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   Chapter 49 The CEO Were Jealous

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Kate clenched her fists and tried to keep calm.

Her relationship with him was still maintained in the boss and subordinate position, and it was better to have a nominal couple. Other than this, Kate dared not think about others.

Human beings were creatures seeking advantages and avoid disadvantages. Moreover, Brian was a very dangerous man for her, so she had to stay away from it. She wouldn't be injured as long as she was away from him. Then what had happened to her mom would not happen to her.

She thought feeling was virtual, which was far more reliable than her career and money. However, Kate liked the real world instead of the illusory world.

"Mr. Brian, I'm going to work. Thank you for your concern." As Kate spoke, she turned around and left.

"Miss Kate." Brian called her from behind. Kate suddenly stopped, but she didn't turn around.

He heard Brian said indifferently, "are you acting?"

Kate was stunned, but she calmed down and said: "please excuse me, Mr. Brian. I'm just doing my job well."

She slightly closed her eyes. In the office, she had always been a calm workplace person. Only when she was alone with Brian in his bedroom would she occasionally forget that he was her boss. But this is the office, different from home.

"Job?" The next second, Brian smiled with disdain and mockery.

Kate didn't move. She seemed to hear steady footsteps coming from behind. To her amazement, Brian held her waist.

"Boss, we are in the office." Kate protested.

"Miss Kate, what's your duty as a wife?" The voice of Brian was a little cold, and it was also a strong questioning.

Kate was shocked and felt that something was wrong with Brian. Was everything fine in the morning? Why did he suddenly become so different?

"What do you mean?" Kate asked with confusion.

But Brian didn't like explain. He pulled her over and pressed her down heavily.

This is the office!

The bomb exploded in Kate's head.

This kiss was somewhat different from the previous ones. It seemed to be filled with fiery anger, and hot and aggressive.

No, he was not kissing her at all. Instead, he was biting her to punish her. The intense struggle between his lips and tongue sent the ambiguous atmosphere in the office soar. Kate grabbed his clothes on his chest with her hands.

At last, her voice trailed off.

After a long time, Brian finally let go of her, with one hand still holding her waist, and Kate's whole body pressed on Brian's arms. If it weren't for the Brian's arms, Kate would have fallen onto the ground.

After being kissed, Kate became tender and obedient, just like an innocent bunny.

"Whether you like it or not, you are still my wife now. I don't allow you to play with any other men." Brian said to her ear in a cold way, and then bit her red ears like shrimp hard.

Hearing Brian's words, Kate was confused. When did she have an affair

g at herself in the mirror, Kate sighed and said to herself.

She wanted to remember that she loved herself most, so she would not trust anyone else. Even it was her mother, she could not pour all her emotions into her.

After she checked her clothes and expressions, Kate went back to the office.

The four women just glanced at Kate, with a strange look in their eyes. But in the end, none of them said anything. Kate went back to her seat in silence and devoted herself to her work.

Only when she was fully occupied with her own business could she forget those complex emotions. Kate didn't allow herself to have any time to think about other things, and she just concentrated on her work.

When it was time to off work, Lora called to Kate. Kate packed up her belongings and was about to go off work. However, as she just took one step, she suddenly remembered that her home that she was going to return seemed not to be the Faraway community.

"You go first," Kate took a look at Brian's office, then she suddenly stopped and said to Lora.

"Why?" Lora asked in confusion.

"I have something else to do." Said Kate casually.

"About CEO?" Lora giggled. Kate could imagine Lora's evil smile.

"No, I have too much work to do. I can't leave now." Kate replied calmly.

Nonsense! Would she say that she would wait for the CEO to get off work? Lora would laugh their heads off then.

"Really?" Lora didn't believe it.

"Forget it. You won't believe me no matter what I say." Kate said in a low voice as if she was complaining.

As far as Lora knew, Kate was talking about her disbelief in her marriage with Brian.

As soon as her words came out, Lora was speechless. After a long time, she said, "Okay, you win."

After hanging up the phone, Kate returned to the Secretary office. She didn't lie to Lora. Her main purpose was to work, but it was secondly important to wait for the CEO to get off work.

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