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   Chapter 16 Blue Night Entertainment

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Kate raised her head and saw the sign "Blue Night Entertainment" hanging on the wall. She remembered these words. It seemed that she had passed by here before. It was the most luxurious entertainment place in Z city.

When she was a student, she was not allowed to come here even if she had money. What's more, she could not come here even she had money, because she has no status.

Kate carefully looked at the expression on Brian's face. She really couldn't understand why he suddenly took her here, and it was in the middle of the night. Just because she go to the hospital with him? Is it serious?

When Kate was still trying to figure it out, the door was already opened. The security guard bowed slightly to Brian. Kate couldn't help straightening her back, though she knew that they did this for the sake of Brian. At the thought of she coming here, being chased away, and now being bowed, she felt really wonderful.

On the way, Kate saw a lot of people were making out, men and women, and people were drinking and playing in the box. This was a world of adults completely.

Did Mr. Brian want to sell her?

Kate was shocked by the idea she suddenly came up with. She looked at the man in front of her carefully and quickened her pace to catch up with him.

If he really wanted to sell her, she would definitely not let him go. Kate made up her mind and became confident.

Brian came to the end and pushed open a door.

The crowd of men and women looked straight at Brian, and they were dressed in either rich or noble clothes. Kate was a little stunned and looked at her simple clothes, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed.

"You are late, Brian." A coquettish woman raised a glass of red wine and walked towards Brian, with red lips.

"Drink for punishment." Another man hooted.

Brian slightly glanced at the group of men and women, took the red wine handed over by the coquettish women and drank it up. Then he dragged Kate to sit down on a seat. Kate curiously looked at this group of people. Although they seemed to be very warm-hearted, Brian still looked very indifferent.

Only one man caught Kate's attention. It was a man with an incomparably exquisite appearance. He sat next to Brian and drank indifferently. From his dark eyes, Kate could see nothing but his murderous look.

"The first time I saw you bring a woman here." The man glanced at Kate and then looked at Brian. He smiled.

Although he was smiling, he still made people feel fear. Every move of his was like a demon that had escaped from hell. The Black Mist emitted from his every move seemed to push people to a corner.

"To prove that I'm not single." The voice of Brian was colder than that of a man.

The man had got used to Brian's coldness, so he turned to continue drinking. After a while, he laughed again and said, "so you want to get rid of me."

Kate was shocked. She thought to herself: "Brian brought me here in order to get rid of this man?"? Did they have an affair?

"Elmore, you think too much." Said Brian with a smile. He filled his glass with wine and took a sip.

During the greetings, someone suddenly mentioned the business. Kate listened to their conversation and realized that the CEO had brought her here to do business.

And some people are hostile to her, especially from three girls. Finally, Kate understood what Brian's words "to prove that I am not single" meant.

It would be very uncomfortable if people were always stared at by others with lustful eyes and followed by them from time to time. While they were negotiating with Brian, Kate could do nothing but stare at the other three women.

The negotiation soon came to an end.

"Okay, please give me convenience in the future. If you can agree to my small request, I can also pay you a percent of the profits in the cooperation." A middle-aged man, with a big beer belly, stood up and squinted at Kate next to the jail. The meaning in his eyes was obvious.

In fact, many people present also took a fancy to Kate, who didn't have any heavy make-up on her face as other women did. On the contrary, she was pure and pure, incomparable to any woman present.

Of course, Kate knew what he meant.

She couldn't help but grab the arm of Brian and looked at him nervously. Would the CEO really sell her out? Was she not equal to the one percent of the profits in his eyes?

Sensing Kate's anxiety, Brian reached out his hand and gently pushed Kate's hand away. Kate was shocked and grabbed at the corner of Brian with the other hand. She could not give Brian a chance to get rid of her.

Brian put his hand on Kate's hand. Kate was so nervous that she was about to cry. Did he have to push her away


However Kate didn't wait for Brian to push her away, because Brian's fingers snapped and then clenched with hers together.

"Sorry, this woman can't do it." With a faint smile on Brian's lips, he didn't hesitate at all.

Kate stared at him blankly, and suddenly she felt something strange, and It didn't feel bad to be held in his hand.

Although it was not the first time, her heart beat faster and faster. Kate had all kinds of strange feelings.

"Brian? Is this woman yours?" A woman finally spoke.

Brian looked at Kate and said indifferently: "my wife."

It seemed that Brian was too lazy to say one more word, but now these two words had calmed all the people down, looking at Kate surprisingly. Kate smiled her trademark smile and politely greeted everyone.

All in all, it was just the superficial practice. She inherited the powerful face-change ability of Mary. Isn't that just acting? It was a piece of cake for her.

Kate had successfully seen the shocked expression of those women who had been arrogant, the man and the woman who had teased her earlier kept silent, especially the middle-aged man with beer belly, who looked ghastly pale.

He found a reason to say goodbye to Brian in a hurry. Others left one after another when they saw someone leaving.

The oddly enough, every woman who left gave Kate a few disdainful looks, and Kate indifferently watched them leaving with a smile of triumph. She suddenly had a good mood.

The only one who was left was the man in black who had been sitting next to Brian. This man in black didn't talk much, and Kate also knew that every word he said was to help the business of Brian.

The relationship between the man and Brian was really unusual.

"Master Chen is back. We can't underestimate the development of the Chen family now." Elmore gently said.

Hearing the name "Mr. Chen", Kate couldn't help standing up and put her ear close to Brian's.

After peering at Kate's face, Brian asked, "was Master Chen a student of Z university?"

Kate thought he was asking her because she felt the gaze from Brian and nodded.

Brian nodded with satisfaction and said slowly, "it seems that you are quite familiar with Master Chen."

As soon as this sentence came out, Kate then realized that the CEO was testing her. When she was about to explain, she heard the magnetic voice of Brian, "how many men you have!"

His words sounded like a praise to her, but Kate of course could hear the irony in his tone. Upon hearing his words, she felt like something was blocked in her chest, which made her a little depressed. She frowned and couldn't help defending, "I just know Ryan."

When he heard that Kate was calling Ryan's name, Brian's face darkened. In the dim light, she was like a cold night elf, dangerous.

Seeing this, Elmore stood up and took a meaningful glance at Kate, smiling: "sister in law, please take good care of my brother."

Kate got goose bumps all over her body, as if this man was used to walking in the dark and cold without any temperature in his eyes. He was so horrible.

No sooner had she finished speaking than her black coat disappeared from the door.

"What a horrible man!" Kate couldn't help smacking her lips and spilled the beans.

"Who did you say?" Taken a sip of wine, herring asked.

"The man in black. His eyes are so cold." Kate didn't realize that the man sitting next to her was Brian.

"I find your another weakness now." There was a hint of smile in his tone.

Uh When she was talking to the CEO, Kate slowly turned her stiff neck and looked at Brian next to her, then she forced a smile and said: "well I was just talking nonsense You, you know, I am insane... "

To cover up her own shortcomings of gossiping, she put her 'diseases' on the table again.

"Oh, it's serious." Brian nodded in agreement.

Mr. Brian, can you stop humiliating me like that? Deep inside, Kate rolled her eyes at Brian and looked at him indifferently. However, she was wearing a big smile on her face.

"Well, can I go back first? My mother is at home. " Kate requested cautiously as she saw Brian's face turn better.

When he heard these words, Brian's face turned cold again, and the temperature in the box instantly dropped several degrees. The little devil had gone crazy in Kate's heart. Was she wrong to go home? Was she wrong to accompany her mother?

"Mr. Brian, it's late." Kate was thick skinned and looked at Brian cautiously.

After a long time, Brian's voice was heard. "Jacob, is he your mother?"

Kate was shocked and wondered what he meant? Why did she mention him?

But it suddenly occurred to her that she seemed to take Jacob home tonight as her boyfriend

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