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   Chapter 19 The CEO Was Avoided

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The moment Kate saw Brian's black eyes, her consciousness was sucked in more than half.

The man's eyes were dark, but seemed to hide a universe under the moonlight, as if she had been living in his eyes all the time

With a curving mouth, Brian intently leaned down and bit on the woman's rosy and plump lips.

When they kissed, Kate remembered that she forgot to call for help. She desperately tried to push him away and shout for help. However, when she opened her mouth, she was caught. The tip of Brian's tongue intruded, bringing her faint voice for help into the stomach.

Kate found that she was so stupid that she should scream for help when he pressed her against the bed. Now she closed her eyes tightly, waiting for his last moment. Perhaps it was because she thought she was bound to be eaten up by the CEO, Kate gave up and relieved herself from taking a rest in her tight mind, and her consciousness slowly disappeared under the strong kiss of the CEO.

Bye, her innocence; farewell, the purity that she was proud of

The next day, the sun shone brightly.

Kate was awakened by her mother's knocking at the door. While she was rubbing her eyes, her elbow accidentally touched something stiff. She curiously opened her eyes and saw a wall on the bed?

When she saw clearly that it was a broad chest, she was stiff again. It was the chest of the CEO. Last night, they

Thinking of this, Kate quickly lowered her head and looked at herself. Fortunately, she still had the clothes on. Other than some clothes, she didn't see any sexual feature.

Did Mr. Brian let her off?

'didn't the CEO have sex last night?'? This recognition made Kate a little shocked, and she felt a little guilty in her heart. It was her who had thought too bad about Brian. The boss was a gentleman.

However, Kate didn't expect that an upright man would force a kiss to others

"Mr. Brian, it's time to get up." Kate, who was not eaten up, was in a good mood. She even smilingly shook Brian beside her and called him in a sweet voice.

With his eyes slightly squinting, Brian pulled down the smiling woman who was kneeling down beside him.

Kate was still immersed in the joy of being a gentleman of Brian and forgot to see how sexy their position was.

"You are quite initiative." Brian chuckled.

Kate was stunned. When did she fall into his arms? Was she really so active?

"Kate, have you got up?" Mary's voice came from outside.

"Yea, we are getting out." Kate shouted at the door in a hurry.

Mary should call Brian just like last night call Jacob. Given her mother's fervent character, she was supposed to be enthusiastic about Brian, wasn't she? Her enthusiasm almost made Kate forget that she was the daughter of Mary. Why didn't her mother call Brian? Was it just like what Brian said that she was not satisfied with Brian?

Hearing that, the eyebrows of Kate were raised. Brian knew that her thoughts must have gone to another country. Although he knew that she was insane, he was still dissatisfied. He leaned forward and touched her forehead gently. The touch was enough to bring Kate back to reality.

She pushed Brian on her, and her beautiful face had already turned red.

Brian smiled with satisfaction and released her.

After a while, they walked out of the room. Mary rarely looked at Brian. Instead, she warmly looked at Kate and said with a smile, "come and have breakfast. Aren't you working in Li's group? You have to work diligently and show your boss how hard you work. Only in this way can you promote your career. You couldn't be fired or did anything that could deduct her salary. I have asked so many people to help you. If you dare not work hard, I will punish you heavily! "

She sounded serious and gave Kate a meaningful look.

Kate shrank back her head. She wanted to tell her mother that the biggest boss of the Li group was here

It seemed that Sherry hadn't told her mother about the background of Brian. In this case, if her mother was so enthusiastic, Kate would have a reason to get rid of the responsibility. 'anyway, it was because She didn't recognize the real big boss. No wonder they did it.'.

"By the way, where do you work? Are you close to Kate? " Asked Mary, who was still smiling ladylike, and finally she took a glance of Brian.

"We are colleagues." Brian replied her politely.

Hearing this, Mary nodded slightly and said with a smile, "no wonder you are so good with Kate. You are colleague." Then she turned to Kate and asked: "are you talking about Eden or Brian over the phone? I remember you were saying Brian? Didn't you say that you knew him in the hospital? "

Hearing this, Kate was speechless She made up that story.

"Well, when we got acquainted with each other, w

e found that we worked in the same company, and then..." She looked around.

"Well, you go to work first. It's important to go to work." However, Mary didn't care much about the truth of what Kate said. She just pushed her out of the room with a smile and closed the door.

Kate still wanted to say something. But when she turned around, she saw Mary's half face behind the door. There was no smile on her face and she was overwhelmed by a feeling of melancholy.

"It's so strange." Kate muttered and walked downstairs behind Brian.

Her mother had been acting strange since last night. What happened? Kate was puzzled. She looked blankly at the floor of her own home in the Faraway community and suddenly saw a vague figure standing next to the window of her room. Was it her mother?

Kate frowned as she saw her mother was so depressed since she saw Brian last night. But her mother didn't know who Brian was. For her, Brian should be no different from Jacob.

But her mother's attitude towards them was obviously different.

After a long time, the car stopped. Kate came to her senses, turned around and looked out of the window. They were already at the company.

She wondered if she had been in a daze all the way? Would he think that she ignored him? Kate looked at Brian with fear and trepidation. The CEO's face was as cold as ever, and there was no emotion change in it.

When Kate wanted to take her eyes back, Brian also looked at her. Her dark eyes were exactly same as those of last night. With a sudden blush on her cheeks, she turned her head as fast as she could, and her heart was like a naughty rabbit, bouncing wildly.

"Get off the car." Looking at her blushed face, Brian pursed his lips into a straight line and gently upturned it. The pleasant voice was still emotionless.

Kate nodded, pretending to be calm to unfasten the seat belt, but her fingertips trembling was enough to show her nervousness. She was under too much pressure. She could behave calmly in front of her mother at home.

But now, without her mother's protection, she even slept with Mr. Brian last night. Although it was her who suffered loss, she always felt that she had treated him unfairly. Yes, she was a little inconsiderate last night

Thinking about this, Kate finally got rid of the rope and jumped out of the car. Waving her hand to Brian, she smiled at him and said: "I am going now."

Her body moved as she said that. But she didn't dare to move before Brian responded.

After a long time, when Kate's body became stiff, Brian finally nodded. In the next moment, she escaped from Brian like a frightened rabbit.

When she was on the elevator, she patted her chest to calm herself down.

"Good morning." When Kate returned to calm, she heard a bright voice.

Kate was shocked. She turned around and saw it was Jacob. Her heart was suddenly thumped. Kate felt that it was already a miracle that she didn't have heart attack in the face of such sudden fright.

"Good morning." Kate held her spirit and grinned at Jacob.

"Where did you go last night?" Jacob asked with a puzzled look.

"No, my friend suddenly asked me to go out to play." Kate said with a forced smile. Her relationship with Jacob was not so good as to be frank to each other.

Jacob realized that she was just being perfunctory, so he smiled and joked, "which friend is so charming that you can leave your mother and your fiance at midnight?"

"I advise you not to know too much, or you will get yourself in trouble." Kate smiled sweetly and her dimples were so beautiful.

As soon as she finished her words, the elevator door opened. Jacob didn't say anything more.

As soon as she arrived at her office, Kate received a call from Sherry.

Kate picked up the phone and heard her mother's voice. Then she realized that her mother didn't have a phone.

"Kate, are you with Brian now?"

"No, I'm not. I'm already at work. What's up?" Kate asked in confusion.

"Well I think Maybe Brian is suit not for you, and I think Jacob is more suit for you. " Mary paused for a few seconds and then continued.

Kate was stunned and her heart sank all of a sudden. She asked, "why? Mom, what on earth are you thinking about? "

"Jacob is a gentle man. He is good at taking care of his family. But Brian is a cold man and he won't be a man who can take care of his family. Mom knows that you may like Brian more, but a man like he is really not suitable to be a husband. " Said Mary.

"I don't think so. I think he is a good man." Kate retorted subconsciously.

"Kate, listen to me. Don't be naughty." Mary's voice was soft, without the usual haze and strength.

Kate was silent for a while. She hadn't heard her mother speak with such tone for a long time.

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