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   Chapter 21 Fighting With The CEO

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Kate ignored Jacob provocative look and continued to eat. She had talked too much and forgot to eat.

"Haven't you been full for your lifetime?" Jacob looked at Kate with amusement and asked.

"Wait a minute. Let me have lunch first." Said Kate, as she swallowed the food with difficulty.

Needless to say, it was Brian who made Jacob come for her.

Seeing that Kate didn't want to talk about the things happened in the Secretary office, Jacob didn't bother to do so, just sitting quietly beside her and watching her.

Being a foodie, Lora took his time to eat, and eat more slowly than Kate, just like an obedient lady.

After a short while, Kate packed up the bowls and chopsticks and said goodbye to Lora. Lora nodded slightly and watched Kate leave with a faint smile.

"Jacob, what's up?" Kate followed Jacob and asked.

"Things are over in advance. I have to go back to the headquarters of the company now." Said Jacob.

"Well, you just need to make a phone call. Why do you come down here specially to look for me? Don't you know that there are wolves down there?" Said Kate. She thought that what Jacob had done was not worth it.

Jacob was a little surprised, then he smiled and tried to muddle things through. Looking at Kate's beautiful eyes, he turned his head. Maybe he chose this troublesome way, because he wanted to spend more time with her.

Kate ignored Jacob's stare at her and stared blankly at the dense high buildings outside the glass elevator. How many high-level people were at the bottom of the city in this prosperous city?

If she hadn't been admitted to the Z University, she wouldn't have had the chance to live in the city?

"Beep..." The elevator stopped. Kate slowly came to herself.

It was very quiet in the Secretary office. After Kate came in, everyone looked at her in a different way. Some of them looked at her with disdain, some with admiration and some with disdain.

"She is the only one in the office who can go to the headquarter? She is not very capable at work. At most she is a little beautiful. "

"It's all because of the thing with the CEO."

"Never mind. She is boss's fair-hair boy now. Don't mess with her. Take care of your revenge."

Though they were talking in a low voice, Kate still heard them word by word in this quiet office.

It turned out that she was the only acting secretary who could work in the head office together with Brian. No wonder those people showed such an expression.

However Was it really because of their relationship that she was able to go to the head office with Brian? She knew that she was not very capable at work. Most of the time she would make mistakes. Her working ability was at most better than the new recruit.

But every time she made mistakes, Brian would not blame her, but teach her to do better.

Kate stood up. Those voices completely disappeared from the Secretary's office. She lightly scanned the office and walked out.

When she went out, she still heard someone say behind her, "what should I do? Did she go to tell Brian! It's all your fault. Why did you speak it so loudly? "

"How could I know she has such sensitive ears?"

Kate paused, but she still left.

Standing at the door of the CEO's office, Kate hesitated. First, she liked this job very much. She graduated from the school of literature and was good enough to be an example for students. Secondly Thinking of not being able to see her boss in the future, Kate felt a little depressed.

But she didn't want to defame Brian because of her. In Z City, there was almost no scandal about Brian. All were filled with compliments. He was the perfect golden Bachelor in Z city. He was not only handsome, but also owned the Li group, which was unshakable in Z city.

There was a very popular saying in Z City: white Brian, black Elmore.

In the underworld, the Li group was undoubtedly the strongest existence in Z City, and Brian was the king of the underworld.

Few people even said that he had a girlfriend.

Brian was clean, calm and smart, like a perfect prince who had come out of a comic book. All the ladies dreamed of being his first woman, and their heart was beating for them.

Kate shook her head, forgetting all the rumors she heard from the women around her, and thinking of her mother's words, she really cared about her mother's words. She tried her best to make her mother satisfied with everything, as if all the reasons she lived were for her mother.

Or maybe some animals were controlled by their instinct to protect themselves. For a small animal like her, Brian was dangerous.

She wanted to leave Brian.

After her third stepfather left, Kate no longer believed in love. She was also afraid of love. Because she knew that once a man gave his heart to a woman, he or she would lose everything.

Moreover, she wanted to stay here with Lora and didn't want to adapt

to the new environment.

Kate thought of a lot of reasons and finally opened the door and walked in.

Noticing that Kate was coming in, Brian raised her head, raised her eyebrow and asked, "what's up?"

Kate took a deep breath and bravely looked at Brian. She said in a low but firm voice: "Mr. Brian, I don't think I have enough ability."

There was no reply from Brian. He just waited for Kate's reply. As expected, she paused and then said: "I want to apply to stay in the branch office and train myself first."

Jacob looked at her in surprise. Brian's reaction was much calmer than that of Jacob. Actually, he seemed to have known what she would say to him, without any emotional fluctuations.

"This is an order. Don't you know the basic ability as a senior secretary is to obey orders? " Brian said word by word, staring at her.

Kate lowered her head in silence.

"Or you can choose to resign." Brian said.

The wind came in from the wide French window. Kate's well tied high ponytail was a little messy in the wind. She lowered her head, and her bangs that were dropping behind her also danced in the wind.

The sunshine just came in and warmed up the silence.

After a long while, Kate said: "Okay, i I will resign. "

Although the salary in Li group was very good, Kate still believed that she could find a job in Z city.

Brian was fire, and she didn't want to be a moth, so she had to stay away from it.

Hearing this, Brian didn't get annoyed. Instead, she looked at Kate, curled his lips and said, "then please compensate five million for our contract. Miss Kate, I remember you signed a five-year contract."

Kate was shocked. She didn't read the contract carefully when they signed it, but now when the contract was mentioned by Brian, it reminded her of the five-year contract and there was a five million dollars

Five million dollars was a huge problem for a man who could only guarantee his own safety

On the other hand, Kate's mind was shaken by five million dollars and she immediately said: "no, I was wrong. I'd better stay in the company!"

"Good." With a touch of smile in his dark eyes, Brian tapped lightly on the table.

"I'll go get my stuff ready then." With a giggle, she fled away.

When she returned to her office, her mood had changed. Faced with the rumors of others, Kate could only cry for her injustice in her heart. She didn't want to leave!

But it also made Kate understand that boss was always the most powerful and powerful person, no one could ever compete with a boss.

This mixed feeling of sadness and joy made Kate cry and laugh for a while, which made those who gossiped about her frighten to shut up.

When Kate was thinking about all the complicated feelings in her heart, she suddenly received a call from Sherry.

"Kate, your mom just went back." Said Sherry on the other side of the phone.

"What? Why was he in such a hurry? Why didn't you tell me? " Kate jumped up from the chair in surprise.

"It seemed that aunt Emily who was helping her to look after the flower shop was ill, so she had to hurry back to take care of her. And there was too much time, so she didn't tell you. But don't worry. I will drive her to the bus station. " After a few seconds, Sherry continued, "but it's strange that your mother left in a hurry after going out. She didn't have a cell phone, how could she know that aunt Emily is sick? Besides, she ran from the outside and seemed to be chased by something. "

Kate was silent.

'did mom bump into something or Who could it be that rushed back?


Was it

Kate frowned. She had been in Z City for a long time, but she had never met her stepfather. Had her mother met them?

After she hung up, Kate received a call from Lora.

"Kate, I heard that you would go back to the headquarter, right?" Randy shouted over the phone.

Said Kate, stretching out her hand to keep the phone away from her ear.

"I can go to the headquarter too! Maybe I can be your colleague! " Lora said excitedly.

"Really? You also got promoted? " Hearing this, Kate was a little happy. It's better to have a companion than live alone for years.

As she brought this up, Lora lowered her voice and chuckled. "No, the head quarter seems to need a cleaning, so I volunteered to submit my resume."

"Haha..." This sentence startled Kate who was drinking water. She asked incredibly: "are you sure?"

"Lora, do you have to do that? It will be very shameful for our Z university if the news gets out! " Kate raised her voice and said.

"It's okay. I've prepared the camouflage equipment. In fact, I had wanted to do that for a long time, but you didn't leave at that time and I didn't want to leave you. I met my Mr. right. I want to give it a shot. " Kate could feel the blood boiling just by Lora's tone.

Kate massaged her head as she suddenly had a bad feeling, 'is he...' Jacob.

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