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   Chapter 14 Confrontation Again

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"Okay. If you don't say anything, I'll take it as your consent. I'll wait for you after getting off work tonight." Kate took a deep breath and looked relaxed.

Jacob looked at her helplessly. Throughout the time, she did not give him a chance to refute.

After tidying up the documents, Kate went back to her own office, which was next to the CEO's office, so that the Secretary could conveniently observe the movements of the CEO.

A steady sound of footsteps came from outside. Kate raised her head and saw Brian in suit passing by the Secretary office. She lowered her head immediately.

Her face was burning. How could she forget what happened last night

Thinking of the kiss last night, Kate couldn't focus at all. The documents in front of her couldn't kept from flashing the CEO's sexy and coquettish lips in her head.

"Kate! 'stop! What's the use of being handsome? The more handsome, the more fickle! " Kate tapped her head heavily and warned her.

She took a deep breath and finally relieved herself.

"Brian..." an sudden coquettish voice came from the door. Kate was startled and looked up at the door.

A coquettish woman with a snake waist followed Brian who was in front, and extended her hand affectionately to grasp the arm of Brian. Unfortunately, before she could reach Brian, she had been pulled away by Jacob forcibly. Jacob stood in front of the woman and said politely, "Miss, if you have something to talk with the CEO, please go to the next secretary room to register."

If there was nothing wrong with Kate's eyes, the woman must be Mona, her rival in college.

"Humph!" Being stopped, Mona couldn't do anything about it. She gave a hard look at Jacob, then turned around and walked into the next secretary office.

Seeing Mona coming over, Kate was bending over the desk and holding documents in her hands to cover her face. If possible, she didn't want to see Mona here.

However, Kate's idea was obviously too naive, as there were only a few people in the secretarial room, and her behavior immediately attracted the attention of Mona.

"Why are you here?" Mona took away the documents and looked at Kate in astonishment. Her voice was raised.

"It's none of your business!" Now that she was discovered, Kate stood up, not to be outdone, stared at Mona and said coldly.

In terms of height, Kate was much better than Mona. Now she was able to look down upon Mona like a goddess. She became more confident as well.

"You bitch! You got the promotion by your secretary job! Aren't you afraid that Moore knows that you have reduced to such a degree? " Mona clenched her teeth with hatred. She was not as high as Kate. What she could do was to look up at her arrogantly.

Neither of them was willing to yield.

"Do I have anything to do with you? Aren't you here for these things? Mona, don't think too highly of yourself. It makes people feel sick to see you. " As she was speaking, Kate glanced at Mona's clothes with a sneer and then leaned against the desk.

Their quarrel attracted everyone's attention.

"You... You... If you dare to be so arrogant, I will expose everything of you that happened in Z University! " Annoyed, Mona grabbed her dress.

"What? You think I don't have any chips? If you dare to do it, I dare to do something too. I don't think Mr. Brian will like a girl who is crazy about her private life. Your photos are well saved in my computer now. Do you want them? I can send it to you anytime. " Then, Kate put her face close to Mona's ear and whispered with a smile.

His tone was full of threat.

Moreover, nobody had the advantage in some cases. Once they fought, it would cause destruction to both sides. Besides, morphens understood this principle.

After listening to Kate's words, Mona was not so aggressive as before. She said in a trembling voice to her: "what do you want? I will give you as much money as you want. Give those photos back to me!"

"Money? Do you think I'm lack of money? Mona, sometimes money didn't buy everything. I don't believe you. If you don't believe me, we'd better take our own chips, so we can keep in balance. " Kate shook away Mona's hand and smiled scornfully.

They both lowered their voices, so the outsiders could only see them tussling with each other and didn't hear what they were saying.

"All right, you win!" Mona gave her a cold look.

"You too." Kate was still smiling.

After tidying up her clothes, Mona took a casual glance at the documents on Kate's desk and said: "I'm here to look for Mr. Brian on behalf of my brother. Please notify him."

"Is your brother back?" Kate asked in surprise.

"The day after tomorrow, there will be a dancing party for my brother in Sunny hall. I don't care if you want to come over. You'd better bring that ingrate sherry. I'm looking forward to Sherry's coming." Then, Mona raised her red lips and looked at Kate who was a little embarrassed.

After a long while, Kate came to her sense, with a calm look on her face, and

said formulaically: "I'll tell Mr. Brian, please sit over there and wait for a moment. This is my place to work."

With these words, Mona stood up and, after shooting a meaningful glance at Kate, walked towards the living room next door, wriggling her waist.

After Mona left, Kate sat in her chair with mixed feelings. Suddenly, she noticed a note on the table which wrote, "I hate you." The signature was Ryan.

Kate's heart trembled. Although she knew that this must be written down by Mona on purpose, she could not help but picture the proud man limping away until he disappeared.

If she hadn't been so willful at that time, would all the accidents not happened? Ryan wouldn't hate Sherry, so the only person he hated was her.

He had almost forgotten the resentment between them, but now these appeared in front of him with the appearance of Mona. They had escaped for so long, but they couldn't escape in the end? Kate rubbed her temples, took a sip of water and forced herself to work hard.

After a long time, Kate found that Mona was not in the living room. Maybe she had left, or maybe she was in the office of Brian.

Kate didn't want to see Mona. She was just the switch for the memories in Kate's college. Once she turned it on, the memories would flow like the tide, which couldn't be stopped.

"Come to the CEO office." On receiving the order of Jacob, Kate quickly adjusted her state of mind and went to the CEO's office.

The style of the office was black, elegant and luxurious. Every piece of furniture was placed in the most suitable position, and it looked very pleasing.

At that time, Brian was working. Kate raised her head and peered at him. As expected, Brian was the most handsome man in the work. He had a perfect profile, with his vivid and bare face and straight back. He was just sitting there in silence. What a wonderful scene.

It was not until Kate approached that Brian raised his head and lightly said, "go to the hospital with me after work."

His voice was plain, but there was an irresistible power in it. Kate shrank her head and kept silent, fingers clenching.

Brian cast a few glances at her. Kate made up her mind and politely said in a low voice, "I have something to do this afternoon. Can I go to the hospital another day?"

Kate knew that he just wanted to go to the hospital to see his grandmother. The CEO was very filial.

"What is it?" His voice was full of impatience.

"Well Well My mother came to visit me. I want to go back and keep her company. " Kate tried her best to keep a low profile and put on an embarrassed and helpless look.

Brian fell into silence. Under great pressure, Kate didn't dare to move a little while standing beside Brian.

Once again, she realized that the CEO must be a cold man. She should wear a few more clothes and not as cold as now, which could make her shiver.

"Go through these materials before you get off work. I'll get them sorted out tomorrow." Here came Brian's voice, cold as he was, but Kate cared nothing. She revived her spirit when she heard him, so she immediately took over the documents from Brian and said: "okay."

The latter nodded slightly.

Kate held the documents in her hands and walked out of the room quickly. Looking at her back as she limped off, Brian's cold face tightened. "Doesn't this girl want to get close to me?"? Was he terrible?

Sitting back in his seat, Brian got a little relaxed. He was a little concerned about her performance last night.

To him, as long as grandma was happy, whoever would marry him was the same. And this girl seemed to be easier to deal with. She did not want to use marriage as a bargaining chip to marry a rich family.

When Kate walked out of the CEO Office, she felt that her legs were trembling. It was so horrible to stand by the side of the CEO. Now, she finally understood that the feeling of being around the CEO was just like accompanying a tiger. No one could ever feel the same feeling of being trembling.

She quickly went back to her office and found that her work had increased a little in half an hour after she left. Though Kate was a little confused, she didn't think too much. As a new employee, she knew that she had to do much more than the old staff.

When she finished her heavy work, all the others had left. She was the only one left in this huge office. Kate stretched her arms and took a look at her phone. She was startled and jumped out of the chair. Why was it so late.

She slowly turned her head and looked out of the window. It was completely dark outside. She hurriedly walked out of the door with her handbag. Her heart sank when she saw that the CEO's office was closed.

The door of the CEO's office was closed, which meant that Jacob was off duty now. What a little liar! He had promised her that he would pretend to be her boyfriend. How could he leave first!

Kate was very indignant and after she cursed Jacob bitterly in her mind, she dragged her injured leg and locked the door.

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