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   Chapter 48 Do I Like The CEO

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9400

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There were still some people discussing where they were, but it was much quieter than when it just happened.

Kate was in a good mood. Everything was better than she had expected except for Sherry who had not yet been found.

"Kate!" A voice came from behind. Kate and Lora looked back in confusion and saw Moore waving at her on the other side of the road.

"It's Moore!" As soon as Lora saw that there was a handsome man, she immediately became excited. Regardless of whether Moore was calling her or not, she quickly raised her hand and waved it toward Moore.

Kate didn't want to have anything to do with Moore.

Moore walked towards them. Kate wanted to leave but felt it was impolite so she had to watch him coming closer.

"Kate, I went to your house this morning but didn't find you. Where did you go last night? " Moore nodded to Lora as sort of greeting. Then he turned to ask Kate.

Did he come to her this morning?

Kate was a little shocked. She thought of the look on Brian's face. Maybe the boss wanted her to move out because he didn't want her to get in touch with Moore? No, she thought too much. How could Brian live with her for such a ridiculous reason?

"I moved to my classmate's house," Said Kate, with a smile on her face.

"Which classmate?" Moore frowned and looked at Kate with puzzlement.

"In Lora's house. Do you agree, Lora? " Kate pointed at the Lora beside her and said with a smile.

Lora immediately nodded and bowed, smiling, "yes, that's right."

Moore nodded slightly and smiled, "how about having a meal together? My treat. "

"Okay!" As soon as Moore stopped, Lora immediately promised, and Kate had no chance to refuse.

Moore was still smiling. Kate pulled Lora before her away and smiled politely. "Sorry, Moore. We actually have just had enough and still have to go back to the company. How about this dinner next time? I'll make it. "

"This is my phone number. I've never changed it, but I know you must have forgotten." With a reluctant smile, Moore handed a business card to Kate.

Kate picked up the name card and saw it was the Chen group. It occurred to Kate that Lora had told her that Moore was a senior executive of the Chen group. So Moore had allied with Ryan?

"Moore, when did you know Ryan?" Kate was confused.

"We met in America. Do you know when I came back, Kate? " Moore looked at Kate with a bitter smile.

His tender eyes seemed to blame Kate for her indifference to him. Kate wiped the sweat on her hands. How could she know when he back? It was totally a waste of time?

"Moore, I know what I have said is too rude. I shouldn't have said that. I hope you can forgive me. I'm really sorry. " Kate said politely and sincerely.

"I don't blame you. Kate, let's start all over again, okay? You know it, don't yo

help but laugh when she thought of that.

"Beep!" Arriving at 95 floor, Kate walked out with a weird smile, which startled Jacob who was about to go downstairs.

"Miss Lesbian, are you crazy?" Jacob joked.

Hearing Jacob's voice, Kate came back to her senses. Thinking of the exaggerated words of Lora, she smiled and glanced at Jacob, "be careful of anthomaniac recently."

Jacob froze. Kate left on her high heels. He walked into the elevator, still puzzled.

When Kate returned to her office, she found that she had forgotten to give another document to Brian this morning. She hesitated for a while and finally took the document to the CEO's office.

After talking to Moore, Kate found that she was somehow afraid of Brian and felt uneasy, as if her secret buried in the bottom of her heart had been uncovered without warning.

Facing her shameful feelings, Kate hesitated in front of Brian's office.

Finally, Kate knocked on the door and walked in.

"Hello, Mr. Brian." Kate slightly bowed.

Brian nodded. He looked up at Kate. Kate put the file on his desk with her head down, and said politely, "here are the file, I'll go out first."

Hearing that, Brian gazed at her without saying anything.

"Still have a stomachache?" Brian asked coldly.

Kate was embarrassed. Then Bonnie crept up to her face and she shook her head shyly.

Mr. Brian, are you sure you want to talk about this in the office? Kate looked down at her feet, confused. She didn't know her relationship with Brian.

He said she was his wife legally.

Well, women are always troublesome. Now Kate had deeply realized that she was also a trouble maker.

No, Kate, you can't fall in love with any other man. Besides, this man is William's son. William is an unfaithful man. Like father, like son. Maybe Brian looked nice, but there are still many things hiding from her.

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