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   Chapter 38 Sherry disappeared

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 10130

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As soon as the five people stepped into the dining room, the noisy dining hall immediately became quiet. Then, those people weirdly looked at Kate, who was sitting together in small groups and discussing something carefully.

Kate was confused by this scene, but she didn't care about it and directly walked into a box with the other four people.

"Vicky, what's wrong with these people today? It's weird. " Lea asked with puzzlement.

"It doesn't matter. Perhaps there is some scandal." Vicky said with a smile.

Kate, who walked at the end of the line, suddenly had an uneasy feeling. As soon as she entered the private room, she heard the sound of Lora from behind. "Kate!"

Kate stopped and looked back at Lora confusedly. She were dressed in simple work clothes. Her make-up was half wiped with sweat. She was out of breath with rare anxiety on her face.

"Damn it! Those photos!" After saying that, Lora breathed heavily again.

Kate's heart was hung in the air, and the other four people also came over with doubts.

Seeing this, Lora apologized to her and took Kate away. They went directly to the balcony of the company. The balcony was secluded and no one would come at this time.

"What happened?" Kate frowned.

"Your pictures with Sherry have been posted on the Internet. It has caused a lot of heat discussion." Lora said hastily.

On the other hand, Kate was drunk and couldn't stop blaming herself. Actually, she was popular in the campus and now her nightmare happened naturally. Who the hell was backstabbing her? Mona again?

"Kate, what should we do?" Lora was so anxious that she couldn't even touch the direction.

"I'm fine. I want to go home first. I'm worried about Sherry," Kate calmed herself down and said.

Lora nodded and wanted to go with Kate, but she was held down by Kate, "Lora, don't follow me. I will go back."

Then she left Lora and walked quickly towards the elevator. Lora wanted to catch up with her, but she couldn't run away from Kate. He had to follow her slowly.

"It's really her! Oh my God! I didn't expect that she would show up in our company!"

"It's disgusting! They are lesbian!"

"Yes, I'm also confused. Do you think how a woman sleep with a woman? "

Every place had become the breaking point of the rumor. They unscrupulously pointed at Kate. Regardless of that, Kate took a taxi to run away from here to the Faraway community.

Sitting in the taxi and watching the changing scenery outside the window, Kate couldn't help recalling the incident in college.

The chill spread from the bottom of his heart. Was the past going to be recalled? She became the center of the storm again.

When she returned to the apartment they rented, Kate immediately opened the door, but she didn't see Sherry. She ran to her bedroom, where the painting was still there. But it seemed to be a mess, as if someone had broken into their house.

Kate could not help shouting, "Sherry!"

No one responded. She rummaged around, but still couldn't find Sherr

female homosexual would like men?"

'I didn't want to have a relationship now. Besides, I'm the one who is in a relationship, not Lora. Why is she so excited?' Kate thought.

"That means you are not a lesbian. Wait a minute. Wasn't you in a relationship with Moore? Why is there still someone who says so? " Lora asked in confusion.

"So people think me as a freak!" Kate smiled casually.

"Uh." Lora thought for a while and agreed with her.

As a matter of fact, Lora had been working with Kate for a long time, and she didn't think Kate was a female homosexual. She just hated men, and except for that, she was nothing different from ordinary girls.

But why didn't Kate and Sherry clarify the relationship between them?

That time when the rumor that Kate was a female homosexual spread, Moore admitted that he was Kate's boyfriend in public. As a superstar of Z university, Moore exposed his relationship with Kate in public. As a result, this affair became more and more severe, which even almost made Kate and Sherry drop out of school.

"Kate, I think Moore is also a good man. Why did he go abroad that year? Didn't you have a good relationship?" Lora asked.

Many things had not been figured out yet by Lora. Every time she wanted to ask Kate, she would get a perfunctory reply.. There were many things that were difficult to ask if Kate wanted to tell her the truth.

"Let's go to find the Sherry." Without answering her, Kate picked up her bag and said.

Lora didn't want to force her to say anything.

They packed their things and walked down the street to look for Sherry.

As it happened in the middle of the night, no one was there, so nobody had seen Sherry. For the entire afternoon, neither of them received any useful information.

"Kate, let's take a break." Lora were so tired that she collapsed on the stone bench by the roadside. She looked at the back of Kate and shouted.

Kate turned around and nodded. She also sat on the stone chair, without any smile on her face.

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