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   Chapter 44 The First Date

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After she changed her shoes, Brian took her hand and left the villa. It was not until then that Kate knew that Brian was going to take her out.

It was a good place to stay away from hustle and bustle. But this also had a disadvantage. It was not convenient for them to live far away from the city. It took them more than half an hour to go downtown.

At first, Brian took her to the hospital to visit her grandmother. But her grandmother was still asleep at that time, so they only sat with her for a while and then left.

After coming out of the hospital, Brian took her to the hotel and had a good meal. It turned out that the CEO wanted to take her out to eat something.

Sure enough, being with the CEO, it was impossible for her to have nothing to eat. Touching her round belly, Kate sat on the front passenger seat and sighed with satisfaction. Kite's affection for Brian soared a little bit. It would be nice to be around the CEO someday.

"Mr. Brian, are we going back?" Kate turned around and asked casually.

Maybe because she had spent more time with Brian, Kate thought she would forget who Brian was, just like now.

Without uttering a word, Brian drove to a coffee shop. Kate turned around and looked out of the window. It was the Moon Coffee Shop.

It happened to be the place where Brian and Kate met for the first time.

She didn't hear her mother's words clearly and mistook "Brain" for "Brian", which led to such a disaster.

It had only been a few days since they had met each other in the cafe. Kate thought her innocent and ignorant heart had changed to old. She pinched her face and sighed helplessly.

"Look! It's the girl on the Internet! The man in front of her is so handsome!"

"I don't think they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Wasn't she lesbian? How could she have a boyfriend even if she was a lesbian? "

"Maybe she was bisexuality."

"Yes, you are right. What a freak! "

Kate helplessly glanced at the neighboring table. It seemed that people who like to surf the Internet have watched the pictures on the Internet. Thinking of this, she was somewhat relieved. Kate thought to herself, 'It has become the worst thing. Even her mother has known it, what else can I worry about?'.

Opposite her, Brian tapped her on the back of her hand. Kate slowly came back to her senses and looked at Brian in confusion.

Without saying anything, Brian just looked at Kate quietly.

A few seconds later, Kate lowered her head shyly, her face was a little red, which looked distinctive in the light of the coffee shop. "Don't care too much about what other people think of you. The most important thing is to be yourself." Brian smiled and said.

Kate was a little stunned and wondered why he said these words to her? Her heart then became warm. She didn't have many friends. And the limited friends were suspecting her relationship with Sherry, only he would tell her not to care about other people's opinions.

This sort of trust was so

nd pretended to look at her clothes aside. Her beautiful face was pink and lovely.

Brian chuckled and reached out to hug Kate who was shocked and wanted to struggle, but heard Brian whispering in her ear: "that's what you want, isn't it?"

Kate's face became red, and it seemed that she had just said that she didn't want to be disturbed

"That is I just don't like to be followed by anyone. " Kate lowered her head, pouted and whispered.

She would have turned a blind eye to it if she knew she would make trouble for herself by saying these words. After all, it seemed that Brian also liked to be close to beautiful ladies.

"Well, I don't like to be disturbed, either." Brian slightly bit her earlobe and slowly bit it.

This tiny movement almost drove Kate soul out. They were outside! Kate struggled and said in a trembling voice: "let me go. They'll see."

"Well." Without any anger, Brian let go of Kate and held her hand.

Kate dared not to look at Brian. She could only stare at her feet. Her posture was like a little girl at a loss, making people feel sorry for her.

At least, Brian felt that she was more adorable for her expression. He put his hand on her head, gently rubbed it and smiled, "are you shy?"

"Of course not!" Kate denied immediately. She didn't care how red her face was. She just raised her head and looked at Brian.

Brian glanced at her. His black eyes were full of smile. The crystal lamp above his head gave out an incandescent light, and a beam of starlight turned into a beam of light into his black eyes. All of a sudden, his eyes were bright and devastating.

Kate quickly turned her face, without knowing what to say.

There seemed to be a voice in her heart saying, 'Kate, you are screwed. You are going to be caught by the CEO's starred eyes.'.

At the same time, Kate heard that the iron fence around her heart got a crack.

Kate covered her chest to stop herself from thinking too much. She was too scared to admit that.

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