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   Chapter 35 The Contract Disappeared

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With a trembling voice, Kate left a light kiss on Brian's cheek. She quickly turned around and left.

She was going to lie on the bed, but her arm shook and she was almost pressed on the body of Brian, not to mention getting up. Luckily, Kate had predicted what would happen and raised her head to avoid kissing Brian.

But Kate didn't expect something more dramatic would happen later.

She wanted to get up, but she felt the burden on her body increasing at that moment. Then she saw a handsome face enlarged in front of her eyes. She wanted to scream, but before she could do so, her mouth had been covered.

With the tender and tender lips, Kate put her arms around his neck, and murmured something in a flirtatious way.

After the intense kiss, Brian lowered his head to stare at the woman under him. Her eyes were closed, and her slightly curled eyelashes trembled, like the wings of an angel. Her small face was more attractive than the delicious apple, and every inch of her skin was slightly red.

He curved his lips, gently touched her forehead, and slowly moved down her nose to taste every inch of her exclusive fragrance.

He was not repulsive, and even a little obsessed with the smell.

Kate was like a lamb to be slaughtered, and could only be manipulated by him.

Later, Kate didn't know how she arrived at the restaurant and she felt that she was floating here and there all the way.

Kate didn't want to stay for dinner, but she had to yield to Mr. Brian.

She was eating silently. The slightly broken lips could not help but feel a slight pain. The thin feeling like silk reminded Kate of what had just happened in the room. The CEO kissed her again.

Before her eyes, a piece of chicken fell into her bowl. Kate silently put it aside and didn't even look up at William.

The atmosphere at the table was a little weird. Except for a few words from time to time, they were almost silent. Kate stealthily glanced at the crowd. Juliet only took a few bites and then left angrily. Before leaving, she gave Kate a glare.

Kate sneered. From now on, she wouldn't let Juliet hurt her mother again. Even if she had to give up everything, she wouldn't care.

"Sister-in-law, enjoy yourself." Colin smiled and tried to be lubricant on the table.

"Yeah, Kate, eat more." Looking at the meat put aside by Kate, William also barely smiled.

"Thank you." Kate nodded and thanked him politely.

Brian said nothing. He sat quietly next to Kate as if there were other people in the room. Nothing could affect him.

Kate peered at Brian stealthily, and thought to herself: "how could he be so indifferent?"? She was so restless that she even didn't feel at ease while eating.

As if sensing the gaze of Kate, Brian lowered his head and looked at her too.

As they made eye contact, Kate quickly looked away and began to eat rice in silence.

"Brother and sister-in-law are so

ate gloomily knelt down in front of the bathtub and drew circles, when there was another knock on the door.

Kate made up her mind. Anyway, she had to face it and get rid of it sooner or later. Her tense heart relaxed at the thought. She stood up and took a deep breath. Then she wrapped herself in a bath towel and went to open the door.

"Ha ha, sorry for keeping you waiting." Trying to pass by Brian, Kate smiled embarassedly.

But she didn't expect that the next second, the next second, she was gripped by the hand of Brian, and dropped into Brian's chest.

As alarm rang in her heart, Kate hadn't been ready yet. Please don't be in such a hurry, Mr. Brian? Kate felt like weeping but had no tears.

"There are clothes in the wardrobe. Go and find one and put it on." Brian whispered in her ear. Kate was so scared that she couldn't help but nod.

Brian smiled, left a shallow kiss on her forehead, and then disappeared in the bathroom.

Kate found that her hands which held the towel were trembling. She felt so complicated.

Boss, please don't be so frightening. Kate felt that her heart was going to be heavily tortured by Brian. He always let her off when she was well prepared and did something when she was unexpected


Kate stumbled into the CEO's wardrobe. When she opened it, she blinked quizzically, "are these clothes copied and pasted?"? Why they were all black suits.

The wardrobes were big and even a little larger than the kitchen of Kate's rent house. But all of them were black suits which made people feel weird.

No, there was another wardrobe nearby. Kate was naturally very bold. She calmly closed the wardrobe and opened another one. Most of the wardrobe was full of shirts and T-shirts.

It was better than all black suits. However, there was no woman's suit suitable for her. Regardless of anything, she opened all the cabinet that could be opened to have a look. She looked like a robber.

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