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   Chapter 15 Jacob's Performance

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On her way out of the building, Kate was still cursing Jacob under her breath.

'Why does the man at the entrance look like Jacob?' Kate curiously looked at the man at the building's entrance. She could only see his vague outline in the dim light, but she still could not help thinking that it was Jacob. She quickened her pace.

"Hello?" Kate called, and the man turned around.

It was indeed Jacob. Kate's frown immediately turned upside down. She suddenly felt silly. How could she think that Jacob would not honor his word?

"Hey. Have you been waiting for me all this time? I thought you changed your mind and went home. You should've called or sent me a message. I would've hurried up," Kate said with a big smile on her face.

"It's all right. I didn't want to disturb you. You were working like mad. I'm happy to see that you're dedicated to your job."

Jacob wanted Kate to always try her best at work. After hearing that, even though she still felt a little guilty for briefly resenting Jacob, Kate beamed. "Thank you," she muttered.

"You're welcome." Jacob returned Kate's smile.

They stood there staring at each other for a while. Jacob was the first to look away.

A small, delighted sound escaped his throat. Kate cocked her head to the side and curiously watched him.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'll deliver the best fake-boyfriend performance of my life tonight for you. I won't ask you to pay me. Just tell me what you and Brian are to each other," Jacob demanded with a grin.

"Did I say I was going to pay you? Do you have to measure this little favor with money?" Kate flashed him a scornful look.

Chills went down Jacob's spine as Kate scolded him. He glanced at her and said nothing.

The two walked out of the company building side by side. Kate deliberately kept a small distance from Jacob. Every time the man tried to approach her, she speeded up. In the end, he stopped trying to getting close to her.

"Hop in." Jacob opened his passenger-side door for Kate and ushered her in.

Kate took a look at the passenger seat. After hesitating for a few seconds, she turned down Jacob's kindness, opened the backseat door, and got in.

Seeing Kate's action, Jacob frowned but said nothing at the moment.

"Why are you so vigilant?" Jacob asked after getting in the car and starting the engine.

"Shouldn't I be? I mean, you're great and all. I just don't like taking my chances with men. You don't mind, do you?" Kate replied bluntly.

Jacob felt a little pinch in his heart. It was the first time that he had heard someone imply that he was not trustworthy. Although Kate was warm and outgoing most of the time, she could also be prickly and heavily guarded.

Sometimes, it was difficult to get to know her.

What Kate and Jacob did not notice was the black Bugatti Veyron that was following them.

"Follow them." Brian's face was as dark as ink as he stared at the car ahead them.

"Yes, Mr. Li."

Jacob drove to the Faraway Community with Kate navigating from the backseat. When they arrived at Kate's house, he opened the door and got out of the car. "This place is really remote. I don't know how you found it."

"Well, I like it here. It's quiet," Kate replied, shutting the door to the backseat. She smiled, and the light from a nearby lamppost hit her face just right. She looked so lovely.

Jacob cleared his throat and quickly turned away. He was caught off guard once again.

"Let's go, fake boyfriend. Let's see if my mother approves of you." Kate looked at Jacob solemnly as if this whole thing was his idea.

Jacob not only felt great pressure on his shoulders but also overwhelming curiosity. It was his first time to be a fake boyfriend to someone, and he honestly wanted to see what Kate's mother was like.

He followed Kate into her house.

Still unknown to them, a pair of resentful eyes were watching them from a distance.

"Let's go home," Brian ordered his driver in an icy tone.

His voice was cold enough to drop the temperature inside the car.

"Mom, I'm home!" Kate pushed the front door open and invited Jacob in. She happily announced her arrival.

"I'm here!" Hearing Kate's words, Mary came out of the kitchen and smiled at the handsome young man her daughter brought home.

Kate had informed her that she would bring her boyfriend home tonight to meet her, so there was not much surprise in her eyes. She shook Jacob's hand and said, "Hello there, dear. You must be Jacob. I'm Kate's mother. Nice to see you."

"Nice to see you too, Ms. Luo." It was hard for Jacob to break free from Mary's grip, so he just continued shaking her hand with a gentle smile on his face.

"Good, Jacob." Mary stared straight at Jacob, her eyes wide. If Kate had not warned him, Jacob would have been frightened by the excited light in Mary's eyes.

Like the saying goes, like mother, like daughter.

"What's for dinner, Mom?" Kate ignored Jacob's silent pleas for help and walked past Mary to the dining table.

Nothing was more important to Kate than food.

Just then, Sherry came out of the kitchen with a bowl of food in her hands. At the sight of the dishes on the table, Kate's eyes shone with excitement. She wanted to rush to her seat, bu

t when she remembered that Jacob was still meeting her mother, she restrained herself and waited for everybody to be ready for dinner.

"Come, Jacob. I hope you know that my daughter isn't as quiet as she appears. You'll have to get used to her from now on." With a broad smile, Mary escorted Jacob to the table.

Seeing the ridiculously happy expression on her mother's face, Kate felt relieved that she did not try to invite Brian over. Otherwise, she would lose her job among other horrible consequences.

However... What if Brian were here instead of Jacob?

Would he be as uncomfortable as Jacob looked right now? At the thought of Brian's distressed face, Kate could not help chuckling.

"What are you chuckling for, Kate? Quickly fill a bowl of rice for Jacob!" Mary kicked Kate's foot from under the table and barked at her.

Then, she looked back at Jacob and had put on a brilliant smile on her face.

'Mom, it's truly a waste of your talent if you don't become an actress,' Kate thought to herself.

With some reluctance, she picked up a bowl of rice and brought it to Jacob. "Enjoy your meal, honey," she said sweetly.

Jacob widened his eyes at Kate after hearing her call him "honey."

"Try this, Jacob. It's delicious and nutritious." Mary served Jacob with enthusiasm while Jacob kept his gentle smile and ate quietly.

Meanwhile, Kate and Sherry ate their food in total silence. In front of outsiders, Kate ate like a lady.

There was no other sound at the table except for Mary and Jacob conversing. Kate did not speak because she was afraid that if she spoke too much, she would slip and blow the ruse. On the other hand, Sherry had always been a woman of few words.

"Well, you're Kate's first boyfriend. I'm sincerely relieved to meet you. Before you, I thought my daughter was a lesbian," Mary sighed.

What her mother said sounded familiar. It suddenly occurred to Kate that on the day she went to the hospital, Brian's grandmother also said similar words to her about her grandson.

The elderly had always thought alike. Kate took a deep breath.

"Really? I must be so lucky then." Jacob smiled at Kate who was eating silently.

"And you will be responsible for my daughter when you get married," Mary added, still smiling like there was no tomorrow.

Listening to Mary and Jacob's conversation, Kate lowered her head. She felt a horrible pang of guilt in her chest. She was lying to her mother.

Then, her phone suddenly rang. Kate took it out to have a look.

Her heart leapt to her throat when she saw Brian's name on the screen.

She excused herself from the table and answered her phone in the living room.

"I'm outside your community. Come out." Brian's voice was low and charming, but Kate could tell that he was unhappy.

Did she do something wrong? Kate thought hard about what she could have done to tick Brian off and remembered that she had turned him down in his office earlier.

'Is he going to make me work overtime because I refused to accompany him?'

"What? What are you doing outside my community? I told you my mother..." Kate looked at her mother with hesitation.

"Do you know what kind of person I hate the most?" Brian interrupted her and asked coldly.

"What?" Kate was confused.

"I hate liars the most." Brian's voice was as cold as ice.

It was like a frozen spear that flew through the air and pierced Kate's soul.

"I'll say it again. Come out," Brian added.

If she said one more word, her boss would be furious. Fearing for her job and her life, Kate quickly hung up and walked toward the front door.

"Where are you going?" Mary called from the dining room, but Kate was already half-running toward the parked luxury car outside.

She was still considerably far away from Brian's car, but she could already feel his cold stare. Despite her injured leg barking in protest, Kate quickened her pace toward her boss who was sitting unnaturally still in the driver's seat like a brooding statue.

When she made it to the car, she gently knocked on the passenger-side window, which Brian rolled down. Brian took a glance at her and then unlocked the doors. Kate opened the door and slid into the passenger seat. Brian rolled the window shut.

Sitting there beside Brian in complete silence, Kate realized that what she had done was so unwise and unreasonable.

How could she leave her mother, Jacob, and Sherry behind without saying anything? How could she get into a man's car without thinking, especially when she was injured? What if this man wanted to do something bad to her?

Without saying a word, Brian gunned the engine and shifted into drive, and the car surged forward like an arrow off a bowstring.

"Where are we going?" Kate asked, trying her best to mask her nervousness.

"It's late. I should be home with my family." She spoke again as no answer was given.

"Mr. Li, I want to go home..." In the end, Kate gave up and just concentrated on keeping herself calm. Although Brian's gloomy expression scared the hell out of her, she decided that panicking would not do her any good.

Finally, Brian pulled over in front of a bar. To Kate's surprise, he helped her unfasten her seatbelt and pulled her out of the car.

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