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   Chapter 28 Quarrelling

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Kate clenched her fists. She didn't care what other people would think of her, but she would never allow anyone to speak ill of her mother. This was her principle.

An eye for an eye. Since they didn't plan to show mercy to her, she didn't need to do so.

"Fuck off." Kate turned her head, and her red lips became more coquettish in the dim light.

"Forget it, Kate." Lora hurried to stand between the two groups.

"Lora, don't protect her anymore. Don't you find this ladyboy disgusting? So is Sherry. Both of them are Trannies. " Penny pretended to spat on the ground in disgust.

Lora was speechless. Brody, it's she who was protecting them?

"Penny, dare you say it again?" Kate was not someone to be trifled with. She pushed Lora away and raised her fists.

But her other hand was held in the palm of Brian. She couldn't run away even if she wanted to.

Kate's classmates, who had been a little afraid of her, felt relieved when they saw Brian grabbing Kate. They wildly laughed, "it seems that your boyfriend knows you like going crazy. I tell you, if you dare to touch me, I will ask Master Ye to punish you. Do you know who Master Ye is? The king of the underworld in Z city! "

"Fuck! I won't be called Kate if I don't cut your tongue!" Not to be outdone, she looked as fierce as a tigress down the mountain.

"Your name is not Kate, but a ladyboy." Seeing that Kate could not break free from Brian, Penny stood straight and raised her voice.

Kate was infuriated by these words. She had drank a lot today and the fight in the bottom of her heart was triggered. Now she just wanted to release it. When Penny was running towards the road. If it weren't for the pulling of Brian, Kate would have definitely taught her a good lesson.

Compared with Kate's madness, Brian was as cold as a falling God. His chilliness made people scared. Except for Penny and Kate, the rest of them were so scared by Brian that they didn't even dare to make a sound.

"Let me go!" Kate shouted at him after turning around. She couldn't get rid of him and didn't care that Brian was her boss.

"Do you want to fight with others in dresses?" When he saw Kate's angry face, he restrained his chilliness and said in a harsh voice.

Kate was stunned and looked down at her clothes. The elegant purple dress was wrinkled because of her violent resistance.

"If you were bitten by a dog, will you bite the dog?" Brian said casually.

As soon as his words dropped, all the people at the meeting room fell silent. It was because that Kate was too shocked that Mr. Brian would stand up for her, and it was just right for him to ask such a question.

Michelle was shocked too. When she was about to scold the man in front of her, she saw his cold and stern face. Her intuition told her that this man was very scary.

"Oh Of course I won't. I'm not a dog and I'm a tolerant person. A ladyboy is also a human being. It's better than a dog. " Kate regained her composure and burst into laughter.

Her tone was relax and natural.

"Let's go home and feed the dogs." Holding on to Brian's hand, Kate walked towards the door. She raised her head high, with a good mood on her face.

Due to the words of Brian, nothing bad seemed to happen today. And everything was not so bad as she thought, because Was he with her all the time?

Kate couldn't help peeping at Brian, who had helped her out when she was intercepted by Moore.

He held her hand and warmed her up when she apologized to Ryan.

When she was about to have a fight with the other girl, he stopped her and asked her to calm down.

Thinking of this, her depression was swept away.

Looking at their receding figures of Brian and Kate, Penny clenched her teeth. Lora wanted to follow up. However, she dared not. What she could do was only to watch her boss walking away.

"Lora, who is Kate's man? Looks familiar. " Someone suddenly asked.

Lora turned around, gave them a mysterious smile, and imitated Kate's pet phrase, "guess?"

"He seems to be Master Li, the present CEO of the Li group. Since he took over the Li group, it has become an irresistible business tycoon in Z city." Someone whispered.

"Yes, you are right. Congratulations!" Lora smiled at the crowd.

Penny was stunned. She felt lucky that she hadn't shouted at him just now. Otherwise, she would have no place to stay in Z city.

The same view of Z City flashed through the window. But Kate felt that her mood was a little different from usual. The scene in the day deepened in her eyes. From the rear-view

mirror, Kate saw the delicate profile of Brian. A feeling that she had never experienced spread in her heart freely.

Kate quickly turned her head and softly grasped her skirt, trying to suppress this feeling.

She hated the unknown, the unknown was much more terrible than the past, so she usually didn't know what she couldn't do, let alone feelings.

"Well Thank you. " Kate's low voice broke the silence in the car. As she spoke, she glanced at Brian cautiously.

Brian still kept silent, seeming not to hear what she said.

In silence, Kate's thoughts diverged far. For example, what she had done in front of Brian tonight. She actually dared to quarrel with Penny in front of Brian. Her image... What if CEO deprive her of her duty for this reason?

"You are good at fighting?" When Kate was feeling extremely regretful, Brian asked her suddenly.

Kate didn't answer the question immediately. She had to figure out a way to retrieve her ladylike image.

"No, I didn't. I was so angry that I couldn't help but punch him." Kate said thoughtfully.

It happened to be the red light in front, then Brian stopped. He looked at Kate and said coldly: "I don't want to repeat what I've said."

Kate was scared and her boss looked very unfriendly. She didn't know what was wrong with what was said? No, she didn't

"What do you mean?" Kate asked carefully, with a heart attack.

The arrogant CEO didn't say anything more but gave her a meaningful look. Kate blinked her eyes and confused.

He knew clearly that she was not a clever child, so how could he play the reasoning game? Depressed, Kate lowered her head. She thought about his meaningful glance and what he had said.

After thinking, she was startled by his question.

She still remembered everything the CEO said.

It seemed that Brian had told her that he hated liars.

Did Mr. Brian notice that she was lying?

Kate glanced at Brian and felt guilty.

But after leaving the Sunny hall, her nerves also slowly eased down. And perhaps it was because she had been in the car for a long time, or because she had drunk too much, Kate felt a little dizzy. The two Brian were intertwined in front of her.

"Mr. Brian, you are so handsome." After a long while, Kate said, by some chance.

The car stopped just at the gate of the Faraway community. Brian turned his head and looked at her.

She blushed and smiled at him. Her dimples added to her charm.

Kate drank a lot at the ball, but she didn't respond at that time. He thought she was a good drinker, but it turned out she was still unresponsive. Faced with Kate, all the knowledge Brian learned was too poor to explain delay drinking.

"Mr. Brian, you can't deduct my salary or fire me, you know?" Kate's moved one after another, frowning, and said seriously to Brian.

Her voice mixed with alcohol was not as careful as usual. Kate was so bold and unrestrained. Brian's heart was beating fast. He had never seen her like this before. He leaned forward, raised her red lips and pressed on her lips gently.

Kate didn't push her away, but instead, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him back intuitively.

The look in Brian's eyes dimmed and a rare desire rose.

Tonight, she was such a tempting goblin. Suddenly, he felt that he was lucky. It was lucky that her drunkenness would delay, or Brian wanted everyone seeing her looking to disappear.

"emm.." the ambiguous moans kept going around the small car.

His tongue and mouth were so intertwining that his big hands were moving on her back restlessly. Kate felt a little uncomfortable and slightly twisted her body, trying to get rid of him. She didn't know how attractive her gesture was to men.

After a long time, Brian finally let her go. He looked at the little woman in his arms, only to feel a little thirsty.

Her face was blazing, and her eyes were hazy and charming. Her skin under her neck was as red as light.

Kate, however, had no idea of what was happening here. She was sitting on Brian's legs. The forced smile on the ball had made her exhausted physically and mentally. She yawned and hugged the strong waist of Brian in a natural way, leaning her little head against the chest of Brian and sleeping soundly.

Her innocent look made Brian's heart ache. Brian looked at her, but couldn't take his eyes off her. She still didn't want to tell him everything. With his face darkened, he looked out of the window at the Faraway community. With one hand holding Kate tight, one hand starting the engine, Brian drove away.

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