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   Chapter 46 Mona Comes

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In fact, Brian didn't want to let Kate go to work, but Kate insisted on doing so. It was a joke that there were so many women in the country. If every woman asked for a leave for this trifle, then this would be unimaginable.

The four people in the Secretary office saw that Kate was coming up with Brian, the eyes of them became obviously strange. Kate knew that she was still in the center of gossip and she did not want to drag Brian into it.

"I'm going to work now." Kate hurried to say goodbye to Brian, and then quickly went into the Secretary office.

Glancing at her back, Brian entered the CEO office.

"Kate, you come to work with the CEO again today. Are you really in a relationship with the CEO?" Anna, one of the secretaries, looked at Kate with admiration.

"But many people said you were a lesbian." Another secretary, Lea, said gingerly

"Lea, don't talk nonsense." Vicky glanced at Lea, and the latter shut up immediately.

Kate smiled indifferently and said, "it doesn't matter. Please don't mind it."

"Is it true, Kate?" Anna asked.

After a moment's hesitation, Kate laughed and teased, "do you think I look like a lesbian?"

After her words, everyone was silent. Kate felt helpless and wondered if she was really thinking of the possibility to be a lesbian?

Caro, who had been silent all this time, moved her glasses and looked at Kate seriously. "Kate, in this kind of thing, will you be the top or the bottom?"

Kate nearly fell down. These secretaries were not as innocent as they looked

She wanted to say something more, but she saw Jacob coming in from the door. The other four immediately returned to their positions and began to work. Kate looked at Jacob and thought he had a high position in the Secretary office.

"Miss. Lesbian, good morning." Jacob greeted her with a smile when he saw Kate.

Kate stared at him and put on a false smile, "good morning, Mr. Jacob."

In the Secretary office, Vicky was the General Secretary. But as the CEO's personal assistant, Jacob was one level higher than her. Occasionally, Jacob would go to the Secretary office to check the work, so Kate was not surprised about his appearance.

"Read these papers carefully and send them to CEO office later." Jacob put a stack of documents in front of Kate and said with a smile.

Kate rolled her eyes at him and knew that something bad was going to happen.

"Miss Lesbian, you have a nice figure. You deserve my praise." Jacob looked at Kate with a teasing smile

"Mr. Jacob, it seems that you are quite free." Kate frowned and looked up at Jacob. Although she was smiling, a fierce look was hidden in her bright eyes.

Jacob quivered, but soon he returned to normal and looked at Kate with his bright smile, "indeed. But you seem to be very busy."

With these words, he took a glance at the documents in front of Kate's desk. Kate sm

know? If it weren't for you, I would be the wife of Brian! I have chased him for two years and changed all my life for him. But you just showed up for a few days. How ridiculous it is! " Mona raised her voice and became agitated.

Kate was shocked again. She thought to herself, 'did Mona know Brian a long time ago? At the thought of Brian being unreasonable in front of her, Kate felt sympathy for Mona.

"I don't think the CEO is Moore. Mona, you can't control him. Even if I give him to you, he won't take a look at you. Besides, it's not about whether I should let him go, but whether he would let me go. I don't mind you seducing him away. " Kate smiled innocently, as if she didn't care it at all.

This expression became a provocation in Mona's eyes. She looked at Kate coldly and said to her fiercely, "well, let's wait and see. 'Kate, I must win this time!'! absolutely! I'd like to see how long you can keep on showing off! "

After that, she left in anger.

Kate stayed alone at the top of the building and slowly sat in a corner. She looked up at the clouds outside and her heart was filled with joy.

The door of the rooftop seemed to be pushed open. Kate thought it was Mona coming back and ignored her.

It was not until that man stopped in front of Kate that she noticed that he was wearing a pair of bright leather shoes. She raised her head confusedly and suddenly saw Brian standing in front of her, looking down at her as well.

Why is the CEO here?

Kate looked at him in surprise.

Brian bypassed her, stood by her side, and leaned against the railing.

Kate stood up in a hurry and patted on her own buttocks. She was too embarrassed to look into Brian and looked into the distance.

After a while, Kate couldn't stand the silence anymore and asked, "Mr. Brian, why are you here?"

Giving her a look, Brian took off his suit jacket and draped it over her, remaining silent.

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