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   Chapter 15 Jacob's performance

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While walking, Kate whispered to curse Jacob.

'Why does the man at the door look like Jacob? Kate looked at the man at the door curiously. She could only see a vague outline of that man in the dim light and could not help quickening her pace.

"Hello!" Kate shouted and the man turned around.

It was Jacob. Kate's face was immediately full of smile. She could not help but curse herself severely for the cunning heart. How could Jacob be a cunning man who broke his promise?

"I'm sorry. Why didn't you call me?" Kate said with a big smile on her face, passing the buck to Jacob.

"It's okay. As you work hard for the company, I am more than happy to see that."

To put it bluntly, Jacob wanted Kate to try her best to work for the company. After hearing that, even though Kate still felt a little guilty, her face immediately turned gloomy. She put on a false smile and said to Jacob, "Mr. Jacob, you are really a dutiful assistant."

"Of course." Jacob said with a smile, not being modest at all.

"……" She gave him an angry stare and walked towards him.

"Hee." Jacob behind her called her name and followed her.

Kate turned around and looked at him with puzzlement. She asked, "what's wrong?"

"If you are satisfied with my performance, you don't have to pay me anymore. Just tell me the relationship between you and Brian." Jacob said with a grin.

"Did I say that I'm going to pay you? Do you have to measure this little favor with money? " She gave him a scornful look.

Chills went down Jacob's back as he was scolded by Kate. He glanced at her speechlessly, thinking that he was being hypocritical by her words.

The two walked out of the company door side by side. Kate deliberately kept a small distance from Jacob. Jacob tried to approach her, but she always keep a distance from him, so he did not force her.

"Get in, miss." Jacob opened the car door and said.

Kate took a look at the front passenger seat. After hesitating for a few seconds, she turned down Jacob's kindness, opened the back door and got in.

Seeing Kate's action, he frowned, but said nothing.

"Why are you so vigilant?" Jacob asked, after they drove away

"Shouldn't I be on the alert? You looks not purely simple. " Kate said bluntly.

Jacob was injured. It was the first time that he had heard someone say he was an impure man. Although the girl was an outgoing girl, she was like a thorny person who could hurt people all over.

What's more, his question was escaped by her. It seemed difficult to know something from Kate

What they didn't notice was that they were followed by a black Bugatti Veyron.

"Follow up." Blankly staring at the car in front of them, Brian's face was as dark as ink.

"Yes, Master."

Jacob stopped at the Faraway community with Kate telling the way. He opened the door and got out of the car. "This place is really remote. I don't know how you found it."

"I have no choice. I saw further than you." Kate smiled and her curved eyebrows were so lovely.

Jacob was slightly stunned and quickly turned away.

"Let's go, Jack. It's up to you whether you can make it or not!" Kate looked at Jacob solemnly, as if this thing is decided by him.

Jacob only felt great pressure on his shoulders, but also curious. It was his first time to be a fake boyfriend of someone else and to meet parents.

They walked into the Faraway community one after the other.

the eyes behind them were following them until they disappeared.

"Go back," Said Brian in a cold voice.

The car temperature dropped sharply because of the words of Brian. Even Kate on the road got a cold shiver.

"Mom, I'm back!" Kate pushed the door open and brought Jacob in. She shouted inside.

"Coming!" Hearing Kate's words, Mary came out of the kitchen and smiled happily at Jacob.

Kate had informed her that she would bring her boyfriend home tonight, so there was not much surprise in her eyes. With a smile, she held the hand of Jacob and said, "Hey, you are Jacob, right? I am her mother. Nice to meet you."

"Hello." It was hard for Jacob to break free from Mary's hands, so he kept a gentle smile on his face.

"What a polite young man!" With a big smile on Mary's face, she stared straight at Jacob. If Kate hadn't warned him, Jacob would have been frightened by the green light in Mary eyes.

Like the saying goes, like mother, like daughter.

"Mom, can we eat now?" Kate ignored Jacob's eyes which were asking her for help and walked past Mary to the kitchen.

Nothing was more important than eating for Kate.

Just then, Sherry came out of the kitchen with food in her hands. Seeing the dis

hes on the big table, Kate's eyes were shining with excitement. She wanted to rush to them, but when she remembered that Jacob was still on the scene, she restrained the excitement in her heart and waited at the table.

"Jacob, come with me. Kate is not a quiet girl, you need to tolerate her from now." With a broad smile, Mary took Jacob to the table.

Seeing the horrible eyes of her mother, Kate felt lucky that she hadn't brought her boss here, or she would lose her job.

However What would happen when Mr. Brian was here?

Would Mr. Brian be forced into a cold sweat by her mother? At the thought of Brian's sweating face, Kate couldn't help but chuckle.

"What are you thinking? Quickly fill a bowl of rice for Jacob! " Mary stepped on Kate's foot and turned around to order her in a low voice.

Then she looked back at Jacob and saw a brilliant smile on her face.

Mom, it's truly a waste of your talent if you don't become an actress Kate thought to herself.

Kate, with some reluctance, brought the food to Jacob and politely said, "enjoy yourself, please."

Jacob suddenly shook his head as he clearly uttered the word "please".

"Eat this, Jacob. It's delicious and nutritious." Mary picked up food for Jacob with enthusiasm, while Jacob kept his gentle smile and ate quietly.

On the other side, Kate and Sherry were also eating silently. In front of outsiders, Kate ate like a lady.

There was no other sounds except that of Mary and Jacob. Kate didn't speak because she was afraid that if she spoke too much, the truth would be revealed. And Sherry was always silent.

"Well, you're the first boyfriend of Kate. I thought she may be lesbian. I'm relieved to see you." Mary sighed.

This sounded familiar. It suddenly occurred to Kate that on the day she went to the hospital, Brian's grandmother also said the same words to her.

Nowadays, the elderly really had a fashion thought. Kate took a deep breath.

"Really? That's so lucky. " Jacob smiled at Kate who was eating silently.

"Ha ha, you will be responsible for my daughter." Mary said with a smile.

Listening to conversation between Mary and Jacob, Kate felt guilty and lowered her head. She lied to her mother.

The phone suddenly rang and Kate took it out to have a look.

He couldn't help but worry. It was a call from Brian.

She hurried to the living room and answered the phone.

"Downstairs." The voice of Brian was low and charming, but Kate could tell that he was unhappy from his pleasant voice.

Did she do anything wrong? Kate searched every nook and cranny that she might have provoked Brian, and remembered that she had turned him down in his office today.

'is Mr. Brian so stingy that he is going to take me back to the company to work overtime because of this trifle?

"But However My mother... " Kate looked at her mother with hesitation.

"Do you know what kind of person I hate the most?" Brian interrupted her words and asked coldly.

"What?" Kate was confused.

"I hate liars the most." Brian's voice was as cold as ice.

The coldness penetrated the phone and spread to the limbs of Kate.

"I'll say it again. Downstairs." Added Brian.

If she said one more word, the icy CEO would get furious. For her own life, she quickly responded and pushed the door open without saying anything.

"Kate, where are you going?" Mary's voice trailed off.

After she hopped downstairs, she finally saw a low-key luxury black car parked outside the community. This car was familiar to Kate. It was Brian's car. She quickly walked towards the car with her injured leg.

When she walked to the car, she saw that Brian was sitting on the driver's seat with a gloomy face. Kate carefully looked at his reactions. Brian took a glance of her, then, Kate opened the door and got in.

After she got in, Kate found that what she had done was so unwise and unreasonable.

How could she leave her mother and Jacob behind? How could she get on a man's car without thinking, especially when she was injured. What if this man wanted to do something bad to her

Without saying a word, Brian started the engine, and the car suddenly rushed forward like an arrow off its string.

"Mr. Brian, where are we going?" Kate got nervous.

"Mr. Brian, it's very late." She asked again as no answer was given.

"Boss, I want to go home..." In the end, Kate got frightened and touchingly looked at the man who was wearing a gloomy and horrible face.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a bar. To Kate's surprise, Brian helped her unfasten the seat belt and then pulled her out. Yes, he dragged her out of the car directly.

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