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   Chapter 23 The Third Stepfather

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At the door of her room, Kate smiled and said: "I can go home myself."

Brian bent down and held Kate's face with his hands. He kissed her before she could react.

She knew it Something bad would happen if Brian followed her!

After being kissed forcefully, Kate looked up at the ceiling in depression. She heard Brian laughing beside her ear and he said: "nobody is here."

'Mr. Brian is so serious! I refused him just because he was in the car!' thought Kate.

Just then, the door of the room opened slowly. Seeing the red faced Bunny rushing in, Brian turned around and left.

Well, it doesn't feel bad to send someone home.

"Sherry! I met some bad guy! " Kate lied down on the sofa, holding a pillow and crying sadly.

Squatting beside her, Sherry poked her arm and said, "it's time to get up and have dinner."

Hearing the word "eat", Kate, who was sitting on the sofa and rolling into a pillow, got excited immediately and ran towards the table with her eyes shining.

Following her, Sherry looked at her with concern and asked, "who will take care of you after I leave?"

"Ha ha, you are still here? What are you worried about?" Kate took it as a joke, bursting into laughter.

Just as the old saying of Kate goes, "With Sherry, you can definitely live a carefree life with her.".

After dinner, Kate, who had been tired all day, took a shower early and waited for her mother's call.

The night was hazy and the scene of last night suddenly came to Kate's mind, with two red clouds quickly flashing across her cheeks. At the thought of this, Kate could tell Brian's facial figure. This kind of feeling was a little wonderful for her.

She held the doll on the bed and rolled over irritably. Kate was horrified to find that she was sleepless again. She felt it strange to sleep alone after she had slept with Mr. Brian for two nights.

What did it mean?

Kate sat up straight, pinched her face and walked to the window with her long shadow.

A man could feel his feelings at midnight. Kate slowly leaned against the wall and sat down, with her hands embracing her knees. Her childhood memories, as well as the things about Z University, were flowing like the tide.

Her mind was filled with mixed and complex memories. After a long time, she slowly fell asleep.

The next day was a rare weekend, but Kate was woken up by the cold in the early morning. She hurriedly went to bed and got more sleep.

The next morning was awakened by a call from Mary. Mary was back home, and Kate was relieved to know that aunt Emily was fine.

Even though she knew that her mother was lying, Kate didn't want to expose her lie. Everyone has his or her own painful secret. Yesterday's neglect and anger had calmed down after one night's consideration. She should understand her mother.

After lunch, Kate went to the hospital. When she arrived, the old lady hadn't woken up yet. Like Brian, Kate held her grandpa's hand and silently sat with her for a while.

In addition, Kate's weekend was nothing but sleeping, eating and shopping.

After dinner, Kate and Sherry went to the nearest supermarket to buy something. The whole week, she was almost tortured to death by a creature called CEO. Now that she could finally breathe a sigh of relief, she would naturally reward herself.

The supermarket was a little far away from the Faraway community and they would pass an alley. It was said that there would be robberies in this alley, but Kate hadn't seen it yet.

"Take out all the money, now!" The moment they entered the alley, they heard a rough voice.

Sherry grabbed Kate's arm. This made Kate a little excited. Finally she could see the legendary robbery.

"Let's call the police." Said Sherry in a low voice.

"It's okay. Wait for me here. I'll be back soon." Kate pushed away Sherry's hand, and her face had already been ready to have a try.

Knowing that the girl was not an ordinary person and she was also good at fighting, Sherry called the police by phone after she gave the girl a heads up.

"Hey, what are you doing?" With a fruit knife she just bought in the supermarket in hand, Kate stood majestically in front of the three young men with dyed hair.

It was really lucky for her to buy this fruit knife, or Kate would not dare to act rashly.

The three young men with dyed hair were frightened at first, but when they saw a girl in sportswear, they became arrogant immediately.

"Hey, chick! Do you think you can be a hero with a fruit knife?" A guy with red hair slowly approached Kate and stretched out his hand to touch her.

Kate turned around and kicked the man in the abdomen. The man with red hair stepped back a few steps and finally fell to the ground because his body could not maintain balance.

Seeing this, the other two hooligans were stunned for a moment. But they did

n't dare to underestimate their opponents, and they would attack separately. Kate saw their moves, and then dodged each of them. One of them kicked the other one, and the other gave a spiral kick, knocking them down.

The three hooligans were shocked and disdained at first. Then they stood up and tried to run away. Kate threw the knife straight in front of one of them.

In the dim light, Kate was like a executioner coming from hell. With a cold smile, she curled her hands and walked towards them.

Shrill siren came from a distance. Kate squatted down and picked up the man, who was robbed, and asked with a smile: "are you okay?"

But when she saw that unlucky face, Kate was stunned and so was Kate.

Kate shook off the middle-aged man's hand suddenly and left without looking back.

"Kate, you are Kate, right?" The middle-aged man quickly stood up and shouted to Kate.

Kate suddenly turned around, looked at his old face and coldly said to the middle-aged man: "don't call me like that. You don't deserve it at all."

The middle-aged man bowed slightly, and the calm face was still very handsome, while the eyebrows were deeply wrinkled, as if the sadness of a thousand years had been locked. He opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say.

The police's running steps finally broke the awkward silence. Kate lowered her head and felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to leave, but the police still asked them to go to the police station for a record. So Kate had to follow them.

While they were talking, the middle-aged man kept looking back at Kate.

"Uncle William?" Sherry asked Kate.

Kate nodded, but she didn't want to talk about it.

After William said something to the police on the way, Kate and Sherry didn't have to go to the police station for recording. But someone followed with Kate.

Kate looked back at William, who was following her, and finally turned around and gave him a glare impatiently. She asked in a particularly bad tone, "what do you want to do?"

"Becky, I know I was wrong How are you doing? " William said guiltily, hurrying to Kate.

However, no matter how much he felt guilty, what happened in the past could not be reversed.

Kate finally understood why her mother suddenly came back home. Her mother probably met him at the same time and he must come here to find her.

"Does it have anything to do with you? Who is this gentleman to talk to me? stepfather? Or just an ordinary stranger? If you want to cheat her, why don't you cheat her for the rest of your life? Are you still a man? Is it interesting to play us all around? " Kate sneered and said to herself, "if possible, I hope that mom has never met you."

A cold and resolute voice was like a sharp sword, stabbing straight into the man's chest. The throbbing pain made him raise his hand to his chest. There was no blood, but the pain was obvious and sharp.

"Kate." She held the excited Kate and spoke to her in a low voice.

"William? Is it a fake name? How stupid my mother is! She has been cheated by you for four years and even regarded it as a dream. That's ridiculous. " Kate continued to look at William coldly.

A middle-aged man in his fifties slowly crouched down and buried his head into his palms under Kate's mockery.

Under the streetlight, Kate saw that this man's black hair that he was proud of had mixed with white hair. Time was too cruel, and it had indelible traces on everyone.

Over the past ten years, everyone had changed to another type. When the young grew up, the old got older. The once cheerful and kind father had become a decadent middle-aged man. He was just one of her stepfather, which happened to appear at the most memorable age of Kate. So she remembered him.

"But you could recognize me. so surprising." Kate raised her eyebrows, as if mocking herself.

"Kate, stop." Sherry tugged at Kate's sleeve and whispered.

Finally, Kate stopped talking, turned around and left.

"Kate, where is your mother? Can you tell me? " Just a few steps away, she heard a man's voice with a little bit of petition and humbleness.

This was the gesture that Kate had never seen before. In her eyes, William was a brave, strong man. When could he lower his own stature?

"You are not my father." Kate stood straight, and coldly uttered.

Then she hurriedly walked away with Sherry. She didn't want to look back. Nor did she want to hear every word he said.

He used to be the greatest hero in a girl's heart, but now, they were just strangers. It had been ten years since the last time they met, but finally they met.

"Kate, you shouldn't be so mean. After all, he is your stepfather." Sherry looked at Kate seriously.

"I hate him. If he can't love me, why am I still insisting on loving him?" Kate gritted her teeth and said word by word.

Sherry remained silent.

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