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   Chapter 43 Live With The CEO

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Kate was doomed. She would rather die than live a luxurious life. Anyhow, they would live together. Why didn't she choose a place with a beautiful environment.

So Kate decided to pack her own things and move into the villa in the prison.

She didn't have much luggage. The rent wasn't returned. She didn't want to stay in jail for a long time. She could go back here as long as she wanted.

Sitting in Brian's car, Kate kept looking back at her dolls. She was still a little sad. Kate sighed deeply, turned around and left silently.

That was the villa where Kate stayed last time. It was a little far from the city, but because of this, it was far away from annoying noise. Kate looked at the place and estimated that there was no other people within five hundred meters.

If Brian really dared to do something to her, no one would hear her. Thinking of this, Kate couldn't help shivering.

She turned her head and peeped at Brian. Brian's face was still cold. But maybe it was an illusion of Kate. She always felt that his face seemed much softer than when she first met him.

"Boss." Kate called her name subconsciously, making Brian turn his head to look at her.

After that, Kate suddenly realized that there was nothing to say. She just wanted to call him. Seeing that he looked at her, Kate pointed at the villa in front of her and asked with a smile, "how much does it cost? She looks so noble. "

"Not expensive," Answered Brian.

"Not expensive? How much is it? " She kept on chasing him.

However, the question didn't interest Brian at all. He ignored it, drove his car into the garage, and got off.

Seeing this, Kate also got off the car carrying her luggage and followed closely behind Brian.

The autumn wind blew. Kate looked at the luxurious villa in front of her and her eyelids twitched. She had a bad feeling.

They were in the wilderness. What if Brian kill her?

The more she thought about it, the more horrible she felt. The cold sweat on her back was blown dry by the wind, bringing along great chill.

"Mr. Brian, where is my room?" Asked Kate.

She needed a room of her own. Would she sleep with Brian every day?

Kate really didn't understand why Brian suggested they live together. They had no feelings for each other, so living together was just out of a show? Kate couldn't figure it out.

"Here." Hand in hand, Brian took Kate to that room last time they lived.

Kate was very happy and casually asked: "then where is your room?"

Brian looked at her with a disdainful look as if she was an idiot, and said coldly, "the same here."

"What?" Kate was stunned and looked at Brian, with shock in her eyes.

The next second, Brian ignored Kate and walked out silently. Kate followed him out and asked incredibly: "Mr. Brian, are

d in a low voice: "it's so strange that there is no food in a kitchen."

With these words, she wanted to run away. Unexpectedly, Brian reached out a small tail finger to hooked Kate's collar, which made her unable to break free.

Kate's expression changed when she looked back at Brian. She smiled at Brian and asked: "boss, what can I do for you?"

Brian didn't say anything, but pick up Kate who was in shock.

"Put me down." Kate got panic at the thought of there was no one within five hundred meters.

Only when faced with Brian, Kate thought the Taekwondo she had learned for years was useless, because it was useless for Brian. Sometimes, Kate would doubt that Brian had actually practiced some evil skills, or else how could he be so powerful.

"I tell you, if you dare to touch me, I will call for help." Kate threatened her.

But a silent and expressionless threat was nothing more than a joke to Brian, a laughable joke.

Hearing that, Brian looked down at her and said, "whatever."

His expression showed no worry but disdain and banter.

'he took me to such a remote place on purpose. Kate, you are such a fool. You should have stayed in the Faraway community. With only a simple word of "help", everyone would be able to answer the call. He wouldn't dare to be so presumptuous!'.

It was a mistake! All of a sudden, Kate found that she should covet the wealth. If she had been a little more determined then, she wouldn't have ended up like this.

Kate sighed.

Kate was lost in various fancies and conjectures. Before she could come to her senses, Brian had already carried her to the sofa of the hall.

Kate half closed her eyes and peered at Brian, but nothing happened. When she was confused, Brian put her on the sofa and said, "change your shoes."

"Well" Kate was shocked and then she immediately followed his instruction.

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