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   Chapter 20 Something On My Mom's Mind

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"Mom, I think you are strange. Today I don't want to talk about values of life with you. I just want to ask you, why are you so strange to him? " Asked Kate, as she took a seat on her office.

Ever since her childhood, Kate and Mary have been very close, not like mother and daughter, but like friends. In many people's eyes, this kind of relationship was very good. In fact, Kate knew that it was just because they were too lonely. They both wanted to have a thoughtful friend.

Anyway, Mary was her mother. Though they were close to each other, Kate would listen to a lot of Mary's words. Since Kate went to college, they were not as close to each other as before. There were many ideas that had been separated between them. For example, from the second year of University, Mary had arranged many blind dates for Kate. At that time, Kate was disgusted with blind date. But after that, she gradually got used to it and didn't pay attention to those blind dates.

If it weren't for Mary's oppression, how could Kate have got the marriage certificate with a random man. Mary hoped that Kate could find her Mr. Right as soon as possible, so that she could feel at ease. However, she had never thought about all these questions from the perspective of Kate.

"Is this the way you talk to mom?" Mary's voice became serious. A serious mother, who had been late for ten years, came back at this moment.

"Kate, be a good girl. Listen to me, break your connection with Brian. He's not good for you. He's really not good for you. " Mary softened her tone and said with somewhat tiredness.

Kate kept silent. She neither agreed nor opposed. She looked up and saw Brian walking into the CEO's office. She really didn't understand why a person's personality was evaluated just for one meeting.

Her mother didn't accept Brian. Was it really because she didn't think that a cold and uncaring man like Brian was suitable to be a husband? Or something else?

After hanging up the phone, Kate was in a trance.

A CEO was already annoying her enough, and now she had a mother. For no reason, when she heard that Mary wanted her to end the relationship with Brian, Kate was suddenly overwhelmed with fear, as if Mary's words could cut off her relationship with Brian.

This feeling was so strange to Kate.

Seeing piles of work piled up, Kate put aside her personal emotions and immersed herself in work slowly.

A document needed to be sent to the CEO's office to Brian. Standing at the door of the CEO's office, Kate knocked on the door gently. As CEO's secretary, it was inevitable for them to meet each other, but it was very difficult for Kate to calm down.

Brian was still buried in work. During the days she spent with him, Kate knew that he was a responsible and good boss, who didn't live up to his reputation. In fact, behind every success, there are tears of bitterness.

With this thought in mind, Kate suddenly found that Brian was not a god, he is a human just like her.

The shorter distance was a lot further due to the word "cut off" from Mary. She twitched the corners of her mouth helplessly and put the documents on the desk of Brian before leaving. She didn't want to disturb his work.

"Wait for me to get off work tonight." After walking a few steps, she heard what Brian said behind.

Kate stopped her step, and Jacob, who was next to Brian, was also stunned.

A few seconds later, Kate nodded and replied politely, "yes, boss."

Her tone became polite and alienated.

"This girl is interesting." Seeing the back of Kate disappear at the door, Jacob said with a smile.

"What a pity that she has already been married." It seemed unintentional but also a warning.

Jacob was so smart that he understood what Brian meant. With a wry smile on his face, he said, "you think too much. It's a common case that a friend's wife cannot be bullied. I understand it."

Looking at the expressionless Brian, Jacob was surprised. As his classmate, of course they got along very well. Although he was now the private assistant of Brian, their way of getting along was similar to that of friends, even Jacob was afraid to offend him.

When she went back to the office like a ghost, she saw a man peeping around at the door of the secretarial room. When she saw that man's head, Kate felt it was funny. Wasn't this man Lora?

"Kate!" Lora greeted Kate excitedly, waving her hand at her as soon as she saw her.

Lora didn't make much noise, but it was enough for everyone in the Secretary Department to hear. Kate sighed and walked out of the office.

It is obvious why Lora were here. There w

as no secret wall in the company. The news that Kate was promoted to the CEO's secretary because of sleeping had spread throughout the branch company, and the nosy gossiper like Lora had grasped the first-hand news.

"It's work hour. What are you doing here?" Kate rolled her eyes at her.

"It's lunch break. Let's go to have lunch." Lora held Kate's arm.

Kate knew why Lora came to her and she also knew that she had a big mouth and couldn't hide any secret. Though reluctant, Kate had to follow Lora to the company's canteen.

Since she met Brian, Kate had never been to the company's canteen. Looking at the normal canteen, she inexplicably felt that she hadn't been there for a long time.

But her time with Brian should not be measured by the day, but by the years. Kate felt that her experience in these days was even more soul stirring than hers in the last few years..

"Kate, are you really married to the CEO? I heard that you attended the CEO's family feast. What happened? Are you telling me the truth? 'oh my God! I even suspect you. I didn't expect that you would really be in love with the boss! My prince charming! How can you do this to me? You should have told me at that time! Don't you know how much he means to me? How could you... " As soon as she sat down, Lora kept moving her lips quickly and Kate looked at her, with her ears in a mess.

Lora finally paused. Kate gave her a glance and asked, "have you finished?"

Lora drunk some water in excitement and shook her head.

"Go ahead." Kate smiled helplessly.

Without any hesitation, Lora got close to Kate and whispered in her ear: "Kate, do you have sex with the CEO now?"


As Lora often told her this, Kate almost got what she meant in a second.

Kate tried to calm down. She pretended to be calm and serious and said to Lora, "Lora, how can you be so impure? Is it fun to think about these things? "

"Humph, just keep pretending. how can you know what I'm thinking if you don't want that?" Lora glanced at Kate with contempt.

What Lora said struck Kate dumb.

"No, I'm not. My relationship with the boss is very pure. " Kate raised her hand in surrender. Did she say it wrong? Kissing was something that could be seen everywhere on the street. One who got kissed was also pure

Lora rolled her eyes at her again. Obviously, she didn't believe it.

"You see, you don't believe me again. Who is confessing just now? And who said that she must believe me in the future?" Kate looked at her teasingly.

Being slightly ashamed, Lora asked seriously, "really?"

Kate shook her head seriously.

"Well, we should be frank to each other. Don't worry. I will believe whatever you say in the future." Lora patted his chest with confidence.

"Be careful of your breasts." Kate took a slight glance at Lora's barren breasts.

As soon as he mentioned that, Lora looked gloomy. It was exactly her pain!

But after being depressed for only one second, Lora immediately understood what Kate meant. She glared at her fiercely. "Don't try to change the topic. Mr. Brian, is more important than my figure!"

Kate rolled her eyes.

"How did you get to know Mr. Brian?" Lora became much calmer. She asked questions one by one.

"That's the scenes of the TV series just like you pictured in your minds." Kate was enjoying her meal. If she told the whole story, the subsidiary company would definitely play the broadcasting of "a story between Kate and Mr. Brian", which must be shared everywhere tomorrow.

Lora was indeed a loyal friend. But her fatal flaw was that she had a big mouth and always spilled beans.

"Hey, don't be so perfunctory, okay? I shoulder many friends' requests. " Lora rolled her eyes at her and grumbled.

"All right, all right. I said that in a dark and windy night, the CEO's luxury car accidentally brushed against me, and then..." Said Kate, as she was eating chicken leg.

When Kate was speaking, many people came around and stared at her.

Kate was talking passionately in the crowd, and every now and then she would wave her hands, which attracted everyone's attention.

Jacob happened to see this scene. Looking at Kate who was so excited in the crowd, he chuckled.

"Is he the CEO's assistant?" Someone exclaimed.

People around Kate suddenly became quiet and everyone looked at the man coming in.

"Hey." Jacob looked at Kate with a slight smile and sat down beside her.

Kate was shocked and looked at him strangely. "Why are you here?"

"You guess." Jacob winked at her mysteriously, which made all the women on the scene scream while biting their fists.

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