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   Chapter 26 Ryan and Moore

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Hearing Kate's words, Brian turned around and left.

She then hurriedly followed behind Brian.

Outside, a variety of handsome men and beautiful women were dancing in the dancing floor. Men were chatting with each other by the side of the dancing floor, and they sat in front of the luxurious tied table, flattering each other.

The luxurious lotus lamp on the ceiling emitted soft light and the soft music, making everything quiet and beautiful.

This quiet and nice situation was broken at the moment when Colin came in.

The dancing people stopped at the moment Brian came in, and the ones who chatted with each other quieted down. Undoubtedly, he became the focus of the whole ball.

Everyone in the underworld knew about the status of Brian. The Li group was a leading enterprise in Z City, and as the CEO of the Li group, Brian was comparable to the king of business. People never dared to dream of surpassing Brian.

"Mr. Brian." A man in a white suit walked towards Brian with a faint smile. His voice was as fresh as a poem.

With her tiny body, Kate hid behind Brian and gripped the hem of his black suit tightly.

Sensed Kate's anxiety, Brian's hand in the pocket trembled slightly, but in the end did not reach out.

"Welcome back." The voice of Brian was so calm.

"Thank you." Ryan replied politely. When his eyes passed Brian, he saw a small head leaning tightly on the back of Brian. Was what Mona said true?

Ryan drew back his sight, made a graceful gesture and smiled, "please, let's talk on the way."

Brian nodded slightly and walked towards the VIP seats that had been prepared. Kate, who was hiding behind him, could only follow Brian closely with small steps. She didn't dare to look up at Ryan.

After a few steps, Brian suddenly stopped. Kate didn't withdraw her feet in time and was about to jump on the back of Brian.

"You..." Kate was about to scold the person in front of her, but stopped on thinking he was the CEO.

Then SHE asked in a low voice, "what's wrong?"

"Who are you hiding from?" Asked Brian.

"No, I haven't. I just don't know they are so enthusiastic... " Kate giggled.

Brian slightly raised his good-looking eyebrows and pulled her out from behind. Kate still kept her head down and held Brian's arm with both hands as a shield.

'this girl...' She always did not think about the consequences seriously when she did things, which obviously would cause more attention.

"Look at the woman next to Mr. Brian. She has hung her head on Mr. Brian since she came in. How shameless she is in public!"

"Yes, I heard that she is just an ordinary worker."

"Shh, keep it down. Mr. Brain doesn't like others to gossip behind his back. If Mr. Brian really likes that woman, we will be in trouble. "

Hearing that, Kate instantly straightened her back, released Brian's hand and took a few steps back quietly.

But this action exposed her completely.

"Kate! Kate.. " An excited voice suddenly came from behind Kate.

Kate was in a daze for a second, and then came closer to Brian. She did not look back, but quickened her pace by grabbing the hand of Brian.

"Is that you? Kate? " Someone grabbed her on the other arm.

"You got the wrong person." Kate shook off his hand, but didn't look back.

When she was about to walk away, she saw a person going from behind to the front. It was a very handsome man with a strong book atmosphere.. The white shirt fit him well, and he was tall, but a little shorter than Brian.

The man's excitement subsided when he saw that Kate was holding onto Brian's arm. He smiled at her and said, "it's been a long time, Kate."

"Hi, Moore. It's been a long time." Kate knew that she couldn't escape this time, so she also gave a shallow smile to Moore.

"How have you been lately?" Moore took a look at Brian, then looked back at Kate and asked softly.

"I'm fine. What about you? " Replied Kate.

"I'm not fine." Moore put on a bitter smile.

Kate was stunned, but didn't continue to say anything. She really didn't know what to say in the face of her old friend whom she had seen for a long time. The deathly silence spread among the three people. Kate seemed not to hear the noise of the ball, only silence.

"Brother Brian, do you know who he is? His name is Moore. He was Kate's boyfriend when she was in college. " A coquettish voice broke the silence. Then, Kate saw that Mona came from outside.

The world suddenly became noisy.

Hearing the word "boyfriend", Brian's face darkened.

"I guess that they must have a lot to talk about. Brother Brian, why don't we leave them some space? As far as I can remember, they didn't break up that year. They'd better make everything clear." With a sneer, Mona held on to Brian's arm and w

inked at Kate with a cunning look.

Before Kate could say anything more, Mona looked at her with a big smile and said, "old classmate, I guess you also want to know the reason why Moore left at that time. Brother Brian and I will not disturb you."

"Kate, let's talk." Moore looked at Kate seriously, too.

Kate turned to look at Brian and found there was no expression on his face. He was in the cold north pole at that moment.

"I'm sorry. Let's talk next time." Kate said politely while she was still holding on to Brian's arm.

On the other side, Mona was anxious. She said sarcastically, "you are really heartless. Brother Brian, we are kind enough to give these chances to them."

He tried to pull Brian out but Brian took his arms away. He said politely, "Miss Mona, your behavior may cause misunderstanding. Please behave yourself."

After hearing his polite and distant words, people around were all silent. Mona was a little embarrassed and looked at Kate with anger.

Kate was innocent. It was none of her business.

"Mr. Mona, I appreciate your talent, but please do not covet something that doesn't belong to you." Brian cast a glance at Moore.

This sentence was more devastating than the words just now. Kate was completely shocked.

Why did he say that? Did he do this to get rid of Mona or to help her out?

The abnormality in her heart was getting more and more obvious, but at the same time, the uneasiness hidden in her heart was slowly magnified.

After glancing at Kate's dumbfounded expression, Brian chuckled and pulled down Kate's hand on his arms. He gently held her hand under the gaze of the public, and indifferently walked past Moore and Mona.

Kate turned to look at Moore, and the gentle smile on his face suddenly froze. He gave a self mockery smile.

Seeing this, Kate stopped her steps, but still turned around and left with Brian.

Nobody dared to gossip about them behind Kate and Brian. Although Brian didn't say anything, the relationship between the three people was more confused: Moore, Kate and Brian.

"It's really you, Kate." Not far away, Ryan also saw what happened. When he saw them coming closer, he greeted to Kate with a smile.

"Long time no see, Ryan." Kate looked a little bit unnatural when she saw Ryan, but she still smiled at him.

"Long time no see." Ryan was not as excited as Moore. He just smiled politely to Kate.

There was no response from the two.

Ryan put a glass of wine in front of Brian and gestured him to sit down, "Mr. Brian, I've heard a lot about you and finally got to see you today. You're really like the hearsay."

"I heard that Master Chen is doing well recently. It seems that you do much better than the hearsay." said Brian.

"Not so much." Ryan smiled politely.

Kate sat beside Brian, listening to the hypocritical words of the men and drinking red wine from time to time. As more and more people gathered around Brian and Ryan, Kate felt a bit bored. She didn't dare to do anything else as she stayed beside Brian, but just kept on drinking with a smile on her face.

Ryan's eyes never fell on Kate from beginning to end. He just occasionally glanced at her.

Kate looked around but didn't find Moore.

She had been trying to run away from Moore and Ryan for two years, but she failed. What was more, she met them one day.

Kate sighed in her mind and couldn't help but sigh the coincidence of fate.

"Welcome back, Master. Chen. How is your foot?" Someone asked suddenly.

His words suddenly awakened Kate, who was drowsy, and she looked at Ryan as well.

"Yes. When I heard that you had a car accident, the whole Chen family was in a mess. What a young talent! How could he be destroyed in a car accident? "

The surrounding crowd started to talk about it.

Sitting in the middle of the room, Kate was like on pins and needles. They were talking to Ryan, but she always felt that they were looking at her with reproachful eyes, as if they were saying, that this woman was the one who was responsible for it.

Fortunately, they quickly changed the topic from the car accident to Kate, but men were still different from women. They only said a few blessings to Brian.

Hearing that they changed the topic, Kate suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She felt like she was tied at the volcanic mouth. She was waiting for death but was suddenly saved. The feeling of surviving made her heart fluctuate.

"Women are really bad, right? Master. Chen." Someone said angrily.

"By the way, it is said that Master. Chen had a car accident when he went to see his girlfriend. Is that true? "

Hearing this, Ryan's face froze, but he didn't answer. Some people noticed the subtle look on Ryan's face and immediately changed the subject.

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