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   Chapter 45 Period In Time

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In the end, Kate had been trying on more than a dozen suits all the time. Brian then asked the saleswoman to pack up all the clothes that fit her. Looking at the unrestrained movements of Brian, Kate was amazed. She couldn't help sighing in her mind that rich people were different. Every dress was worth over ten thousand dollars. She had to work for two months to buy a dress if she didn't eat or drink.

Then the CEO waved his hand and put the clothes into the bag.

At this moment, Kate finally understood why some people want to be a mistress. The extreme generosity and generosity was beyond description. But at the same time, Kate's heart sank deeper.

It was said that the give people could only take advantage of the given people's weakness. She ate the CEO's food recently and her salary was also from him.

She looked like a mistress of CEO.

Was it possible that the CEO was premeditated? He bought her beautiful clothes, and was going to have sex with her tonight?

At the thought of this, Kate got a little worried and thought that she might be in danger now.

It turned out that this was the CEO's trick. He forced her to live with him first, then took her to eat delicious food and buy branded clothes in order to push her away at night, and then had sex with her.

Seeing the shop owner was making clothes, Kate got out of the car and hurriedly said: "boss, I don't want these. I have clothes to wear."

'are you kidding me? Is it worth to use my virginity to change these clothes?'? unworthy!

Kate then added in silence, "only if these clothes could be changed to money, then they are worth it..."

Brian looked at her and said lightly, "These can't be returned."

"You can give these clothes to others." Kate could not have these clothes. So she looked at Brian and suggested cautiously.

Brian fell into silence.

Seeing this, Kate said: "then I can make money to pay you back."

With these words, Kate felt that she was much greater than before. She was a man of principle. She straightened up in an instant.

"You are making my money." Said Brian, in a cold voice.

"……" Kate wanted to tell her that she made money all by herself! But she didn't dare to tell the truth in front of her boss. What's more, she had a five-year contact with Brian.

Her chances of winning the fight against Brian were almost zero, or even zero.

Kate lowered her head. Thinking of what would happen tonight, she got nervous.

On the way, Kate was led by Brian. From getting on the car to getting off the car, then getting off to the villa, she was in a state of being out of the world, with her feet out of touch.

"Go to take a shower." Blankly staring at Kate's face, Brian frowned.

"Okay." Kate nodded obediently and slowly floated towards the bathroo

know if she was out of her mind, or was there something wrong with Brian's mind. She always felt that every word of Brian had a special meaning.

"Boss." Kate called him in a low voice.

"Yes." The other kiss was still wandering.

Kate blushed with shame, but she mustered up her courage and asked: "who am I to you in your eyes?"

The action of Brian paused for a long time before he replied, "you are my wife legally."

I'm your wife legally. What do you think?

Kate knew he didn't answer her directly, but she didn't have the courage to ask him again. She was afraid that his answer would be different from the one she wanted.

"Okay." Kate lowered her eyes and felt melancholy.

This was her first time in twenty-four years.

She suddenly realized that she had used a lot of the first time on Brian..

"I'm hungry." Kate's belly was protesting that she wanted to eat.

At the mention of eating, Brian's face darkened and looked at her coldly. Kate was so scared that she shrank her head back. She didn't say anything wrong.

"No more ice cream." Said Brian coldly.

"But I like it." Though she was a little bit happy to hear these words, she furiously resisted.

It was impossible to forbid her favorite food.

But when she saw the coldness in Brian's eyes, Kate slightly shrank her head and then said in a low voice, "I won't eat it during my period."

"Do you still want to eat it at your period?" Brian raised his voice.

Kate's heart was startled by his voice, then she tugged at his sleeve, looking at him pitifully, like an innocent rabbit.

"I promise." Kate raised four fingers and said sincerely.

Brian rubbed her hair, smiled and said nothing.

"Mr. Brian, I think you are a good person." Kate, who was in his arms, giggled.

Looking at the girl in his arms, the corners of Brian's mouth slightly smiled.

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