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   Chapter 18 Real Boyfriend

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Brian looked down at her pretty little face. There was still some baby fat on her face, which made her look like a new student in college.

"I'll tell you later." Brian laughed.

At a close distance, she saw the smile of Brian. Kate was stunned. The CEO's smile was so charming and there was no flaw on his face at all. She was so close that she could not even see his pores.

Brian kissed her bright and smooth forehead in a good mood. This slight kiss was exploding in Kate's brain. Her heart could not help beating non-stop. Her mind was totally dead. She only saw that the face, which was dozens of times enlarged, was moving in her eyes.

It was in front of her mother. How could he

"Nice to meet you, mother-in-law. I'll take good care of her." The look in Brian turned elegant and indifferent when he looked at Mary.

Although she knew that what Brian said was to her mother perfunctorily, she could not help but feel hot on her cheeks. She lowered her head with a little embarrassment.

Mary nodded in approval and looked back at Brian. There was no embarrassment on Brian's face. Kate thought highly of her boss's face.

However, her mother had stared at him for a long time and never stared at Jacob that way when Jacob came. Maybe it was because Brian was more charming than Jacob. Well, that's for sure. Haha, something is going on in Kate's mind.

"Ahem!" All of a sudden, Kate was choked by the apple and began to cough violently.

The sound of the cough brought Mary back to earth. She looked away slowly.

Mary and Brian looked at Kate at the same time and found Kate was embarrassed. 'They looked at me for no reason!' Kate thought.

"How could you choke on an apple?" Brian slightly frowned and took a piece of tissue from the table. He then pinched Kate's cheeks with one hand and wiped her mouth lightly with the other hand.

Their movements were so ambiguous and intimate.

After she calmed down, Kate's heart beat faster again. She looked up to the sky speechlessly and thought to herself, 'Mr. Brian, don't be so frightening. Her heart may have a problem in such a short time...'

"It's late. You can stay here tonight." Mary gave Brian a deep look before standing up and leaving.

After Mary left, Kate felt relieved.

"What do you think Mommy will think of you? She stared at you for a long time. " Kate probably forgot that Brian was her boss. She was interested in talking with her.

Looking at her curious face, Brian smiled and answered, "maybe he is not satisfied with me."

Kate was shocked and turned her head to look at Brian. She saw nothing but his calm face. When their eyes met, her heart couldn't help beating heavily, but the man opposite her was still as calm as usual.

After a moment, Kate looked away awkwardly and felt aggrieved. She was afraid of seeing him and complex feelings surged into her mind, but how could he be so elegant and calm? It was so unfair!

"Why do you say that? I think mom had a good impression of you. " Kate asked curiously as she grabbed the snacks on the table. If she wanted to talk with Mr. Brian, she had to distract herself with them so that she would not be so nervous.

Without saying anything, Brian looked around the suite and saw two girls' picture hanging on the wall. One was smiling brilliantly, like a small moving sun, and the other was standing quietly in front of the camera, as fresh as an angel who fell from the mortal world.

One of the girls was Kate.

Kate looked in the same direction with Brian's gaze and also saw that photo. She suddenly thought that maybe Mr. Brian had a crush on Sherry.

At the same time, she was sitting next to him. Brian couldn't possibly have been gazing at her, so he must have been gazing at Sherry. Then under the logic, Brian had taken a fancy to her.

Though Kate shouldered the heavy duty of helping Brian find a new wife, she could not push her friends into the fire. Kate quickly stared at Brian and said firmly, "no, no, Sherry can't be your wife."

Looking down at her, Brian chuckled.

"I mean it. Sherry is not your type," Kate frowned and repeated her words with a firm look.

Not getting a positive reply from Brian, Mary came out of the room and said with a smile, "don't chat, it's too late."

Mary's voice sounded a little strange. Kate curiously glanced at her mother and found her eyes were red. She was a little surprised and thought her mother had cried?

It seemed that she hadn't cried for a long time. Why did she cry today?

There were only two bedrooms in the suite, one for Kate, and the other for Sherry. Her mother went to sleep with Olivia and the other one left to Kate and Brian. Kate also wanted to sleep with Sherry, but the bed was too small for t


With she playing with her fingers, Kate saw Brian unbutton his clothes. She lowered her head and stood far away from the bed carefully.

'Oh, no! How can he spend time tonight? Behind the curtain, Kate stretched out her head to take a deep breath of the air outside. The room was overwhelmed by the strong aura of the CEO. She couldn't breathe smoothly.

"Don't you sleep?" The sound of Brian came from afar to near, and Kate heard it as a demon's call. And the bed, was like the demon who was lying there with his mouth wide open, waiting for her to fall into the net.

Kate quivered, turned around, smiled stiffly and said, "I'm not sleepy. You can sleep first."

Brian's eyes were like an X-ray which could penetrate human body. Kate's body was stiff and unable to move under the gaze of this ray. Moreover, this feeling of being watched through made her very uncomfortable.

"Come here." Brian curled his finger and said lightly.

She mumbled and glanced at him hesitantly. She was sensitive in every aspect, so she could feel the depression in the room.

It was said that men were easily inhuman especially at late night. Although the CEO looked honest, no one knew whether he would get up and eat her in the middle of the night?

But if she didn't obey his order, what if Mr. Brian wanted to have sex with her

After a struggle in mind, Kate walked slowly towards Brian.

"I'm so sleepy." Kate smiled brightly at Brian, sitting next to her.

"Didn't you say that you were not sleepy?" The next second, Brian reached out his hands and pulled her into his arms, and whispered to her ears with a smile.

Kate was embarrassed. She quickly rolled her eyes and smiled: "I'm the kind of person who want to sleep as soon as I'm close to the bed. Ahh, I'm so sleepy." Then she covered her mouth and yawned.

"Okay." Noticing that Kate was making a scene, Brian didn't expose her. He turned off the light.

The room went dark. Kate stared at the ceiling with her big eyes. In fact, she was not sleepy at all, but very energetic. Being embraced by her superior, she thought each subordinate couldn't fall asleep.

Though Kate once slept in the same bed with Brian, she was so tired at that time that she fallen asleep quickly, totally different from how she is now.

Kate signed in a low voice. Since she got the marriage certificate with Brian, she had not been able to have a good night's sleep. All she was thinking about was this man. She wasn't Lora; she wasn't thinking of the scenes when she and Brian were in love; she was thinking about the kinds of troubles.

After a long time, Kate, who had just closed her eyes, suddenly woke up. Was Mr. Brian touching her?

In the darkness, Kate didn't know if Brian was asleep or not. But what was wrong with the hand that was wandering around her body? Did Mr. Brian do it unintentionally or on purpose?

Kate didn't know what kind of expression to show on her face now, and she howled in her heart, 'it's not yet midnight, Mr. Brian, please be calm.'.

She wanted to wake him up but she was afraid that he would be awakened by her. If that was the case, she would really be regarded as a lamb to be slaughtered? However

Kate clenched her teeth and tried to get rid of his hand, which was more insistent than she thought. No matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't get rid of his hand.

"Go away!" Kate was so anxious that she was sweating. She couldn't help but growled, and spoke out all her thoughts.

The sound echoed clearly in the empty room. Kate was shocked by her own voice. Was that really her voice? When did her voice become so aggrieved?

It sounded as if the horrifying voice had awakened the horribly strong man. He moved a little. Kate put all her attention on horrifying Brian.

Fortunately, there was only a move of Brian, which made Kate feel relieved.

But things were always out of her expectation. When she felt a huge monster was lying on her and heard its steady breathing, the bomb that had been hidden in her mind for a whole night finally exploded.

What she worried most finally happened.

"Brian." Kate's voice trembled.

She had once argued with Brian and she understood that her power which she could flaunt was nothing in front of the CEO.

But this was her home, and she was not afraid of anything that would happen to her no matter how strong the CEO was. She was not afraid because her mother and Sherry were here!

Kate felt a little relieved when she thought of the girls in the next room.

The moonlight poured in through the window. The atmosphere was ambiguous.

Kate was clutching at Brian's shirt. She would do anything if he tried to something! She gritted her teeth and looked at Brian decisively.

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