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   Chapter 32 Brian's Father

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At the entrance of the hospital, when she was dragged into the car, she didn't know where Brian was going. When she was about to open the car door, Kate couldn't help but ask: "we Where.. are we going? "

Though her tone was feigning to be relaxed, it still sounded a little stiff. Kate was just trying to make herself look relaxed.

"Have a meal." Said Brian lightly.

"No, thank you. I'll eat at home." Kate giggled.

"To the Li's mansion." The word "Li's Mansion" was said by Brian without any emotion.

Kate looked blankly at Brian and asked: "are you going to meet your father?"

Brian nodded.

"But I'm not ready yet." Kate said with a sad face.

"What are you going to prepare?" The prison asked coldly.

"Makeup, clothes and I haven't been mentally prepared yet!" Said Kate at once.

"That's good." Brian glanced at her.

Kate knew that he wouldn't care about her anymore, so she decisively took out her cosmetics from her bag and refined her make-up in front of the mirror.

How could she meet his parents so casually? Brian's father should not be as easy-going as his grandmother. Therefore, she must be cautious.

After making up, she put the mirror into her bag and just saw the jade bracelet in it. She carefully took it out and looked at the indifferent side face of Brian. "Here's the jade bracelet that grandma give me. Here you are," she said

With these words, she carefully handed the jade bracelet to Brian.

"Take it." Without answering, Brian said impatiently.

"But..." Kate looked at the annoyed expression on Brian's face with hesitation, but still didn't say anything. She carefully put away the bracelet.

In fact, Kate was curious about Brian's family. Why just Brian went to the hospital to visit his grandma. Didn't Brian have a sister and a brother? Or did they just diverge with Brian every time they went there?

While Kate was anxiously waiting, the car finally arrived at the Li's mansion. Although it was not the first time for her to come here, she was actually more nervous than the last time since she hadn't seen his family for some reason.

As soon as they got out of the car, a housekeeper came to receive them. Brian held Kate's hand naturally. Seeing that the gate was getting closer and closer to her, Kate was more and more nervous, with her palms sweating.

They walked into the hall of Li's house. A woman in vulgar and ornate smiled gracefully at Brian and Kate when she saw them coming in.

Kate was a little stunned, but she held back her uneasiness. This woman looked familiar to her, as if she had been deeply engraved in Kate's mind.

"Brian, you haven't been home for a long time. Although work is important, home is also important." The woman said softly.

There was no answer from Brian.

"Nice to meet you. You must be the woman named Kate that Colin just talked about. I am Juliet, mother of the Brian." The woma

looked at him in surprise.

Brian nodded slightly, "Almost."

'damn it! Am I the only one who is kept in the dark?'? Kate stared at Brian angrily.

"Why didn't you tell me? When did you know that? " Her questioning tone was beyond the scope of the subordinate to the boss.

Brian frowned and didn't reply her. He reached out for her waist and forcibly took her into the room.

The atmosphere in the room was infinitely depressed. Kate quietly sat beside Brian and did not look at William.

"Who are you?" Juliet raised her voice and broke the awkward silence.

"Who am I? I'm the one who bit and kicked by you ten years ago. Is that enough? " Not to be outdone, Kate stared at Juliet. She was not afraid. She had no ability to protect her mother ten years ago. But now, she had grown up.

But when you grew up, are you capable of doing things? You are already skilled?

Now, Kate had understood that only power and wealth are the standard for assessment, but she had nothing. If she turned against Juliet now, she would be the one to suffer. But she didn't want to think too much.

Even if Kate did not have the power to protect her mother, she would not let anyone bully her mother again, and she would take everything that her mother had suffered back.

"Are you that woman's daughter?" Juliet looked at Kate in shock

"Yes, your memory is good. It seems that there is no problem with it." Kate smiled, but every word of her had a sting which made her more powerful.

Juliet's face suddenly became ferocious. She stood up and said fiercely, "you can't enter Li family. Even if I die, I won't let you come here. Get out!"

Looking at Juliet's ferocious expression, Kate couldn't help trembling slightly. It seemed that time had passed through ten years, and she had returned to that cold winter, which she could never forget.

"I want to go out for a while." Kate turned around her head to Brian and said to him.

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