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   Chapter 37 the relationship between CEO and Kate

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Later on, Brian let someone bring a dress to Kate, who was finally relieved. She thought that she must store a few suits in Brian's house, so that she wouldn't be so embarrassed without clothes to change.

The breakfast time was another awkward moment for Kate. If she was given a choice, she would rather face Brian for all day than face Juliet and William for an hour.

"Kate, when are you going to hold your wedding ceremony?" said William, looking at Brian and Kate.

Juliet sniffed. Without being effected by his mother, Colin kept a warm smile and said, "brother, sister-in-law, marriage is not a joke."

William nodded.

"Emm.. We haven't held our wedding ceremony yet. Let's talk about it next year. " Kate glanced at the unmoved Brian and said.

"Why?" William frowned.

"You'd better not do that. It's a waste of money," Juliet didn't want Kate and Brian to have a wedding.

Kate continued to say, "Juliet is right. It's a waste of money. After all, every penny I spend is earned by his hard work. I will feel sorry for him."

She was referring to Brian. Hearing that, Juliet gritted her teeth. She didn't know what to say to rebut Kate.

"Be quiet." William said coldly.

Being attacked one after another, Juliet was naturally in a bad mood, but she couldn't vent her anger either. Juliet knew that Kate was not only Mary's daughter, but also had another identity. Now she was not only the wife of Brian, but also the daughter-in-law of Li family. And in the Li family, the last person Juliet dared to offend was Brian.

"Kate, don't say no. I'll find a proper time to hold your wedding ceremony. Colin is right. Marriage is not a game. " Then William turned to Kate and said in an imposing manner.

"Don't bother. We'll solve the problem between the two of us." Kate smiled coldly and politely.

The biggest reason why William wanted them to hold a wedding ceremony was that he wanted to see her mother. But this was Kate's biggest problem at present. She didn't dare to tell her mother that she had got a marriage certificate with William's son.

The only thing she could do now was to find a reason and divorce with him. She wouldn't marry Brian anyway. Love was two people's business, but marriage was two families' business. She and Juliet would never make peace, and she would never forgive William.

So, Kate would not be with Brian.

So she decided to break up with him before it was too late. She didn't want to think about it too much.

"Brian." Seeing that he couldn't persuade Kate, William turned to talk with Brian again.

Brian nodded lightly and replied, "I will think about it."

This made William unable to say anything more.

When she married to Brian, Kate never thought that she would one day stand with Brian in the holy hall and receive everyone's blessings. Because she knew from the beginning that they w

contract prepared by Kate. She didn't say anything bad about the contract. Kate complained in her heart that the contract had been scrutinized by the CEO, so it was definitely perfect.

"By the way, Kate, do you have a close relationship with boss?" Vicky asked suddenly after she closed the contract.

Kate was stunned. She hadn't heard any gossips from these women since she came here. In fact, they didn't fully refuse to gossip.

"No, I just know him." Kate giggled.

Vicky looked at Kate with scrutiny. She knew that Kate was by no means an ordinary woman. No matter how Vicky looked at her, the smile on Kate's face never changed.

Kate had never lost to anyone in this aspect except Brian.

"I remember that your resume contains the chairman of the Taekwondo club and the chairman of Z University Student Union. Good, you are a leader indeed." Vicky smiled, as if she believed what Kate said.

"Thank you. But the title means nothing to you." Kate also smiled.

They chatted a few more minutes before starting to work.

After half a day, Kate was so busy that she almost forgot to have lunch.

Today, the five people in the Secretary Office went downstairs to have dinner together. Since Kate was very talkative, and she could talk with others as long as they could talk, she quickly became familiar with all the other three people except Vicky.

However, the most topic they talked with each other was about work. Kate laughed and chatted with them, but in her heart, she thought the life here was totally different from the life in the branch company.

She and Lora had talked about almost everything with each other. Of course, anthomaniac was the most popular topic of Lora, but it was also a kind of fun. But now, in addition to work, I feel a little bored.

Kate suddenly found that life with Lora was much more fun. Thinking of this, the five walked into the dining room slowly.

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