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   Chapter 27 Memory Reappeared

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What no one had noticed was that large beads of sweat appeared on Kate's forehead, and she was shrinking her head like a turtle.

"Forget it. Let's not talk about the past today. Let's drink." Ryan said in a straightforward manner.

All the guests except Brian also took part in the small talks with Ryan.

Time for the ball was up, and other guests entered the dancing floor with their women in twos and threes.

There were fewer and fewer guests before the dinner table, and only three of them stayed. Ryan was not in a hurry to leave, but took a look at Kate, and then turned his sight to Brian. He politely asked, "Mr. Brian, can I borrow your female companion for a few minutes?"

Kate grabbed Brian's clothes anxiously. Obviously, she didn't want to stay with Ryan alone.

She was afraid. She blamed herself. Without her, Ryan's foot wouldn't have been injured. Over the past two years, Kate often dreamed that Ryan was limping towards her. With a fierce look at her, he said: "give my leg back!"

"Kate, can I ask you something?" Ryan said softly when he saw that Kate was dependent on Brian.

"You can talk about it here. Ha ha." Kate raised her head, forced a smile and said.

She didn't want to stay with him alone, because in her eyes, Ryan was also a horrible person. What's more, since she felt guilty of him, she started to feel frustrated.

Ryan looked at the direction where Brian was and Brian answered indifferently, "no one else is here."

This remark made Ryan think of Brian as an outsider, so he couldn't put forward the request of leaving them alone. He nodded. After a while, he turned to Kate and asked anxiously, "where is Sherry? She lives with you, right? "

Though Kate had made full preparation, she swallowed and swallowed when she heard Ryan's question, "I I don't know. "

"I know that the message was sent by you two years ago. And I also know that the person I was going to meet was you." Ryan stared at Kate sharply, trying to find something from her face.

Kate was silent.

Indeed, two years ago, she sent a message to Ryan. Ryan met a car accident on the way to meet her.

According to Lora, one of Ryan's legs was almost disabled in that car accident. He was transferred to America for treatment the next day. It had been two years since he had been there.

It was her who made him lose a leg. He had the right to blame her.

"I'm sorry." After a long while, Kate said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry."

"I don't blame you or anybody else. I know it's Sherry's thoughts. She never liked me. She wanted to end our relationship, but I didn't dare to admit it. " Disappointment flashed through Ryan's eyes.

Kate felt a sudden pain in her heart. This man loved Sherry. He would do anything for her, even his life.

However Love involves mutual willingness. He loves Sherry, but Sherry doesn't love him.

"Ryan, if you really want Sherry to be good, don't show up in front of her from now on, okay? I will tell her that you are living a good life. She will be relieved when your leg is fully recovered. She doesn't love you at all. What's the point of being together if it only hurts each other? If you want to be a loyal dog curling under her feet, you should ask for her permission first. " Said Kate.

This was true. In the past two years, except feeling guilty, she had no feelings for Ryan.

Ryan didn't respond. He didn't want to talk about it. People were weak creatures. They tended to escape. They were afraid of getting hurt and being disappointed.

"Excuse me for a moment." Ryan stood up and forced a smile.

"Ryan." Kate also stood up and called him.

Ryan didn't look back and went straight away. Kate saw that although he tried hard to walk, his steps were still a little stiff and his thin figure would go with the wind.

Kate guessed that Ryan might have a hard time in the past two years. Kate kept looking at him until he disappeared in the hall.

On the other side, Brian also stood up and took Kate away.

"Are we leaving?" Kate asked in surprise.

"Do you still want to stay here?" Asked Brian.

"But..." Except for negotiating with other guests, Brian had done nothing else. Was he here for business?

Kate was stunned for a few seconds, but she didn't feel it strange when she thought of the nature of Brian. For a capitalist, only benefits could attract his attention.

However Why did he tell everyone her identity? When Kate thought of what just happened, she blushed again and followed behind Brian like a little cat.

"You are familiar with Ryan?" Asked Brian.

Kate nodded and smiled helplessly: "he was the only male friend in my college, but I was too arrogant. I thought I could make decisions for others. I thought to separate the was the best way to stop them, but it turned out my arrogance kille

d him. "

Could Ryan's foot recover as before? Kate didn't dare to think further.

Brian was silent and listened to Kate quietly.

It seemed that she had totally forgotten who was sitting next to her when she immersed herself at the memories of the university two years ago. She never mentioned it to anyone, not even to Sherry.

Because she knew that it just would add their troubles to the situation if she mentioned it before Sherry.

Many things had happened in University, and every memory was deeply engraved in Kate's mind. She was unwilling to look back.

When Kate and Sherry first met Ryan, Ryan was a professor in the University. At the same time, he was the youngest professor in Z University. Many girls liked him because of his handsome appearance and his extraordinary talent.

Just as somebody read in some school novels, Jasper gradually had a crush on the sweet, kind and innocent female student. Later, they got together. But at that time, Sherry didn't like him. She was forced too hard by Ryan that she was not able to think about these questions. As time went by, the problem gradually came out.

Sherry wanted to break up with Ryan, but she didn't know what to say. As the witness of their relationship, Kate knew that Sherry hadn't liked Ryan at all, and almost they went out on a date three together. Even if Sherry and Ryan were not tired, Kate still felt tired.

When Sherry was hesitating, Kate suggested that she should invite Ryan to have a talk with him. It was a tacit agreement between Sherry and Kate. So in the name of Sherry, Kate sent a message to Ryan and invited him out.

She thought things would be as simple as the two girls thought. But to her surprise, on their way here, Ryan had an accident and then flew to America. The breaking up incident had been left behind.

Kate had always believed that unless she had made up her mind, Ryan wouldn't have had an accident. It was not Sherry fault, and no one could blame her, because she was the perfect angel but Kate was the embodiment of all sin.

"If only I hadn't asked him out at that time." Kate repeated this sentence for five times.

Hearing that, Brian held her hand gently. He knew more than she thought, but he wouldn't tell her. When the car accident happened, Ryan was forced to cut off his leg. And now he walked on artificial leg.

Besides, the car accident was not that simple.

But it had nothing to do with Brian and he had no interest in investigating.

"Kate! Why are you here? " As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she heard a sound which was quite far from Kate's eardrum.

Kate turned to the direction of the voice and saw Lora. Behind Lora were a group of familiar but unfamiliar students.

"This is This is... " The little girl scampered to Kate. When Lora saw Brian, she stopped abruptly. Her voice was stuttering with excitement.

"C.. C... C... " Lora stammered and bowed deeply to Brian. Her tongue was knotted and could not be continued for a long time.

Brian nodded.

"She is my friend, Lora." As soon as she saw Lora's action, she immediately found comfort. Also, she suddenly realized that she had behaved normally in front of the CEO.

"No, I'm not Lora. My name is..." Lora immediately refuted. How could she leave such a vulgar impression in front of the CEO? She thought for a moment, and unexpectedly forgot her original name.

Seeing that her classmates standing in the distance were about to come down, Kate hurriedly grabbed the arm of Brian and walked out. Today she had encountered too many things and she had had enough.

However, she was not tall enough to walk. As a result, she was stopped at the door.

In the dim light of the Sunny hall, the students didn't recognize that Brian was the CEO of the Li group. They just thought this man was very handsome.

"Hey, Kate, long time no see." The woman who greeted Kate was her former roommate, Penny.

"It's been a long time." Kate smiled helplessly.

Penny looked at Kate up and down and said with a smile, "you look good. You are wearing famous brands all over your body, your boyfriend are rich."

The tone was weird and meaningful.

"Of course she is rich. She is bisexuality. Rich people can buy whatever she want. " Another classmate echoed with a smile.

"No wonder she doesn't want to attend the reunion just because she doesn't want to degrade herself. We are so different from each other." Penny said again.

"But I don't need this money. I really want to know what you are thinking about."

"Penny, it was so lucky that you and Jessie moved away at that time. Otherwise, you would have been surrounded by an aura of katoey now. Fortunately. "

"Hey, Kate, you have graduated for such a long time. Can you tell me now? Is your mother the third woman. I heard she is beautiful too. "

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