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   Chapter 13 Meeting Parents

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"You can bring him here to meet me these days. I ask your aunt for help to look after the shop." Said Mary with a smile.

When she heard these words, Kate couldn't help shivering. She had to brought CEO to meet her mother. But how could she invite him? She might not even have the courage to mention it.

"What's wrong?" Mary looked at Kate's reaction strangely.

"Nothing. But he is busy. Maybe he doesn't have time recently." Kate laughed.

However, Mary was not going to let Kate pass the thing so easily. She frowned and said, "I will stay here and won't go back until I see him."

Well, how old are you? Still act out with me? Kate rolled her eyes at Mary and scratched her hair helplessly.

"Anyway, you must bring him here to see me these days." Mary patted Kate's head and said strictly.

"……" Kate kept silent.

At this time, Sherry brought in the meal and said with a smile, "Auntie, dinner is ready."

"Okay." Standing up with a smile, Mary came over to help Sherry with daily chores.

Kate were lazy to move. She sat at the table and waited for her dinner. Sherry served the dishes for Kate in a considerate manner. Kate was used to Sherry's service and didn't take it seriously. However, when Mary saw her lazy daughter, she frowned again.

"Mom, enjoy yourself." Kate was very happy on the table. She said to Marry with smile while picking up the food.

She looked like she was at home. She didn't treat Sherry as an outsider at all.

"Kate, you should learn from Sherry. Look at you! You are not like a lady at all!" Mary couldn't help but curse Kate. With chopsticks, she hit her on the head.

Kate put her hand in her head and looked at Mary with dissatisfaction, "in your eyes, other kids are better than me."

"Hey, how could you talk to your mother like that?" Mary knocked on Kate again.

"Mom! Don't hit me on the head, okay? You must have hit me dumb. " Kate sat far away from her mother.

Mary cast a sidelong look at Kate, and said: "I have to hit your head. Your brain is the most useless."

Sherry, who had been watching the play, chuckled.

Kate was sadder. In her mother's eyes, she was nothing but beautiful.

They had a good time during the meal.

After dinner, Mary asked Kate to help Sherry.

Kate went into the kitchen as her mother told her to, but her mother didn't know that during the period she lived with Sherry, Kate didn't even touch the sink or wash water, how could she do housework

"What should I do? What should I do? " Kate closed the kitchen door and walked around.

Without any emotion on her face, Sherry went on with her housework, totally ignoring the woman who was so depressed that she wanted to hit the wall.

"Ah! By the way, Sherry, how about you dress like a man and cheat my mom? " Kate patted her own thigh and finally came up with a good idea.

But when she looked at Sherry's figure, she couldn't help but give up her idea.

Because Sherry's figure was very good, no matter how she tried to cover up her female characteristics, and no matter how she dressed, she could not be as elegant as men.

Maybe what her mother said was right. Her brain was worthless. What's more, Kate was depressed for the whole night holding her valueless head. Mary was tired after the travel and fell asleep soon. Kate had no chance to persuade her mother.

The next morning, when Kate got up, her mother had already made breakfast for her.

Her mother was really good at cooking. Kate sat at the table happily thinking about that the food cooked by Sherry was also first-class. She believed that it was because she lived in these hard-working and virtuous people that she did not know how to do housework.

"Where is Sherry? Is she still sleep? " Asked Mary confusedly.

"She is a painter and she goes to bed very late every night, so she usually gets up very late in the morning." Said Kate with a big smile on her face.

"Really? So you make breakfast for yourself every day? " Mary obviously didn't believe it.

"I have breakfast in the company." Kate touched her head with embarrassment.

Mary sat down, sighed helplessly and said, "Whoever married you would be so unlucky because you didn't even do any housework."

Though she said so, Mary still pushed all the nutritious food in front of Kate, smiling at her.

In fact, in their parents' eyes, their children were the best, but they naturally wouldn't say "good" directly.

After finishing breakfast, Kate hurried to work. She didn't stay in that small office today. Thinking that she had changed a new job, she still felt it was quite challenging. But her excitement disappeared again when she thought of working with Brian for eight hours a day.

Moreover, she had the mission to bring the CEO to his mother.

The original novel and ex

citement on the way had passed a lot of twists and turns. When she came to the company, she had become indifferent and depressed

"Kate, here!" As soon as she arrived at the door of the company, she saw Lora waving vigorously and screamed excitedly.

The shouting attracted many people's attention. Kate put her hand on her forehead. Lora, you look worse than me. She walked slowly towards Lora, forced a smile and asked, "what's wrong?"

"I heard that you weren't fired yesterday and got promoted. Is that true? I heard that you are now the president's secretary. Is that true? Is the boss handsome or not? Just like the magazine, right? Just same with the rumors, right? How tall is he? What are the sizes? And, does he really have eight pack abs? "

Seeing that Lora kept talking like tanks, Kate didn't know what to say

"Lora, calm down. It's almost time to go to work. Can I talk to you later?" Kate broke the chattering Lora, looked at her watch and said seriously.

Lora wanted to know more about Brian, but she couldn't give up his money. She nodded and left with Kate reluctantly.

After pacifying Lora, Kate walked towards her office.

In fact, the CEO did not work here. He just had to do some investigation and evaluation in the branch recently, so he let her be the temporary secretary. Jacob said that Brian would return to headquaters after handling things, and she still stayed in the branch.

"We are going to be late in five minutes." Jacob stood at the door of the office and looked at Kate who was limping towards him. He took a look at his watch and reminded her.

"Has the CEO come yet?" Kate didn't care about anything else and asked while walking.

"You are so lucky. He hasn't come yet. Clean up the desk first, and then go through the documents that need to be turned in. Later, send them to the CEO's office," said Jacob with a smile

Hearing that, Kate was relieved. She put down her bag and cleaned up the table quickly.

There were only two people in the office after Jacob checked all the documents Kate had collected. Looking at Kate who was carefully working, her sexy and seductive look came to his mind. He paused for half a second.

"Is your foot feeling better?" Asked Jacob.

"It's okay. It's not as serious as you think." She wiped the table carefully.

Yes, it was a wooden desk. It felt so good to touch.

Kate felt proud when she touched her fragrant wood.

"Hey, what's the relationship between you and Brian?" Looking at Kate who looked like an idiot, Jacob couldn't help gossiping.

"Gossip? Go back to your work." Kate really didn't want to mention this in front of other people. She rolled her eyes at Jacob and then went on with other things.

Jacob was stunned by Kate's words. Although he was not the CEO, he was the top assistant of the president. If he were in ancient times, he would still be the most popular assistant of the emperor. He had never seen anyone who was rude to him.

And he did not forget that when he first saw this girl, she raised her head high, and looked at Brian with confidence as she said she was an employee of the company.

It was the style of her doing things.

"Hey, you are a man, right?" Kate suddenly remembered something, looked back at Jacob and asked.

Hearing what she said, Jacob was stunned for a moment. Then he approached her with an evil smile and said, "do you need me to prove it to you?"

Kate patted away the hand which was about to reach out to her and took a thoughtful look at Jacob. She nodded and shook her head now and then, with a deep and weird look on his face.

At least in the eyes of Jacob, she was weird.

"Are you free tonight?" Asked Kate.

Jacob was stunned again, but he was not in a hurry to reply. He quietly looked at Kate, waiting for her to continue.

"Can you act a play with me? Be my boyfriend to see my mother. " Sure enough, Kate said again.

So that's it. Jacob nodded his head. What she said just now really startled him. It seemed that Kate was not a playboy.

"You nodded?" Kate grinned and looked southward.

Jacob felt uncomfortable because Kate's scanning eyes.

However, Kate didn't notice the discomfort of the man in front of her. She continued to stare at him and said: "well, you look good. My mother will be satisfied. After we meet, you can't say that you are the assistant of the CEO. You must say that you are the son of the Nan financial group. You have an exaggerated background."

Kid, are you sure you want to lie to your mother in this way? Jacob's mouth twitched.

"I believe that you can do it. Come on. If there is something urgent, I will protect you. You can do it at ease. " Kate thought that Jacob was hesitating. She looked at him seriously and firmly. And she was about to pat him on the shoulder.

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