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   Chapter 29 About The Contract

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A sharp sound of brake sounded at Kate's ears, and she saw that a large truck went straight towards her. Her heart was shocked and she closed her eyes all of a sudden, without any pain she could imagine.

"Help me." The voice was as slight as a mosquito. Kate turned her head and saw Ryan's face was cut by the glass. His legs were pressed on a heavy object, which made him unable to move.

He reached out his hand to Kate, who was startled and screamed.

Kate finally escaped from the nightmare as she rubbed her temples to relieve the headache.

Last night, she went to the ball with Brian, and then they met Ryan, Moore and other students.

And then Brian drove her home. Her memory was fuzzy on the car. She could indistinctly feel that she seemed to have done something very great.

'forget it, I don't want to think about it any more. I get up and go to work.'.

Trying to get up, Kate was stunned to find that her waist was tightly held by something. She stiffened and turned around uneasily.

Then she saw the CEO slightly smiled at her.


Kate was speechless. Though the CEO's smile was very charming, why were they lying on the same bed again? She couldn't help but wonder what terrible thing she had done last night that made the god treat her like this.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, Kate said in a low voice, "good morning, Mr. Brian."

"Good morning." Brian seemed to be in a good mood.

"Where are we now? I haven't been here before. " Kate looked around calmly and forced a smile.

Anyhow, it was not the first time for her to sleep on the same bed with the CEO. Kate, you must be calmer and not make a fool of yourself.

"Here Is my home. " There was a touch of desolation flashing in the dark eyes of Brian, but when he looked at Kate's pretended calm face, he began to flirt with her.

Kate held the quilt tighter. 'my God, she was taken home by others. Kate, you're such a fool. Don't drink!

"Oh, That's it, It looks beautiful." Though she was roaring in her heart, she still kept calm on the surface and commented seriously.

With a slight smile on his face, Brian turned over, and Kate was pinned down on the bed.

"CEO......" Kate wanted to pretend to be calm, but she was too weak to do that. She reached out and tried to push him away.

"Yes." The next second, Brian squatted down and smelled Kate's neck. Kate could feel his warm breath, which made her stiff.

"The contract According to the agreement... " Kate tried to stay calm, and her voice trembled with fear.

"What was on it?" Brian moved to her earlobe and gently bit it.

Ears were one of Kate's weaknesses. This action dispelled her remaining calmness in the end, and then, she forgot her contract

In the end, Brian didn't eat her. But Kate thought there was nothing different with losing her virginity

Nestling in the arms of Brian, Kate thought angrily, 'boss is so unkind. If I had known that he was so powerful and good at martial arts, I would never have pretended to marry him.'.

Although Brian hadn't fought with anyone in front of Kate, she was sure that Brian were kungfu masters. After all, although she hadn't any opponent before in Z City, she was again and again controlled by Brian.

"What did you want to say just now?" Hearing her words, Brian looked down at her and asked.

Kate lowered her head, too. She didn't want to see this hateful wolf.

However, when she looked at her clothes, she felt that her cheeks were as red as burning. She was still wearing the same purple dress as last night. But it seemed that she couldn't wear it anymore because of some of her movements. Her chest was disheveled and It could hardly cover her figure.. What shocked Kate most was that there were a few red hickeys on it.

Was she Kate? This is definitely not me! 'Kate thought in self denial.

"By the way. The contract says that it can't be like this. " Hearing the words of Brian, Kate quickly made an complaint.

The voice was clearly a complaint, but it turned into a coquettish voice in Brian's ear. The man's lips could not help but twist upwards.

"Say it clearly." Brian approached her and asked her directly.

Kate's face turned red again. Her heart had been abnormal since this morning. If she died one day, it must be because of the heavy workload.

"Yeah. Well, you can't cross the line. You can't do things like this. You can't force me... " Kate lowered her head and said in a lower and lower voice.

"Did I force you?" Asked the warden.

"Yes, there is..." Kate summoned up her courage and said. But just as she finished her words, Brian's forceful body pressed down on her, making her look even more intimidating.

The spineless Kate changed the topics and faltered, "no no... You didn't... "

"I don't like to force others."

Added one more sentence.

Though she was crying, she dared not to contradict him. Mr. Brian, you are definitely forcing me. Why are you so domineering! What's more, you don't allow anyone else to tell you what you have done? She couldn't find any words to refute Brian. A man like him was too dangerous.

"I want to get up." Kate had a rest and became energetic again. She raised her head and spoke in a low voice.

She couldn't save her whole life if she still stayed with Brian.

As if hearing nothing, Brian quietly lay on his side with his eyes closed.

Kate was so excited when she saw Brian closing his eyes. She grabbed the bedside and tried to sneak away from Brian.

But this petty action could not hide from Brian. He tightened his arm and stopped Kate sneaking away.. And the posture was really weird, which made the serious CEO couldn't help laughing out.

Hearing the laughter, Kate looked back at Brian frightenedly. In her impression, there were only two expressions shown on Brian's face which were cold face and the corners of his mouth. It was the first time that she had laughed so loudly.

In fact, the CEO's smile was sunny, very beautiful. Kate's eyes turned bright like a sun.

Just a few seconds later, Brian was back to normal. He looked at her, frowned and asked seriously, "where are you going?"

Don't pretend to be cool. I have seen your smile. Kate tittered.

She smiled brightly and said, "I want to pee."

"……" As soon as her words faded away, Kate saw the anger line on Brian's forehead.

"It seems that the employee quality of the Li group is in great need again." Said Brian meaningfully.

Hearing this, Kate was stunned and forgot that he was her boss. It seemed that she had become more unreasonable.

"Mr. Brian, I'm just saying it casually. In fact, I'm not such a person. Every employee in Li group is well behaved and there is no need to change." Kate hastily smiled.

It was not easy for her to hold her movements, and her two arms that were clinging to the head of the bed had already been sore and numb. However, the hands of Brian gripped her waist and made her unable to move up and down.

Brian raised his eyebrows.

It was a silent competition. Finally, Kate gave in. She looked pitifully at Brian, and said, "I was wrong! I'm so hurry! "

With a smile, Brian released Kate's arm. She quickly sat up and shook her aching arm hard.

Kate wanted to jump off the bed, but the dress was too close to Brian.. Half of the dress was under Brian. Kate wanted to pull it hard but she was afraid that it might be torn apart.

Facing with the panic and nervousness on Kate's face, Brian kept a calm posture all the time. He glanced at Kate who had an awkward look on her face and felt a little pity for her. After he carried her out of the bed, Kate finally stepped on the ground and felt relieved.

She stood in front of him and he helped her tidy up her clothes.

For a moment, Kate's heart beat faster and faster. She got more and more confused. Why did the boss treat her like this? She didn't know Brian's love for her. She just thought that Brian just treated her as a fun toy.

Was it just a toy? Suddenly a feeling of loss emerged.

Since she didn't take a shower yesterday, Kate planned to go home, take a shower and change clothes to work. However, the CEO seemed not to be satisfied with her proposal.

Kate had to follow the arrangement of Colin. She took a bath in his home and put on the clothes arranged by Brian.

After she got changed, Kate stood in front of the mirror and walked around. 'well, the clothes are not bad. They are cool and handsome. I like a simple T-shirt and jeans.' she thought.

She was alone in the bedroom while Brian was reading newspaper outside. Then, Kate began to carefully look around the bedroom. The bedroom was mainly decorated in white, which made the whole room elegant and luxurious. She didn't expect that the cold CEO likes white.

This was not the Li family mansion, but a private villa in which no servants lived. But why did Brian say it was his home. The slightest bit of loneliness and hesitation in Brian's words suddenly flashed through Kate's eyes.

What kind of family did he have.

He hadn't officially introduced her to his parents yet. It seemed that everything he did had nothing to do with his family. He was himself, only.

Kate didn't even notice that Brian was coming in when she was thinking.

"What are you thinking about?" Her waist was naturally wrapped around by someone, and a familiar breath came to her ears.

Kate was a little stunned, but didn't resist. She looked at Brian in the mirror.

He had everything that other people admired, but how could he be after abandoning all the glory?

Kate shook her head, and they stood together quietly.

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