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   Chapter 33 William and Kate

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Brian hold her hands in his palms. Kate was stunned. Her hand was cold, but she felt secure.

It was as if he was with her that she would not be panic even if the world collapsed.

"Brian, You can't be with her, absolutely not! She did this intentionally. She arranged all of this! " Juliet's face changed slightly when she saw their intimacy.

"Enough!" William, who had been silent all this time, said coldly to Juliet with his face down.

With that, the whole living room fell into silence. Kate lowered her head. She had never thought that she would sit here with William like this one day, and she didn't expect that she would have anything to do with him.

Fate is unpredictable.

Without saying anything, Juliet took a fierce look at Kate and then sat back on the sofa in anger.

"Brian, is it true that you have gotten the marriage certificate with Kate?" Turning his face to Brian, William's cold expression softened a little when he looked at Brian and Kate.

Brian nodded.

"That's good. Hehe. " William said with a complicated expression.

"I don't agree! Brian, You can't be with her. " Juliet was so excited to hear that.

Juliet knew that Kate couldn't be a member of Li's family. Not to mention Mary and William's old love, William loved Brian more. Together with Kate, Colin's status in this family would be even lower.

"You'd better take care of your own business before caring about mine." Brian raised his head and looked at Juliet. His voice was low, but gave a little pressure.

For an instant, the atmosphere in the living room dropped.

Juliet didn't dare to say anything else. She looked at Brian timidly, and then turned to look at William with grievance. She reached out and held William's arm.

Feeling a little annoyed, William pushed Juliet's hand away.

With an incredulous look on her face, Juliet stared at William for a tiny detail.

The atmosphere was a little embarrassing. Kate wanted to escape from this place. She didn't understand why Brian wanted her to stay and she might not become his real wife.

After her grandmother died, even if she did not ask for a divorce, Brian would do the same.

He was a superior CEO, while she was just an ordinary clerk of the chief secretary because of him. How could he choose her to be his wife.

Her position and identity were given by him. As long as he wanted to take them back, he could do it at any time. Kate knew this well. No matter how successful she was in others' eyes, she was always under other people's roof. This couldn't be changed.

"Kate, you can live here in the future. Brian runs the company very well, and I don't need to worry about it at all. I still live a leisurely life. If you are here, you can play chess with me and chat with me. " William smiled, and his voice became old. His courage had become smooth with time.

"I'm sorry. I'm busy." Kate answered coldly, pretending that she didn't notice the appeal on Wil

her hand generously, pretending that she didn't care it at all.

William frowned. When he thought of Kate who was in the alley, he frowned and asked, "Kate, you have become like this?"

"What? Have I become a stumbling block on your road of brightness? Can you please tell me where you are standing to lecture me? " Kate looked at him and tittered.

"Kate!" William growled.

Kate was stunned. She had made mistakes when she was a child, and he spoke to her in this tone.

"Do you think I am still the excellent third class student in my childhood? Do you think I am still that clever and sensible little girl? I tell you, it's impossible. " Kate was still smiling, but there was something helpless in her smile.

Staring at her, William said nothing.

Under his gaze, Kate felt a little guilty. She no longer saw him as a father, but why was she still afraid of seeing his stern face and hearing his reprimand.

The living room was in dead silence. Kate felt somehow uneasy. Kate turned her head and looked out of the window. The courtyard of the Li's mansion was very big. The combination of ancient and modern was perfectly harmonious.

"Does your mother know that you got married to Brian, Kate?" After a long pause, William asked.

Kate was shocked by William's words and shook her head subconsciously.

According to Kate's plan, she was about to tell her mother about their marriage. However, if her mother knew that Brian's father was William, she would never agree her to be with Brian.

She thought she could hide the truth as long as she could, and it would be better if she got a divorce with Brian, then she could find another man to act in the play. If not, she could tell Mary the truth.

Hearing this, William frowned again. After a long time, he sighed softly.

"Tell your mother as soon as possible. After all, it's about your marriage." It was hard to tell whether William said it with emotion or not from his tone.

Kate nodded.

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