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   Chapter 42 Mom's Questioning

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"Hello, mom." Kate pressed the answer button.

"Kate! Do you know how terrible you are lately? " A sharp voice full of anger came from the other side.

Kate turned her head to the direction of Brian. She didn't expect that the man was looking at her. After they made eye contact, she turned her head immediately. Thinking of that the other side of the phone was Mary, she felt a little guilty.

Kate thought that Mary had known her being with Brian, so she hesitated and dared not speak.

"How could you be so silly to be with Sherry? Why don't you understand me? I kept asking you to go for a blind date just because I was afraid that you would take this path. But what about you? Look at yourself on the Internet! " Sighing deeply, Mary continued.

Well, it turned out that her mother had already known about it.

Kate was relieved. But on second thought, how could her mother know she was being with Brian? But the Internet is so developed now. Even if my mother doesn't often surf the Internet, she will inadvertently see these things.

"Kate, mom persuaded you to break up with Sherry. You are all good kids. How could you do such outrageous thing? " Mary persuaded.

Kate couldn't help but burst into laughter, while Mary asked confusedly, "what's wrong?"

"Mum, even I want to do so, Sherry won't be willing to do so. And do you think what kind of person your daughter is? Besides, even if there is such a thing, how can I be so stupid as to be photographed by others? " Kate rolled her eyes and said with ease.

Mary asked in confusion, "but I saw your photos. was there people who looked totally same with you?"

"Mom, you can't keep up with the trend nowadays. What can't be feigned now? Some of them are photoshopped, some are by plastic surgery. Do you think it's difficult to frame a person? According to my years of experience, it's not a big deal. I really don't know what you are thinking every day. " Kate said abruptly, leaving Mary stunned.

Kate hadn't finished saying, but even though Mary didn't understand, she felt relieved and said, "it's the best that you don't have anything to do with Sherry. If you have, please separate with her. I know you're a good girl. I believe you won't make mom worry about you. "

"Of course I will. I love you most. How could I let you worry about me? " Kate laughed.

The mother and the daughter chatted happily.

Kate jumped with joy and forgot that there was still a man on her.

Looking down at her complacent face, Brian chuckled. Since she had forgotten his existence, he didn't mind reminding her once.

Then he leaned down and bit Kate's neck, like a beast.

In the middle of her words, Kate suddenly stopped talking. Her heart pounded like a drum and all her limbs stiffened, with her mouth wide open.


a frown.

Kate lowered her head feebly. Judging Brian's words, she had no choice but to live with him!

"Mr. Brian, you can't do this." Kate's courage had been running out in front of Brian. She said weakly.

Brian laughed. He touched her head and said, "good girl. Go and clean it up."

Kate thought her life was dark. If she didn't move to live with Brian, then Brian would move here to live with her.

Moreover, she even couldn't find any reason to resist the CEO. Why was the contract missing! Kate still thought that if one day she really didn't want to be with Brian, she could have a life or death fight with the contract, but without the contract, she had no right to fight.

"I don't want to live in Li mansion." Kate wanted to step back for the sake of advancing, and slowly try convincing Brian.

Suddenly, Brian peered at her. "I didn't say we would go to Li mansion."

His words reminded Kate of the private villa of Brian. Well, that place was quite good.

"Mr. Brian, why must you live with me? Do you want to take advantage of me? This is not what a gentleman should do." Kate calmed her beating heart, rolled her eyeballs around, and then said to Brian with a smile.

Kate thought that Brian was a little bit embarrassed, so he stared at her and said, "you think too much." Then, Kate took advantage of this opportunity to propose that she didn't want to have sex with her, and finally, Brian compromised.

However, Kate had imagined the situation too simple. The situation was too cruel. She only saw that Brian slightly twitched his lips, then asked with a smile: "have I ever said that I am a gentleman?"

It was a completely opposite direction to the one Kate had expected. At that moment, Kate was speechless.

"Boss, you've gone too far!" Kate pointed out what Brian had done.

"You're welcome." Brian replied with a smile.

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