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   Chapter 41 Sherry's Leave

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She had eaten it. In that case, would it mean that they had kissed indirectly?

It couldn't be thought like that. They had kissed directly. How it could be strange if they kissed indirectly.

But there was still an inexplicable feeling. Well, it seemed that the distance between them was closer.

Kate peered at Brian and her heart beat faster. They were eating noodles together. Wait! She and CEO were eating a same bowl of noodles. What's more, it was what she had eaten. Kate's heart kept beating for this fact.

Why did the boss not dislike her? Why was he able to eat so naturally? Kate couldn't figure it out, but she was grinning from ear to ear.

This made Kate start to wonder what she was thinking about and just eating the noodles without tasting it except the first bite.

Completely ignoring Kate's silly look, Brian wiped his mouth gracefully after eating, and left one sentence: "remember to wash the dishes after eating."

"Yes." Kate replied in a low voice, and her eyes followed the back of Brian to the sofa. When Brian found her sight, she immediately turned her head away.

After the dinner, Kate washed all the dishes. Suddenly, she understood Sherry's hard working.

Thinking of the phone call from Sherry, Kate couldn't help feeling upset and worried. But she could do nothing about it. She didn't know where Sherry was and how she was now.

Obviously, it was a sign of farewell.

Sherry said to Kate that don't look for her, but how could Kate really leave her behind? The more Sherry said so, the more worried Kate was.

When she came out of the kitchen, Kate saw Brian was leaning against the window and talking on the phone. He didn't talk too much during the call and he just responded a few words at most. He was tall, with one hand in the pocket of his black suit pants. He leaned against the window silently, exuding a kingly aura.

His unyielding arrogance could make people surrender to him.

Noticing Kate's presence, Brian hung up the phone. He glanced at the kitchen and asked, "how many bowls are left?"

Kate was startled, then hesitated for a moment and honestly admitted: "three or four..."

There was no expression on Brian's face, as if he had been accustomed to it for a long time.

"Boss, I want to try finding Sherry." Kate looked at Brian and said.

"There is a message on your phone." Brian glanced at the phone on the table.

Was it from Sherry? Kate quickly walked over, picked up her phone and opened the message box.

"Kate, don't worry about me. I went to a new place by myself. The scenery there is very beautiful. I plan to live there for a long time. Don't come to me. I will go back when I want to go back. "

The signature was Sherry.

Kate frowned and dialed back, but the phone was powered off again.

"What's going on with Sherry?" Kate said to herself. She really couldn't figure out where Sherry would go.

Brian gazed at her for a few seconds

hey turned their position. Brian was on the top of Kate.

This position was very dangerous. Kate got very nervous. She propped her hands against the chest of Brian and looked at Brian with her pitiful eyes. She was like a little white rabbit that had come to the wolf's mouth. Her eyes were full of plea and sadness.

This expression was just in line with the strange taste of Brian, so all her panic was fawning and flattering.

The cellphone rang suddenly. It was Kate's phone.

"It must be Sherry!" Kate pretended to be surprised and was about to free herself from Brian.

However, there was no way that Brian would let her go. He held her waist with one hand, and Kate couldn't get rid of him. For the first time, she realized that a woman's waist should not be so thin. Otherwise, she would easily be trapped by a man and die without a burial place.

Like her.

"Boss, there's a call." Kate looked at him pitifully and reminded him in a low voice.

"Yes." Brian replied, but was not ready to let her go.

"Boss." Kate couldn't help calling him again. She stared at the vibrating phone and stretched out her hand.

Unfortunately, her hands were not long enough and the bedside table was too far.

Brian tittered and handed the phone to Kate. She took it. It was from her mother.

Somehow, she felt a little guilty. Her mother had told her to cut off her connection with Brian, but she didn't do it.

But it wasn't her fault, wasn't it? She didn't mess with Brian. Besides, Brian was the CEO of the Li group, the most powerful man of the white force in Z city. She had no power to against him.

So she was forced to do that, and she had nothing to do with it.

Kate thought with ease.

However Was there really any strong resistance in her heart? Kate didn't dare to know the answer to this question. Sometimes, Kate felt that she was more timid than William. She would choose to escape from reality and let nature take its course.

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