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   Chapter 40 The CEO Can Cook

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"You have read the news now. Aren't you afraid that others will gossip about us if you come for me now?" Kate made fun of him.

"I'm never afraid of the gossip of others. Kate, in fact, I... " Compared with his usual gentle tone, Moore's tone was sort of firm. He looked at Kate quietly.

Before he finished his words, he was interrupted by a knock at the door and Kate went to open the door.

This time, it was Brian.

Kate was just waiting for a while with Moore, but she was overwhelmed with joy as she saw Brian.

As soon as Brian pushed the door open, his face turned even colder at the sight of Moore sitting on the sofa. Standing next to him, Kate shivered with fear. She took a look at Moore and then at Brian, as she thought something bad might happen.

"Nice to meet you, Master. Li." Moore stood up and greeted to Brian naturally.

Brian nodded. Then he turned around, had a look at Kate, and calmly said: "I didn't expect to see Mr. Moore here."

But his voice didn't show any ups and downs.

"It never occurred to me that Master. Li would come to such a place." Moore also replied, with a gentle smile on his face.

One was cold and the other was gentle. Kate could feel the intense lightning and thunder between them. They were overbearing. Each of them had their own temperament.

"Cough, cough. Mr. Brian, this is my senior schoolmate when I was in college." Kate, who stood in the middle of them, made some dry coughs and said.

Brian nodded. He held Kate's hand and sat down in front of Moore.

For Moore, it was undoubtedly a provocation. His face went stiff. But soon, he looked as usual, and there was no gentle sign on his face.

There was an odd atmosphere among these three people, and Kate didn't know where to start.

"Kate, I'm leaving now. I will call you later," Moore stood up and looked at Kate with a smile.

Kate nodded, let go of Brian's hand, stood up and walked Moore to the door.

"See you next time." All of a sudden, Moore bent over and left a light kiss on Kate's forehead.

Kate was shocked and pushed him away. Then she felt that she had overreacted and the atmosphere was a little embarrassing.

"This is probably the most intimate action that we have done for a long time in our relationship." Moore smiled. A kind of helpless and upset emotion flashed through his eyes. Kate pretended not to see it, said goodbye to him and closed the door.

Kate walked back and saw the coldness and gloom on Brian's face. She lowered her head with guilt.

Did he see everything at the door just now?

The next second, Brian stood up and dragged Kate into the washroom. He wiped her forehead with his hand which was just wiped by Moore. Kate was stunned and thought that this was not what the CEO would do.

"Don't have any dealings with him." Brian took ou

With a frown, Brian bent over and looked at Kate's face. This girl was gazing blankly at the vegetable in front of her, with her mouth slightly open. Nobody knew what she was laughing at.

"……" Brian spoke nothing. However, he smiled and didn't interrupt Kate who was thinking in face of vegetables.

'how silly she is!'. Brian thought.

Somehow, Kate had been driven out of the kitchen by Brian. She then saw Brian come out with two bowls of noodles, one big and one small.

When seeing food, Kate was not as innocent as before. She stared at the big bowl of noodles. She took the instant action when Brian put down the bowl, grabbed the bigger one and took a bite.

Yes, it's so delicious! Kate was shocked and let out a satisfactory sigh.

When Kate was about to have a second bite, she suddenly found that the big bowl in front of her had disappeared. Then she followed the direction in which the bowl disappeared and saw Brian.

Shit! She forgot it was Brian who cooked the noodles and thought it was Sherry. Each time she had dinner with Sherry, she would eat a big bowl. Because she had a big appetite, the amount of each meal was two times that of Sherry.

"Mr. Brian, you are so amazing. It's so delicious even you just made a simple noodles." Kate said to Brian with a fawning face, hoping that Brian could forget her rude behavior.

Brian glanced at her and saw her flattering smile. Outside of the smile, there was more brilliance in her eyes, especially in that charming smile. He moved his eyes away and naturally put the bowl in front of her and said, "this is yours."

"Uh." Kate was a little embarrassed and thought, 'does Mr. Brian just want to eat the larger one?' He didn't mind her rude behavior?

Kate looked up at Brian cautiously, only to find that Brian had taken up his chopsticks to taste the noodles in a graceful and natural manner.

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