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   Chapter 50 May I Like You

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When Brian finally came to her, Jacob had already left.

There were only two security guards on the 95 floor. Before, Kate thought that the CEO didn't need to work overtime, but now she found that he was always the one who put his full heart and soul into work. Maybe it was because Brian was special, so when other CEOs indulged in dissipation, only her CEO worked the most hard.

No wonder under the leadership of Brian, the Li group was changed from a middle-level group to a king of the white force in Z city.

In Kate's opinion, the ninety-five percent of the reasons was Brian's hard-working.

"Mr. Brian, is this true?" Seeing that Brian was coming, Kate asked him with some sorted data.

Brian sat in a chair. With one hand holding Kate on his legs, he used the other to read documents.

"Yes. You need to make some adjustments here." Brian had pointed out many shortcomings of Kate, but he didn't say how to correct them.

"How?" Casually asked Kate.

"Think about it by yourself." Brian's lips curved into a cold smile, and his words broke Kate's enthusiasm.

Kate's cheek was puffed up with anger. She said to herself in her heart: 'Brian definitely knew how to correct but didn't tell me!'

Brian, in a good mood, poked Kate's round face with his finger and said, "this is what you've learned. You'd better study how to use your brain. It's really useless if you don't use it."

"……" Kate was very angry, and how could he take it for granted that he would say something harsh to her.

"I'm not stupid." Kate retorted.

The next second, Brian nodded and said, "yes, you just don't look like a smart girl."

Kate gnashed her teeth in anger and retorted, "I was admitted into the key Z university in the country with the national scholarship every year. How can I be silly!"

"I'm also confused about that." Brian chuckled.

"……" Kate gloomily picked up the file and didn't want to see the man behind her. It was obvious that he was suspecting her grades, which were earned by her hard work!

With no more words, Brian quietly watched Kate as she changed the documents. After changing it several times, Brian nodded with satisfaction. Kate was so exhausted that she leaned her head on the shoulder of Brian, regardless of who the man was.

He closed his eyes and yawned.

Looking at Kate's lazy look, Brian was somewhat happy, and he went over to kiss her slightly open lips. Kate was shocked. Her hand tightly grasped Brian's hand around her waist. The kiss was getting deeper and deeper.

As time went by, she sank into the feeling that she had never been able to resist.

The figure outside the door flashed by. Hiding in the doorway, Anna was shocked. She thought that Kate and Brian were just rumors, but the truth was even more shocking than the rumors. She just forgot to take her bag and turned around.

She didn't expect to see such a scene.


l dining table.

His boss was enjoying the meal alone at the big table. Kate looked at the rice in front of her and then the dainty dishes in front of him. Tears welled up in her eyes. It was stupid of her to quarrel with Brian, and she was the one to suffer!

No, she couldn't eat it. She couldn't be so spineless.

Kate clenched her teeth. Out of sight, out of mind. She stood up abruptly, gave a stare at Brian, and swaggered back to her bedroom.

Humph! It's just a dinner? She didn't want to eat it!

Even if she went back to the bedroom, the faint scent of the dining room was still accurately spread into her nose. Kate sniffed the air as hard as she could. It smelled good.

She thought they were going to have a taste of the noodles cooked by Brian today, but it turned out that they were going to have a sumptuous meal. If Kate had known this, she would have stopped being angry with Brian. That was not worth it.

Kate touched her empty stomach and fell asleep in anger.

"Drumstick, don't run. Drumstick ~" with her drool, Kate ran towards the drumstick, but the drumstick ran faster

When she opened her eyes, she felt hungry.

That's right. Kate was woken up by her hunger.

She turned over and found that the CEO was still holding her in his arms, sleeping.

Kate was furious and thought that this man was so thick skinned. He had abused her in this way. How could he dare to hug her?

Kate pushed the man next to her, but he didn't move. She stared at him again.

Under the cold moonlight, the CEO slept soundly and his brows smoothed down. He was like a sleeping baby without any precaution. For Kate, this was the first time she saw Brian's face when he was sleeping..

'he is indeed a handsome man. He is even able to attract people when he is sleeping.'.

Kate turned her head and thought that this man didn't love her at all, so she had to control herself and not be deceived by him.

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