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   Chapter 17 Be Jealous

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Did he behave abnormally tonight because of this?

'did he see Jacob go home with me a long time ago? So he mocked me that I have many boyfriends

But this was not the style of a cold CEO. Kate took a glance at the stinky Brian and suddenly twisted the corner of her mouth, a slight smile overflowing from the corner of her mouth.

Kate usually didn't like to explain because it was too troublesome for her to do so. But today she felt that she was a little abnormal. She actually wanted to explain it clearly to Brian. She didn't want him to misunderstand her.

"Mr. Brian, there must be some misunderstanding? It's not what you think. " Said Kate.

But Brian was obviously not that kind of man who liked to hear any explanation. He stood up and sneered, "your matter has nothing to do with me. And I have no obligation to listen to your explanation on the agreement."

After saying that, he left straight away. Seeing that, Kate also followed him. Looking at the tall and strong back in front of her, she curled her lips. She just wanted to explain to someone, but he didn't appreciate it!

Kate was so arrogant that she glared at the back of Brian and raised her head proudly.

Naturally, this kind of action could only be done behind the CEO. It could fulfill her small wish that the humble citizens could change their fate to be the owner.

However, Kate forgot that the two sides of the aisle were made of reflective glass, and every move of hers had already fallen into the eyes of Brian. Her complacent little expression and the breath of her nose in the air.

'this girl...' She was so careless, hypocritical and had all kinds of shortcomings all over her body. She would speak ill of people behind others' back, grab the power of the powerful men to pretend to be powerful, and she even lived a dissolute life.

At the thought of this, Brian was completely shocked. It was the first time for him to observe a woman's shortcomings so carefully.

After they left Blue Niht entertainment and got on the car, both of them didn't say a word. Kate was depressed and fastened the seat belt. She couldn't help staring at her finger. It was at this position that she was kissed.

And the man who kissed her was her boss.

Fuck off! Kate shook her head in a hurry, trying to banish this terrible memory from her mind. The rising temperature on her cheeks also slowly dropped during the intense struggle in her mind.

But the next second, she couldn't help looking at Brian her.

She wanted to explain to him.

As a girl who always had the guts to do what she wanted to do, Kate was in a dilemma. She scratched her hair, her clothes and the leather of the leather chair.

Brian looked at her weirdly.

"Mr. Brian, my mom is really at home. And I don't know if I should tell you something." Kate hesitated for a long time and finally got the courage to say that when the car stopped in the neighbourhood.

"What is it?" There was obvious impatience in Brian's black eyes.

Being glanced at by Brian, Kate couldn't help shrinking her neck and whispered: "my mother wants to see my boyfriend. She said she would go back after seeing it."

Brian lifted his eyebrow.

"I know you're occupied with all kinds of trivial and complicated work every day. You can earn millions of dollars in a minute. So I think that you certainly don't have time to care about these small things. " After a short pause, Kate continued, "so, so I took Jacob here to deceive my mother."

After that, she suddenly felt light all over and the thing that blocked her chest disappeared.

It felt amazing to be honest with her. She was really a honest girl, thought Kate with confidence.

Just as she was immersed in her own world, Brian suddenly said softly, "how do you know I have no time without asking me?"

His words shocked Kate like a thunder. She looked at the perfect side face of Brian in shock. She couldn't believe what she just heard was from this man.

His mouth didn't move. How could he say that out. Kate laughed and touched her chest.

"I have time." A low but clear voice echoed in the air and stabbed right into Kate's chest. Now she believed that those words were said from Brian. He said that he had time.

Holding the seat belt, Kate could not help but dance to the light music in the car. She felt so happy and her smile was hanging on her lips. She thought that she should not have gone to ask Jacob at the beginning so that she didn't need to owe Jacob anything.

"Get off the car." The door of the car was pushed open and Brian got out.

The giggle on Kate's face was brought to reality by this sound. She uttered a "yes" in a hurry. She jumped off the car quickly.

"Mr. Brian, I'll go home first." With a big smile

on her face, Kate waved her hand towards Brian.

There was no answer. He looked up at the apartment in front of him. It looked neither new nor magnificent. Strictly speaking, it was ugly and shabby.

"I'll go with you." Then he took her hand.

Kate was stunned and she tried to struggle, but before she could do so, Brian gripped her hand firmly.

"No, I'm fine." Said Kate with a smile on her face.

What a joke! Her mother saw her fiance, Jacob, came back at midnight. No wonder her mother would break her leg.

But she forgot that her boss had a severe male chauvinism, and he could stop anything he wanted to do. Kate gloomily followed behind Brian. She had imagined numerous scenes where her mother abused her, each of which made her heart broken.

Finally, they arrived at the suite's door. Kate said seriously: "we are home now. I can go in myself."

The implication in her words was to make the CEO leave as soon as possible. Kate believed that Brian was smart enough to get her implication. But it doesn't mean Brian had to do what she want he to do. Without looking at the pitiful look in Kate's eyes, Brian knocked on the door.

"Coming." Mary's voice came from inside the room.

Kate hugged her head and slowly crouched down. What should she do?

The door was opened slowly. At the moment she saw Brian, Mary was stunned. Her eyes were fixed on the man for a long time, and were inexplicably a little complicated.

"Mom, I'm back," Kate called her in a low voice. Then, at that moment, she saw Kate squatting on the ground.

"Do you still remember to come back? Look at what time it is now? Jacob has gone back. Is that what your girlfriend did? What the hell is going on with you? Why didn't you answer my call? " Mary chattered.

Kate covered her ears, walked closer to Brian and hide herself behind it. Her mother's voice hasn't changed for ten years was so horrible, Kate sighed softly.

After a while, her mother stopped talking suddenly. Kate popped her head out curiously and thought: "my mother is not that weak, is she?".

Her mother once again looked towards the direction of Brian, and at the same time looked at Kate who was hiding behind Brian. She coughed a few times and asked: "Kate, who is this?"

"Mom, let's get inside." Seeing the cold expression on Mr. Brian's face, Kate giggled and said.

Then she turned around to let them in.

The atmosphere in the room became a little weird. Kate and Brian were sitting together. She was eating an apple that was cut by Sherry on the table, without saying a word. Sitting next to her, Brian looked at her eating apples, frowned, and Mary looked at them from head to toe.

"Tell me, what happened?" Asked Luo Yingying.

"Well, mom. You know, I am a charming woman and many men will pursue me. " Kate said calmly.

Mary rolled her eyes at her. Then, Kate continued: "they are both outstanding, aren't they? It's women's fault. So I've been bothered by it for a long time. "

"You mean you have two boyfriends at the same time?" Mary asked coldly.

"You can't say like that. We are innocent. So I decided to bring them back to let you see which one you like. Since ancient times, marriage has to be approved and choosed by parents. " Kate giggled and looked at Mary with filial piety.

After hearing this, Mary nodded, admitting that Kate would date two men at the same time. And she even threw a look at Kate with appreciation. It seemed that she was saying that this was my daughter. Her charm was so strong that Kate was ashamed in an instant.

"What's your name?" Lola asked.

Before Brian could say anything, Kate had rushed in front of him. She said with a smile: "He is Brian."

Well, Kate admitted that she did not have the courage to call out the name of Brian directly, and could only introduced her mother vaguely.

"Did I call you to talk?" Without hearing any reply from Brian, Mary was obviously unhappy. She glanced at Kate and asked discontentedly.

"Mom, he doesn't talk a lot. He have to protect his voice. Kate held Mary's arm intimately and said in a spoiled manner.

"Protect throat? How can he get his throat sore while talking with your future mother-in-law? " She raised her voice.

Knowing that it was difficult to handle her mother, Kate immediately moved to the battlefield. Sitting next to Brian, she didn't dare to tell Brian to do something. She could only get close to him and said in a low voice, "can you do me a favor?"

"Promise me one thing?" The corners of Brian mouth twitched as if he was smiling.

"What is it?" Kate answered simply.

In order not to let Mary hear what they were talking about, Kate whispered to his ear. Their postures were naturally a little flirtatious in the eyes of others.

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