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   Chapter 34 I Don't Like Acting

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Then William stood up and left. Kate stared at his back as he disappeared from the corner. Her heart was filled with a complicated emotion that she could not solve.

She never thought that she would meet William in this way again, and legally, she was his daughter-in-law. Kate couldn't believe what would happen if her mother found out about this. Or Maybe her mother had already had a hunch about it.

After William left, she was the only one left in the living room, huddling alone on the sofa. As she took out the jade bracelet from her bag, the exquisite jade bracelet shone with a faint green light under the sunlight.

After she fiddled with the bracelet for a while, Kate suddenly felt a little heavy in her heart. If she divorced with Brian, would all these burdens disappear, and could she return to the simple and worry free days before.

With so many things happened recently, she felt like in a dream. Her feet floated in the air, unable to touch the ground.

A man's voice came from behind her. Kate turned her head to look at the direction of the voice, and found that Brian had already sat next to her.

"You like this jade bracelet very much." Said Brian.

"Of course not." Kate put the bracelet back to her bag quickly.

Brian reached out her hands and held her naturally. Kate was stiff. Thinking of William, she felt embarrassed. Although she didn't relate to Brian when she was a child, she still felt uncomfortable when thinking of that they once had the same father.

"Don't pretend, there's no one in the room." Kate struggled for a while and giggled.

Hearing this, the man's handsome face showed a trace of displeasure. He turned to Kate coldly and said, "in your eyes, we are just acting?"

"Yes..." Kate had meant to answer positively, but she swallowed the following words when she saw the somber look on Brian's face. Shaking her head, she didn't dare to go against Brian who was more horrible than William.

After a while, Kate heard from Brian, "I don't like acting."

Hearing this, Kate's heart hitched. She had an inexplicable feeling as if she had found a outlet. What did he mean? He said he didn't like acting, so what he had done to her was not real at all.

If they were not acting, then what was it?

Kate didn't dare to think further.

Besides, it seemed that Brian had known William was her father for a long time. What was going on? Did he investigate her?

"When did you know about this?" Kate asked cautiously with her head down and her heart beating wildly.

It was not good to be pried on.

"I met your mother ten years ago." Instead of giving a direct answer to Kate's question, the man answered himself.

Kate was shocked and stared at him.

"In my father's office." He said these words with understatement. Kate's heart beat fast.

"Don't be so surprised. I didn't tell you that your mother must hav

th Brian. She just wanted to take her diary back.

Unable to stand up, she had to stretch her hand out, while her eyes were rolling along the diary.

"Give it back to me!" After a while, Kate was out of breath and shouted at him, but her diary was still in Brian's hand.

The calm Brian contrasted sharply with confounded Kate.

Kate looked at Brian and gnashed her teeth. Then she seemed to remember something and gave a sly smile. Then, Kate put her hands on the shoulder of Brian and pressed he against the bed.

"You're still too young to contend with me!" Kate's eyes got red and her reason had been thrown to a corner, then she started the queen mode.

The corners of Brian's mouth were slightly upward.

Seeing his smile, Kate, who was about to reach out to grab her notebook, froze and her queen aura was frightened by this faint smile. She slowly got her consciousness.

Somehow she felt there was a weird smile on Brian's face.

When she came back to her senses, she suddenly found that she had already flung herself on the CEO's waist, and she was sitting very domineeringly in such a posture

She wanted to hide her face and go away.

"Very active." Said Brian, and there was a smile in his eyes.

Her face flushed from red to neck.

"That's my diary." Kate tried to be brave and said.

"Yes." Brian nodded, indicating that he knew it was a diary.

"I just want my diary back. That's all." Kate explained.

While speaking, Kate was still staring at the diary to show that she really had no other meanings.

After glancing at the diary for a moment, Brian turned around to look at Kate. He pointed at his own face with a touch of flirtation in his dark eyes.

Kate understood what he meant. She mumbled for a while, but then she thought that she had already had intimate contact with him before, so she got down to him with the determination that as if she would definitely die.

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