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   Chapter 24 Invitation

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Kate kept kicking the pebbles along the way back to the community, and from time to time she looked back, only to see that Sherry quietly followed behind her, but the man didn't follow her.

She hummed coldly. Fortunately, she didn't follow him. Otherwise, she felt it difficult for her to resist the impulse to beat him up. However, she still felt a little sad and depressed. After all, that man was her father.

Although they were not related by blood, he treated her as his most beautiful little princess. Kate remembered that when she was young, every time she came back with a prize award, William would be so excited that he made more alcohol and dishes, which made the family have a good time.

She was his little pride.

But now Everything no longer existed.

Kate would never forget the situation when that man's first wife came to her house. From then on, her only goal was to become stronger, to be able to protect her mother, and to protect what she wanted to protect.

After she got home, Kate turned on the TV, cuddled up a pillow and nestled in the sofa.

"Kate, would you like some night snack?" Asked Sherry in a soft voice while she brought all the ingredients into the kitchen.

Kate nodded and kept on watching TV. Following Kate's eyesight, Sherry saw a boring advertisement on TV.

"Don't think too much. Let bygones be bygones." Sitting next to her, Sherry persuaded her in a soft voice.

"But I do care! " Kate, who gloomily pressed the pillow on her face, still cared about the warmth and happiness of the times ten years ago and her family.

Sherry didn't know how to comfort her. She could only sit beside her in silence. These were the tacit understanding between them since their college years. Sherry was not a talker, but she always stayed with Kate quietly. Whenever necessary, she could always see her.

Kate was afraid of the coming of night. In the past, it was only a few minutes for her to fall asleep. But recently, she couldn't sleep well. Every time she woke up, she couldn't remember how she fell asleep. She couldn't figure out what was going on, what was in the future and what was in the past.

She deliberately locked the memories in the drawer, but they were opened because of a person related to the past. From then on, the memories became uncontrollable.

The warm sunshine was shining on the ground of the courtyard. The family of three was huddling together on the swaying. Kate was sitting in the middle, with her father on her left and her mother on her right.

"This is Dad, this is mom, this is me." She raised her innocent and bright smile, pointing at a few strokes of the painting, and introduced it in a childish voice.

"It isn't like daddy, Dad are stronger." Frowning, William pointed at the painting.

Kate glared at the man with discontent and pouted. She said stubbornly, "the painting I drew is just my dad!"

She looked like an arrogant queen.

The man laughed, reached out his hand and pinched her cheek lovingly. He compromised, "yes, yes, Kate's picture is daddy. It's me who has grown a little askew."

The woman giggled, covering her mouth.

In an instant, the warm sun was covered by dark clouds, and the picture of the three of them was blown away by the wind. Kate hastily jumped off the stage, trying to catch up with it.

"Kate, Kate, where are you going?" Her parents asked anxiously.

"I want to go home! I want my home!" She kept running until there was no sound behind her.

But she saw her mother was surrounded by a group of people, who were crazily tearing her mother's clothes. They scolded her mother as a mistress, and they were fierce monsters. Suddenly, the painting held by Kate slip down. She looked for her dad everywhere, but didn't see him.

Her father had disappeared.

Her home would never be found.

When she woke up, her cheeks were covered with tears. She opened her eyes, knowing that it was already the second day.

Kate stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were red and swollen. She had forgotten how long she hadn't cried. Since William disappeared, she seldom cried, because she had to take care of her mother. She had to be stronger and more reliable than her father, so such a family would not be completely destroyed.

There was some noise outside. Kate walked out after she washed up.

Seeing Lora was laughing loudly on the TV in her house, Kate's face fell at once. Why was Lora here?

"Haha, you're finally up!" Seeing that Kate walked out of the bedroom, Lora greeted Kate with a smile.

Sherry walked out of the kitchen with a plate of fruit in her hands. Lora immediately tasted the fruit, she exclaimed, "Wow! Sherry is really amazing! Even an ordinary apple is delicious!"

Kate felt speechless and thought, 'child, don't flatter her so obviously, okay?

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kate sat beside Lora and asked casually.

Seeing that Sherry was back to her room, Lora looked at Kate in surprise and asked, "are you still living with Sherry?"

"Does it have anything to do with you?" Kate rolled her eyes at her.

"Aren't you afraid that Mona and others will make a fuss about it again?"

"I can live my life. What they said had nothing to do with me. Moreover, the gossips always cover the gossips. If they want to say something, there must be a reason. You can't stitch the gossips up with a needle, can you? " Kate looked indifferent. She was accustomed to gossip.

Hearing that, Lora sighed helplessly. Then she took out two invitation letters from her handbag and said, "there is a classmate gathering this afternoon. It is rumored that Moore is also in Z City, and it seems that he has already been promoted to a good position in the Chen group. Someone invited him to attend the party. "

"I won't go." Kate refused directly.

The university party was meaningless to her.

"Are you sure?" Lora turned to look at her. "We've graduated for almost two years. Don't you want to see your old friend?"

Kate shook her head.

"Well, it's eight o'clock tonight, and we're in No. 8 ward, Sunny hall of Z city. It's up to you if I go or not." Lora put the invitation on the table and left.

After Lora left, Kate picked up the two invitation letters, took a look at them and then put them down.

Kate also stood up and walked to the window, but she was attracted by a figure in the Faraway community. It was William. Why was he here? Didn't he give up? Kate smiled coldly and pulled the curtains close.

Today, Kate had meant to take a good rest, but her phone rang which was annoying. She turned around on the sofa to get her phone.

It was a call from Jacob.

What did he want? Kate was confused and answered the phone.

"I'm in your downstairs. You can come down." Said Jacob.

"Um, where are we going? Today is weekend. " Kate reminded him that she shouldn't go to work on weekends.

"This is the order of our CEO. You have three minutes. He says if you are late, your salary will be deducted." Jacob continued.

Hearing that, Kate sprang from the sofa and rolled into the bedroom quickly. She changed her clothes and went downstairs after saying goodbye to Sherry

"Not bad, just two minutes." Jacob leaned on the side of the car, smiling at the woman walking in high heels.

Kate waved her hands on her cheeks. She looked around but didn't find anyone else. He probably went back.

"Why did the CEO call me?" After greeting with Jacob, Kate got on the car.

Since she was also a secretary of Brian, Kate thought she had topics with Jacob.

"There is a banquet for master Chen. As the wife of Brian, who will be his partner if you don't?" Jacob rolled his eyes at her.


Kate was shocked. She had heard the word from the granny of Brian before, but she didn't expect that Jacob would call him in private.

Somehow, Kate was delighted with the title.

Jacob also realized that he had said something wrong. He coughed a few times and said, "no, it's the CEO.."

"Yeah, I didn't hear it." Kate held back her laughter and answered seriously.

Jacob smiled and did not care about her expression. He asked again, "how did you explain to your mother later?"

Reminded by him, Kate thought of the blunder before. She smiled and said: "my mother has returned home, and there is nothing serious."

Jacob nodded.

They arrived at the Sunny hall, chatting with each other all the way.

When she saw those words through the car window, Kate suddenly thought of the two invitation letters which were used to invite her classmates to the party. That party was also to be held in Sunny hall.

'what's more, was the master Chen Ryan? Suddenly, Kate felt uneasy.

"What's wrong?" Jacob looked at Kate who was in a daze and asked casually.

Kate shook her head and walked down unhurriedly.

The classmate party was held in No.8 room of the Sunny hall, and the welcome party of Mr. Chen was on the fifteenth floor of the Sunny hall. It was said that all the floors were booked by them, so it should be difficult to meet them. Thinking of this, Kate was comforted.

Jacob took her directly to the fifteenth floor, where there were many private rooms on it. The hall outside was the place for banquet. Kate led by Jacob found Brian's room.

Each of them had a special room, in which there was a special room for making up and changing clothes.

When Kate entered the room, she saw Brian quietly sitting on the sofa and typing on his computer. Nobody knew what he was doing.

After noticing Kate's arrival, Brian closed the computer, stood up and walked towards Kate.

Though they hadn't seen each other for only one day, Kate felt that she hadn't seen him for a long time. She smiled at him and said politely, "Hello, Mr. Brian."

"Hello, Miss Kate." Brian standing in front of her replied her politely.

Kate looked at him in disbelief. When did he become so polite?

Looking at his smile, Kate finally understood that the CEO was just kidding with her.

Wait, Mr. Brian could crack a joke? Kate was stunned again.

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