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   Chapter 31 Meeting Grandma Again

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As soon as she returned to the secretary's office, Kate received the message from Jacob that she had to work overtime tonight. She was the only one working overtime in the whole secretary's office. Although she can get overtime pay, it would be a little dangerous for her to work overtime alone.

But Kate had to give up at the thought of Brian's personality that once he made a decision, it was hard for anyone to change it.

"Do you get used to working here?" Jacob asked with a smile.

"Not bad. People here seem to be very nice. They are not as horrible as you said." Kate remembered the words that Jacob had told to her this morning that the women in the secretary's office are not to be trifled.

"Of course, they are all on a diet and there is no trifle for them." Jacob chuckled.

"Jacob!" Kate gave him an angry stare. Because of his words, she was nervous the whole morning. She was afraid that those colleagues would find fault with her.

Jacob stopped laughing and said, "In the office, don't completely let your guard down because someone have treat you well. Just do your job well and don't think about developing friendship. Love is a feeling of loss. "

Kate nodded. The book of workplace strategy was written in this way.

"As the secretary to the CEO, there are three rules on it. First, don't try to seduce the CEO. Second, don't have any hope of owning the CEO. "

Jacob paused and glimpsed at Kate, "Third, your work ability must be better than others. You'd better work faster than a computer."

Then Jacob smiled, "Remember."

Kate nodded her head seriously. Jacob patted her shoulder with satisfaction, turned around and left.

After Jacob left, Kate's serious expression immediately collapsed. Although the CEO was very handsome, she should not have any interest in him, should she? But she couldn't help blushing when she thought of Brian's chest muscle that was exposed sometime. And did she really have no hope of owning Brian?

The most critical point is how her work could be comparable to a computer. She is even worse than others, let alone the computer.

As much as she thought about it, it seemed that there was no condition Kate could match.

Depressed, Kate went back to her work and began to type on the keyboard.

The office was really quiet. Kate raised her head and looked at the other four people. They were all focusing on work and not chatting. Occasionally chatting with others was about work. It seemed that she was the only one that would be distracted.

"Kate, write a contract for that program and hand it over to me tomorrow." Vicky came over with a piece of paper and said to Kate.

Kate looked at the messy relationship on the document and frowned. She knew that the contract needed to be extremely careful and careful, because sometimes, a single word made different meanings.

"Vicky, Kate is still a newcomer. I don't think it's a good idea." A woman retorted.

Kate raised her head and looked at that woman who looked sweet. She was exactly like her name, Lea.

"I believe in Kate. Aft

ut it away, the old woman seemed to be relieved. She smiled and said, "Then I can rest assured."

"Thank you, grandma." Kate felt guilty, and she also felt heavy.

"Silly girl, don't say thanks to your family." The old woman chuckled.

Kate's heart was weighed down with anxiety. She didn't dare to look into the old woman's sincere eyes. Grandma would be very disappointed if she knew that Brian's marriage to her was just a show.

No, even if Brian didn't want to hide the truth any more, she would never let her grandma know. Some kind lies were more comforting than the truth.

"Alas! If Brian's mother was still alive, Brian couldn't live so hard these years." The old woman sighed.

After hearing the old woman's words, Kate realized that she actually knew nothing about Brian. She knew nothing about Brian's family, and he never mentioned it to her.

It seemed that grandmother was the only family that was admitted by Brian.

Every word that the old woman said was something she never knew.

"Brian's mother must be a gentle, beautiful woman," Said Kate with a smile.

"Yes, Brian's mother was very gentle and kindhearted from an early age. His parents fell in love with each other before his father took over the company and gave birth to the baby. The relationship between his parents is doomed to attract people's criticism... " The old woman suddenly began to cough.

Kate hurriedly reached out and gently patted the old woman's back. At this time, Brian and the old doctor came in. The old doctor skillfully made the diagnosis, letting the old woman lie in bed, and turned to Brain and Kate, "The old woman needs to rest now."

Brian nodded, walked to the bed and tucked grandma in before leaving with Kate hand in hand.

Brian and Kate both kept silent on the way.

Kate slightly turned her head, and Brian frowned with endless melancholy. On a sudden, Kate felt an urge to comfort him. But she thought about it for a while and didn't know what to say. It must be painful for him to mention his grandmother.

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