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   Chapter 22 Grandma's Condition

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"You've met the prince in white as well. He is Jacob! Brian's personal assistant. He was so handsome and elegant, just like Moore. He used to be my dream guy. I think Moore is more handsome than Ryan! " Lora chattered.

On the other side, Kate was silent. She actually didn't want to bring up Moore and Ryan.

"Kate, you must help me to observe Jacob. It's all up to you whether I can make it or not." Lora answered seriously.

"Well." Facing the enthusiastic Lora, Kate felt too embarrassed to say no.

After hanging up the phone, Kate sighed.

Sometimes she envied Lora, who lived in an ideal world where she could do whatever she wanted without thinking. In fact, Lora was from a rich family, so she was wealthy enough to squander money.

As an acting secretary, she was not qualified to sit next to the CEO. But for some unknown reason, Kate was sitting next to Brian, and Jacob was pathetically forced into another car by her.

After getting along with her for these days, Kate was very familiar with sitting in the same car with Brian, but it was inevitable to feel embarrassed.

Kate peeped at Brian for several times, but Brian didn't seem to notice that. He leaned quietly against the car chair and slightly closed his eyes. His long eyelashes fluttered like butterfly. Even if he looked closer, he could not see any flaws on his face.

'God is unfair. He is not only handsome, but also rich.

While she looked at him, Kate's hand moved a little. She wanted to touch his black hair. It seemed that she could touch it well.

However, before Kate's hand could move, the CEO with his eyes closed tightly grasped hers.

Kate wanted to withdraw her hand subconsciously, but her strength was obviously not enough for Brian. So she compromised again, letting him hold her hand.

The hand of the CEO was very broad, and the warmth coming from his palm was so tempting that she couldn't help but want to indulge in it.

A strange feeling came to her. She tried her best to suppress it. She didn't know what it was, but she knew it was a dangerous feeling and it was a taboo for her.

The car stopped at the gate of the hospital again. Kate looked out of the window in confusion. Was the headquarter of the Li group built in the hospital? It couldn't be.

She was confused and turned her head to look at Brian. At this time, Brian had also woken up. Without looking at her, he took her hand and got out of the car from the side.

Though Kate was confused, she knew it was right to go with Brian and he could arrange everything with ease.

Entering a familiar ward, Kate had already known the purpose of this trip to visit Brian's grandmother.

The old lady in the bed seemed to be even weaker than she had been when she visited her last time. She saw Brian and Kate coming over, struggled to sit up, smiled at them and reached out her hand to take off the oxygen bottle from her nose.

"Grandma, don't move." Said Brian gently, trying to stop her.

The old man frowned and looked at Brian for a few times. Obviously, she wanted him to help her take off the oxygen mask. She wanted to talk to Brian.

"Grandma, be good and listen to the doctor." Brian said softly as if he was coaxing a naive child.

Kate was shocked when she heard what Brian said. At the same time, she felt a pain in her heart. She thought that the relationship between Brian and her grandmother must be good.

After her nominal marriage with Brian, the first person that Brian took her to meet was not his parents, but his grandmother. Even at Lily's birthday party, Kate hadn't seen Brian parents there. If they hadn't met by chance, Kate thought Brian wouldn't have taken her to meet her sister-in-law.

Brian didn't say anything. His hand holding the old woman's in silence. Even so, the old woman's smile of satisfaction could be seen on her face. Kate accompanied Brian until grandma fell asleep.

The old woman was sleeping soundly, but her face looked dreadfully pale, showing the traces of time. She was just like a clean and peaceful room. Presumably, it had taken a lot of effort for Brian to decorate this room.

"I'm afraid she's getting worse. But don't worry. We'll do our best," An old doctor walked out of the room with Brian and said seriously.

Kate knew what the doctor meant and looked at Brian worriedly. Brian frowned and commanded in a low voice, "do your best."

"Don't worry. I will." The doctor promised.

From the old woman's room to the entrance of the hospital, Brian's face was dark and frightening, and he was even less talkative than usual.

Kate carefully guessed his mood and could not help asking, "what's wrong with grandma?"

"Stroke." Brian stopped and replied.

Kate, who was following behind, also stopp

ed at once. But because of inertia, her head hit the arm of Brian.

"You can visit her once a day. I'll come with you when I have time." Added Brian.

His voice was a little heavy, and Kate nodded in response. It was not only because this was the order from the CEO to his subordinates, but also because Kate had a vague feeling that this was what she should do. After all, nominally, Brian's grandmother was also her grandmother.

Well, it seemed that this sense of belonging was not so good.

When Brian turned around and looked at her, Kate lowered her head with embarrassment. They didn't break the silence first. Finally, Brian approached her ear and said softly, "thank you."

As soon as Brian's words were spoken, Kate's body turned into a Cole. She was not deaf, was she? The cold and arrogant CEO actually said "thank you". This probability was even smaller than that of a collision between sparks and earth. How could it have happened in front of her eyes?

Everything is possible. Life is indeed full of all kinds of possibilities. Things that seem to be impossible may happen in the next second as they really happen in front of you.

Kate was about to figure out what he was thinking when he said this, but when she looked up, she only saw the back of his black suit. She quickly ran to catch up with him, with a bigger smile on her face.

Back in the car, Kate's heart was still beating for joy. It was unbelievable that the CEO actually said "thank you".

Kate took a peep at Brian, but didn't expect that she was also spotted. She looked away in panic, her face turning red.

"What are you smirking for?" Brian looked at her with amusement.

In the reflection of the glass window, they looked at each other.

"Nothing." Kate replied in a low voice. She was so nervous that her words from her hometown popped up.

Brian turned her head around. Kate's ears turned red. She tried to turn her head away with a little bit stubbornness on her face.

Knowing that her revolt didn't work, Kate chose to submit. Her eyes wandered around. Anyway, she didn't stop at Brian.

However, even if her eyes didn't stay at the prison, she could still see Brian's handsome face, and this face seemed to be constantly enlarged. Kate quickly reached out to grab his hand, and slightly resisted.

What a joke! It was not Brian who was driving. The driver would see that.

If the word got out, she would be a laughingstock as chairman of the Taekwondo Association of Z university?

"Wait!" Kate called her in a hurry.

Brian stared at her.

With the courage to risk her life, Kate lowered her head and whispered, "our driver is in the front..."

Hearing her words, Brian could not help laughing. She had been worried about this all the time.

"Okay, we can go somewhere else." The ambiguous atmosphere was still haunting in her ears. At this moment, Kate's strong and righteous spirit all went soft. She was held in his arms obediently.

Although there was no further move from Brian, Kate's heart was still beating. This man was quite offensive.

She didn't like a man who was too powerful. She couldn't control such a man, so she felt no sense of security.

But why she seemed not to think so when facing Brian.

It was almost dusk. The orange sunset appeared in the sky, and the white clouds were also dyed with orange red. A cool breeze blew away the heat in the car. Kate tried hard to fan her face.

The car slowly stopped in front of the Faraway community. Kate finally felt a little relieved as she was familiar with the place. She hurriedly opened the door and wanted to go out, but her another hand was still held in the palm of Brian.

"Well, I want to go home first." Said Kate carefully.

"I'll go with you." As he spoke, Brian was about to follow her.

"No, I'm fine." Kate refused at once.

Holding Kate's hand, Brian headed to the gate of the Faraway community..

It was already late at night when they came back last night. But this time, it was still usual night. There were a lot of people under the tree looking at Kate who was still following behind Brian.

Kate covered her face with her big hands. It seemed that tomorrow her peach blossom news would spread in the community again.

She and Mr. Brian are innocent

Kate walked after the CEO hastily. This community fell behind, without even an elevator, and the stairs' lights were cheap lamps. Only their footsteps could be heard in the whole stairwell.

Kate felt a little too quiet and couldn't help but find a topic to talk about: "my mother back home today."


"She suddenly wanted to go back. It's okay, haha." Kate giggled and didn't know what she was talking about.

At last, even she found her smile too unnatural.

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