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   Chapter 25 I Heard That You Like Women

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Kate followed he make-up artist to go into the room, but she was still thinking about the CEO's seemingly joking words. It was incredible that he would also joke like that.

The make-up artist had put a light make-up on Kate's face and put on a long purple dress, which was more suitable for her. Her figure was suitable for that purple dress, even though she didn't wear high-heeled shoes.

It was not as sexy as the dress she wore at the last banquet. Instead, she looked like a pretty girl.

When Kate walked out of the dressing room, Brian was talking with Mona in the room. Kate wanted to shrink back subconsciously when she saw Mona. But Mona called her, "Old classmate."

The voice was full of sarcasm in Kate's ear. She couldn't help but stop. She turned around to look at Mona and said with a smile, "it's been a long time."

They had met each other at the other day. Their smiles were all hypocritical.

At this moment, Brian's eyes were also fixed on Kate. With a forced smile on her face, Kate walked up to Brian and carefully held Brian's arm.

The action was a little stiff, but it also showed her relationship with Brian. Mona was somewhat unwilling to accept it, but she restrained herself from breaking out in front of Brian. And after the fall of the river last time, their relationship was getting worse and worse.

"Brother Brian, remember what I said." As she spoke, Mona winked at Brian with an enchanting smile.

Unfortunately, Brian's gaze was no longer fixed on Mona.

Without getting any reply, Mona glared at Kate angrily. Kate was wronged. It had nothing to do with her.

Staring at Mona's receding figure, Kate was confused. What on earth did she say to Brian.

The ball outside had already begun when Kate arrived, but it wasn't time for dancing, Brian had already stayed out for a while.

Mona didn't see any female companion by the side of Brian, and she thought she could dance with him. But to her surprise, Kate appeared during the party. Kate would definitely ruin her thing if she didn't get rid of her.

A trace of viciousness flashed through Mona's eyes.

In the room.

Shelly sat on the sofa with his arms around Kate's shoulders. Kate was so nervous that she clenched her fists. She took a careful look at Brian, but she didn't know what to say.

She was so depressed that she couldn't utter a complete sentence every time she was with Mr. Brian.

In fact, It's not because She had nothing to say. She just didn't dare to say it in front of his boss.

But after looking at his hand on her waist, Kate couldn't help asking herself, 'is it normal for the boss to have an affair with the subordinate.

The expression on her face changed. Brian suddenly moved his lips and said, "I heard that you like women."

"Haha..." Kate took a mouthful and coughed.

Boss, don't say something like that?

"I..." Kate faltered. She didn't expect that Brian would say so, so she wasn't prepared at all.

Brian looked at her and waited patiently for her to reply.

"What do you think?" In a moment of desperation, Kate used her daily statement, which was almost an expert question to answer questions she didn't want to answer.

However Obviously, it was inappropriate to say it here.

"Not really." Brian looked at Kate seriously and answered.

At the same time, his slightly rough hand touched her cheek, and his cold lips touched her earlobes from time to time. Kate's heart raced and her brain was in a state of shock.

"Because You have reaction. " A low and sexy voice came into her ears, making her feel like bathing.

Kate's body was completely frozen, but she clearly felt his warm breath surrounding her ear. She could clearly feel his breath moving from her ear to her lips. At the same time, her body was pulled into his arms.

"Wait!" Kate's voice became even more charming at the moment and she said in a low voice.

Brian stopped and stared at her glittering eyes.

Her eyes were beautiful, just like the stars in the sky. At the same time, they were like the flow of stars, so dazzling, which made people admire her.

"My dress is hooked." To calm herself down, Kate pretended to be calm.

But when she saw the part where her dress was hooked, she became embarrased. The piece of clothes on her chest was hooked by his watch, and the glory in it was so evident.

With a slight smile, Brian hugged her waist and slowly pulled the hemline off her watch. Kate closed her eyes tightly and her ears were as red as boiled shrimp.

'God, just let me sleep at this moment. Kate has been driven crazy in her heart.

There was a knock on the door. "Master Li, Master Chen is waiting for you."

Hearing this, Kate was relieved and thought that she could go now.

But Kate was so naive. Was there anyone who could s

top Mr. Brian from doing what he wanted? When she just opened her eyes, his cold lips had already pressed down. Kate was stunned again, with her tensed nerves broken.

After that, he felt as if she was flying above the clouds and could not find the land.

Mr. Brian's kisses were always domineering. Kate finally escaped from the harem after going through a series of vicious cycles of life and death.

Kate looked at herself in the mirror, dumbfounded. Her lips were so red and swollen like a ham, and it seemed that her face would be more and more flushing.

The first time Brian kissed her, she could think that she was just bitten by a dog; the second time she was bitten by a cat, but To her surprise, Kate got used to the following kisses And she didn't hate it so much.

Kate thought that she was going to an abyss. If she didn't realize it, she would definitely jump into it and die without a burial place.

She lowered her head so that only her two red ears could be seen.

"How are you feeling now?" Asked Brian in a low voice, touching her earlobe.

Mr. Brian, could you please stop acting so weirdly? Kate kept silent and didn't say anything.

"Well, it seems that you haven't felt it. We can have a try again." The deep and magnetic voice of Brian was more charming than the elf of the dark night.

"No, thanks." Kate quickly refuted and sobbed.

Whoop, her principles and her rules

Under the close gaze of Brian, Kate was playing with her fingers and she whispered: "not.. bad... "

I didn't say that Kate was hypnotizing herself.

"Not bad?" Retorted Brian with some sarcasm.

Kate thought that she was almost driven mad. Who was this? Is he a human? No, no, No. Mr. CEO is absolutely an inhuman person.

"Someone urged us outside." Kate tried to change the topic.

"Are you not satisfied with my kissing skill?" Asked Brian again, ignoring her words.

Kate finally realized that the boss was even more stubborn than her. And she felt that he was coming closer, so she blurted out, "no, it's good, very good."

She was so excited that she praised Brian twice.

"Well." Answered Brian.

Then, she felt something cold coming from her lips. She couldn't think anymore.

This was a dragonfly kiss. A moment later, Brian left her lips and smiled. "This is a reward."

Kate was stunned. It seemed that her answer couldn't stop Mr. Brian at all.

Alas! He has completely lost the fight with the CEO.

Understanding and considerate, Brian helped her calm down. Then he put her down, with the other hand still holding her waist, and Kate gently leaned in his arms. He had just kissed her for two times. Finally, Kate had lost all her strength.

She drew a conclusion again that getting along with Mr. Brian was exhausting both physically and mentally.

She was worried and anxious every day, how could she not be tired?

Every time he kissed her in different ways, how could she not be tired?

However, Kate would never admit that, even though she was tired, there were still happiness and sweetness hidden in the dark.

Instead of going out in a hurry, Brian helped Kate to tidy up her clothes and hair. She looked up at his strong chin and was in a daze. He looked like someone else.

The other man was her father, William.

She threw these strange thoughts away at once. How could he have anything to do with William? impossible.

"Did Mona tell you this?" Kate asked her directly.

The proud CEO looked down at her and did not speak.

Kate thought that her question was a little abrupt too. The CEO must be disgusted with the behavior of prying into information.

"No one would say that again." Brian touched Kate's nose slightly and looked at her seriously.

After she heard him, Kate was moved as if the heavy burden on her back had been removed. Was he caring about her? Would he care about her reputation?

This abnormal sweetness made Kate want to escape inexplicably. She seemed to know what it was, but she dared not think about it.

She was sure that once she admitted this feeling, it would be devastating.

"Thank you." After a while, Kate said in a tender voice.

She clenched her fists and tried to calm herself down.

Their marriage should be fake, and their tacit understanding should be fake as well. All of them were just acting in front of others. They shouldn't have any emotional entanglement. She didn't believe that he would love her. She didn't believe any man.

She would never trust men, nor rely on them, for the rest of her life.

This is what Kate has been thinking in the past ten years. She would rather be alone all her life than to be trapped with any man.

In her eyes, love was just a beautiful firework, and it withered easily. And after it withered, the world was only a deserted.

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