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   Chapter 47 The Scandal That Disappeared

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Brian's suit jacket still kept his temperature. Was Mr. Brian worried that she might take things too hard?

Kate's heart skipped a beat. She looked at Brian and suddenly asked: "Mr. Brian, are you curious about the relationship between me and Mona? How about I tell you a story? "

Without any response from Brian, Kate said by herself.

Kate had been a rival to Mona in college. As for Mona, she had a crush on Moore, who was in love with Kate. As for Mona and Kate, they competed for the chairman of student union, and Kate became the chairman, while Kate was also recognized as the campus beauty of Z University, and Mona was always behind her.

In Z University, except for the pictures posted on the Internet, Kate had been at the highest level of popularity. She was the chairman of the Taekwondo, the chairman of the student union, one of the few students who won the national scholarship, and the director of the arguing team.

But all of her achievements had gone completely after these rumors were exposed. The more people followed her, the more ugly her fame was known to the students.

Everyone left for her, and everyone went to see her with different glasses. Her best friends, who used to be her sworn brothers, also avoided her as if she were a snake. Betrayal flooded.

At that time, only Sherry stayed with her. Moore wanted to help her and admitted that he was her boyfriend. But this favor was used by some people. The more they helped, the more she was seen as a freak. She became the storm center because people thought she was a bisexual freak.

Later, Kate was so angry that she drove Moore away. Maybe it was because she had spoken in a very unpleasant way that Moore had completely disappeared in front of her. If she hadn't gone to Ryan's Dustin party with Brian, she wouldn't have known that Moore had returned.

Kate thought that everything would disappear, but she didn't expect that they would come back again. This situation was somewhat similar to what happened in the past, which made her feel a little funny.

"You have an interesting college life," Brian's word was kind of a comment to Kate's University.

Kate turned around and looked at him. She couldn't tell whether he meant it or he was just making fun of her.

He didn't show it on his face. So Kate couldn't figure out his emotion.

"It's true. Most people don't suffer it." Kate laughed at herself and thought, 'it's so hard for me to bear this kind of thing until now. I've long been the legend in Z University.

"I have found the one who violated your portrait right. Now he is in prison." Added Brian.

Kate was shocked. She looked at Brian and asked incredulously, "the one who violated my portrait right?" Did he mean the man who made those pictures? Did he help her?

Answered Brian. He looked into the distance and thought about something.

Looking at

d thought she just thought too much. She couldn't imagine that Brian loved someone secretly.

She shook her head hurriedly and quickly caught up with Lora.

Their requirement were not high. When they arrived at a restaurant near the company, Kate looked at it and suddenly had a feeling of having not been such restaurant for a long time. Since she was with the CEO, every meal was served in a luxury five-star hotel. The world she saw was not at the same level as her original world.

"Kate, you are so familiar with the CEO. Can you give me his contact information?" Lora winked to Kate and asked.

Kate smiled.

"The CEO's assistant's phone number is okay too. The fortune teller said that something would happen to me this year and only if I had a handsome and rich boyfriend could I avoid it. Please! Please! " Seeing this, Lora immediately put on an innocent look and looked at Kate pitifully.

Kate was speechless and said casually: "the cook who often stays with you is also good. Why don't you consider him?"

"Just him?" Lora snorted contemptuously and then swore the cook. As a bystander, Kate nodded her head frequently to avoid disturbing the romantic scene.

In the end, Lora regarded the steak on the table as the cook and sliced it one by one.

'you are so cruel, Lora.' thought Kate.

In order to watch a good show, Kate finally gave Jacob phone to Lora. In her eyes, except Jacob had a mental ill, he would not like women like Lora.

Lora were sensitive. In other words, she were sensitive and moody. In addition, there were many reasons why Kate was not interested in Lora's hunting.

"Kate, I've made full preparations this time. I'm sure everything will go well," Lora looked at Kate with firm eyes, determined and aggressive.

Kate nodded and smiled: "as your friend, I will do my best for you."

This meal was a kind of relaxed, which had not been seen for a long time.

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