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   Chapter 30 First Arrived At The Headquarters

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Out of the villa, Brian took Kate directly to the company. Standing at the gate of the company, Kate let out a sigh.

She thought that the branch of the Li group was a tall building in Z City, but when she saw the headquarters, Kate finally understood what was "Do not compare to others who are better than you, you will lose". Although the construction was not regarded as a human, the headquarters was really more luxurious than branch.

She raised her head and looked at the towering high buildings standing straight in the front of him. The glaze like light was very dazzling in the sunlight. Men and Women walked in and out elegantly in a standard uniform. The glass rotating door reflected incandescent light.

Kate turned around and found that Brian didn't get out of the car but drove in from the other side.

Then, Kate finally knew that the CEO directly took the elevator to the CEO's office from the expensive VIP parking without passing the door.

The 95th Floor! Standing inside the elevator, Kate looked at the changing number and couldn't help but sigh again.

Kate didn't know if she could see the plane through the window, Kate thought a lot. It suddenly occurred to her that all these things belonged to Brian. At the thought of this, Brian's image changed a lot.

She stealthily looked at Brian, and then turned her head to look at the changing numbers. She couldn't help but sigh softly. It would be so great if she owned one of the 95 layers. Alas

When she looked disconsolate, she heard a "beep" from the elevator and then the door opened slowly.

"Hello, Mr. CEO." There were two rows of people neatly arranged outside the elevator. When they saw Brian come out, they bowed to him neatly and called him.

Kate had never seen such a scene. Although she knew that the two rows of people didn't bow to her, she couldn't help straightening her back.

On the way to the CEO Office, Kate's heart was filled with a strong sense of satisfaction. Haha, how wonderful it would be if those people really bowed to her one day.

When she entered the CEO Office, Kate was shocked again.

This was two or three times larger than the CEO's room of the branch, and the decoration everywhere was written with "high-end and noble" words. Kate carefully touched these and other things and became envious.

"What are you doing?" Jacob asked Kate with distain.

It was not until then that Kate realized that Jacob had been in the CEO office all the time. She took her hand back in a silly way, and calmly pointed at an unidentified object in a unique shape and said: "this sculpture looks good, very artistic."

"That's a trash can." Jacob looked at her as if looking at an idiot.

"Yes. It's no wonder that the CEO office is so high-end that even the trash can is so high-end." Kate flattered Jacob.

In the office, Brian was completely different from what he was in the bedroom. Kate had never expected that the hard-working CEO could be a rascal.

It was too early to judge a person by his appearance, like Brian.

Kate looked at Brian and nodded thoughtfully, as if he had sensed Kate's true feelings. Brian looked up at her, and Kate quickly stood up and smiled at him.

He saw that Brian was working again with no expression on his face.

The moment Brian lowered her head, the smile on Kate's face immediately disappeared. What a waste of her expression.

"Come on, let me take you down to get familiar with your work. Don't be lazy." Jacob reached out to grab Kate's hand, but she avoided it casually.

She turned Jacob down twice.

Jacob really had some feelings for Kate, but that was all. He knew that he shouldn't do anything to his friend's wife.

Then she followed Jacob to the Secretary Department, where there were five women including Kate.

"These are the Secretary of our CEO. You can be familiar with her. She is Vicky, the chief secretary." Jacob stood beside Kate and introduced.

Looking at this elegant office, Kate thought that she would work in this environment in the future and got excited.

"Hold on! None of the secretaries of the CEO is a pushover." Jacob suddenly whispered in her ear.

Kate felt a little uncomfortable, but she was too embarrassed to escape so obviously, so she had to nod at Jacob.

"Hello. My name is Vicky. " A woman in professional dress came over, reached out her hand and politely introduced.

Kate looked at the woman in front of her Who wasn't exceedingly beautiful but she had a perfect makeup on her face, and her hair was neatly and neatly tied into a ponytail. And this woman gave her an inexplicable sense of oppression, as if she were a noble Queen, while Kate was just a humble servant.

"Hello, my name is Kate. Nice to meet you." Kate also smiled and looked up at the woman in front of her confidently. Kate wore casual clothes today, withou

t the workplace style of a woman naturally. But she didn't give up.

Vicky was shocked. Kate looked young and innocent. And she didn't expect that she would be more overbearing than her.

"Nice to meet you!"

"My name is Anna."

"My name is Caro."

"My name is Lea."

Kate greeted them one by one.

Working here was much more rigorous than working in the branch, and each important document had to be checked by at least three people.

They were not as scary as Kate thought. Actually, they were much better than many colleagues in the branch company. They would teach her anything that she didn't understand, especially Vicky. However, Kate didn't completely accept their kindness. She would never bother others to do things she could.

As time went by, Kate felt that she worked even harder than before and she felt it passed no long before she got off work.

But to Kate's surprise, hadn't Lora promised to be a sweep here? 'why isn't she here?

Lora is wailing in pain in some one floor. I'm here! I'm here!

"Kate, would you like to have dinner with me?" Vicky stood up and asked Kate kindly.

"Okay." Kate packed up the items on the table and promised straightforwardly.

Vicky held Kate's hand naturally. Kate didn't feel well and she was unfamiliar with such kind of person. It seemed that Vicky acted over familiar with Kate. Trying to control her aversion, Kate smiled and chatted with Vicky.

Before leaving, Kate took a glance at the CEO's office and found that the door was locked. She wondered if he hadn't gone downstairs for lunch, or he had left already.

"What are you looking at?" Vicky tugged Kate's sleeve and asked in confusion.

"Not yet. I think the decoration of this place is really good." Kate looked away and said casually.

"You're right. This floor is the place where the CEO works. It is usual that this place looks good." Vicky smiled proudly.

The company's dining room was on the third floor. But it was like a five-star hotel. More importantly, they were free and only needed to show their ID cards.

Kate looked at the various dishes on the menu and thought to herself, 'The headquarter is really different from the branch. Even the dining rooms here are totally different from there.'.

And the dishes were served very quickly. Kate looked at the dishes on the table and wanted to eat first. But she thought of the woman sitting opposite to her. She didn't know who her friend was, but she restrained her desire. She still chatted with Vicky in a graceful manner.

"Kate! Kate! It's you! " All of a sudden, someone shouted.

Kate rubbed her aching ear. Needless to guess, she knew who she was. She turned around and saw it was Lora.

But Lora looked so strange. Kate was dressed simply as a middle-aged woman and she wore a white cleaning cap on the top of her head. She held a mop in her hands and looked at Kate with her eyes flashing.

No, she was looking at the dishes on Kate's desk.

"Lora, why are you here?" Cold sweat started to break out on Kate's forehead.

"That's my job!" Rosa kept her eyes on the food in front of Kate while she was talking.

Looking at the glittering cheeks, Kate touched her forehead. Their teachers would be extremely angry if they knew this. And Lora was so irrational to do this. How could she see people like Scott in this way?

"Why did you allocate them here?" Asked Kate.

"Kate, there must be something you don't know. I thought I was going to clean up the CEO's office, but the personnel department at the headquarters are going too far. They assign me here." Lora, with tears in his eyes, looked at Kate.

"Would you like to eat something?" Kate looked at her in disgust.

As Lora was about to say something, she saw a young man in the white chef costume coming towards them. Lora immediately picked up a mop and pretended to work hard, and from time to time, she glanced at the man.

"This is your order. Enjoy." The young cook put a plate of dishes in front of Kate and Vicky and said politely.

Hearing that, Lora wanted to escape. Turning around, the young cook said with a smile, "Miss Ling, you're slacking off again."

Kate blinked and thought, 'Miss Ling? Who is it?'

She suddenly remembered the name of Lora: Lora Ling.

It was a beautiful name, but Kate couldn't connect it with Lora.

Then, Kate was startled to see that Lora, with a red face, pulled the mop and carefully ran away under the gaze of the young cook.

"We didn't order the dish, did we?" Vicky looked at the dishes in confusion.

"No, we didn't." Kate replied with certainty. That young cook was here to stir up trouble. He was not picking on her, but Lora.

Looking at the young cook behind Lora, Kate could not help but chuckle. Though Lora liked handsome men, and liked to flirt with handsome men, she seldom saw Lora get flushed.

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