she didn't care about it and was going to eat the second one.

Kate thought about how miserable her life was. She was so hungry that she ate tomatoes at midnight. The autumn wind outside the window was bleak. Kate was just like a tree standing in the wind, and her heart was filled with sadness.

"There are dishes in the pot."

A voice came out from nowhere and startled Kate. Her hand which was holding the tomato shook and the tomato fell to the ground.

Kate turned around and saw a tall figure standing at the kitchen door in the dim light that was Brian. He crossed his hands over his chest and looked down on Kate like a God.

Kate looked blankly at Brian who suddenly appeared, with a vacant look on her face.

Brian walked in. Kate looked around and found that she could hide herself behind the French curtains. She immediately ran behind the curtains and her heart was beating in her throat.

How could Brian wake up? When she got up, she clearly saw him sleeping well!

Kate tried her best to calm down.

It was most embarrassed to get caught by an acquaintance while eating furtively. Moreover, the acquaintance not only was the owner of the villa but also was her boss.

Kate prayed that Brian couldn't find her. Kate kept praying with folded hands. She really hoped that she could move in an instant with her

s said that people's mind was the most vulnerable at midnight. Now, Kate felt that she was even more sentimental than the poetess Li Qingzhao.

Brian stepped forward and held her small hand. His hand was warm with fresh air, which made Kate feel a little warm. Kate struggled for a while, but failed. She followed closely behind Brian with her head down.

The cobblestone beneath her feet made her mind clearer and clearer. The blood flowed faster and faster, and her body became impulsive.

The moonlight tonight was beautiful, and the big and round moon hung high in the sky like a shiny disc. The fountain in the yard was integrated into the moonlight, rippling out a pool of silver light. Kate felt cold as the wind blew. She shrank her neck.

Seeing this, Brian released her hand and directly held her into his arms.

They walked at will without any outdoor clothes.

But Brian's tall figure blocked all the wind. Kate didn't feel cold in his arms.

They made a circle silently and went back to where they were. Their shoes were wet by the dew at night, and the shiny dew was shining under the moonlight. Kate felt a little novel and squatted down to study the dew.

Kate's eyes fell on Brian' shoes. The quality of his shoes was excellent.

Kate looked Brian's up and down.

After realizing what she did, Kate quickly stopped and wiped her hands with her clothes. Then, she stood up calmly and said, "Let's go back. I'm very sleepy."

As if she was not the idiot who had done that. Brian looked at her.

Kate's eyes were bright. In her view, there are good scenery in the whole courtyard. What she didn't know was that. On the way back, Brian paid more attention to her.

In Brian's eyes, she was the most beautiful scenery tonight.

Being stared by the eyes of Brian, Kate felt a little uneasy. She wanted to lower her head, but her chin was held by the man's hand. She was stunned as the face of the man suddenly enlarged.

He kissed her.

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