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   Chapter 13 Play Pretend

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"You have to bring him here to meet me one of these days. I'll ask your aunt to look after the shop," Mary said with a smile.

When she heard her mother's words, Kate felt her entire body shiver. She had to bring her CEO to meet her mother, but how could she invite him? She might not even have the courage to mention it to him.

"What's wrong?" Mary looked at Kate, finding her reaction strange.

"Nothing. He's very busy lately, Mom. I don't think there's an opening in his schedule to come meet you." Kate laughed nervously.

However, Mary was not going to let her daughter get out of this so easily. She frowned and continued, "Well, I won't leave until I meet him, Kate."

'Really, Mom? How old are you? Why are you acting out like a toddler?' Kate rolled her eyes at her mother and scratched her head helplessly.

"You either bring him here to meet me soon, or I stay here until you do. Your choice, dear."

Mary patted Kate's head and smiled at her. Kate could only keep silent.

At this time, Sherry came in and said with a smile, "Aunt Mary, dinner is ready."

"Okay." Standing up excitedly, Mary came over to help Sherry serve the dishes.

Meanwhile, Kate seemed to have no strength to move. She just sat at the table and waited for her dinner. Per usual, Sherry laid out Kate's dinner for her. Kate was used to Sherry's service and did not mind letting her do things for her. However, when Mary saw her lazy daughter, she wrinkled her nose.

"Enjoy your meal, Mom," Kate told Mary happily as she started digging into her food.

Kate looked like she felt at home. She did not treat Sherry like an outsider at all.

"You should learn from Sherry, Kate. Look at you. You're not acting like a lady at all." Mary could not help cursing her lazy daughter. She knocked her over the head with her chopsticks.

Kate put her hand on her head and looked at her mother with dissatisfaction. "In your eyes, other kids have always been better than I am, Mom."

"Hey, how could you talk to your mother like that?" Mary hit Kate again.

"Mom! Stop hitting me on the head, will you? You'll make me go dumb." Kate suddenly stood up and sat far away from her mother.

Mary followed Kate with her stare and said, "I have to hit you over the head. That's the only way I can wake your brain and make it work."

Sherry, who had been watching the entire time, chuckled.

Kate could not help feeling a little upset. In her mother's eyes, she had always been nothing except beautiful.

They all had a good time at dinner.

After finishing their meals, Mary ordered Kate to help Sherry clean up.

Scared of getting hit by her mother again, Kate went into the kitchen to help. Her mother did not know that the entire time she had lived with Sherry, Kate never washed a single piece of cutlery, let alone touch the kitchen sink. She did not know anything about doing any sort of housework. Sherry did all the chores.

"What should I do? What should I do?" Kate closed the kitchen door behind her and walked around.

Without any emotion on her face, Sherry went on with her housework, totally ignoring her roommate who was so depressed right now that she wanted to crawl in a ditch.

"Ah! I have an idea, Sherry. How about you dress like a man and meet my mother?" Kate suddenly jumped up, patted her own thigh, and pitched her bright idea.

But when she looked at Sherry's figure, her plans quickly crumbled like a house of cards on quicksand.

Sherry had that classic hourglass figure that would peek through even the most well-cut and well-tailored pieces of male clothing. Also, her face was so soft and feminine that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to pass her off as a man.

Maybe what her mother said was right. Her brain was worthless. Kate tossed and turned in bed all night and let mixed frustration and depression rob her of sleep. Mary was tired from her travels and fell asleep fast. Her daughter had no chance to talk her out of meeting her boyfriend.

The next morning, when Kate got up, her mother had already made breakfast for her.

Mary was really good at cooking. Kate sat at the table happily, thinking about how lucky she was to live under a roof with two women who were great cooks. She honestly believed that it was because she lived with these hard-working and virtuous people that she did not know how to do housework.

"Where is Sherry? Is she still asleep?" Mary asked.

"She's a painter. She works up until the wee hours of the night, so she usually gets up late in the morning," Kate replied with a big smile on her face.

"Really? So you make breakfast for yourself every day?" Mary obviously did not believe it.

"I have breakfast at the office." Kate touched her head in embarrassment.

Mary sat down, sighed helplessly, and said, "Whoever will marry you would be so unlucky because you don't do any housework."

Though a little disappointed with her daughter, Mary still pushed all the nutritious food she made toward Kate and smiled at her.

Every parent thought that their children were the best. They just did not tell them directly. That was how Mary was with Kate.

After finishing her breakfast, Kate hurried to work. She did not stay in the small office today because she got a new job that she felt quite challenging and exciting. But her excitement vanished once again when she thought about working with Brian for eight hours a day.

Also, she still had to bring the CEO to meet her mother.

Her eagerness on the way to work had gone through a lot of twists and turns. When she finally ma

de it to the office, she had become indifferent and a little depressed.

"Kate, over here!" As soon as she walked through the door, Kate saw Lora waving madly at her.

Her shouting attracted many people's attention. Kate put her hand on her forehead. 'Could you be more embarrassing, Lora?' she thought. She walked slowly toward her colleague and friend, forced a smile, and said, "Seriously, Lora. You have to stop drinking way more coffee than you should."

Lora was too excited to comment on what Kate just said, so she went, "I heard that you got promoted yesterday. Is that true? You're now the CEO's secretary? Is the boss handsome? Like in the magazines? Oh, please tell me he's as gorgeous as the rumors claim. How tall is he? Does he have broad shoulders? And does he really have eight-pack abs?"

Seeing that Lora fired questions at her like a machine gun, Kate did not know what to say.

"Calm down, Lora. It's almost time to go to work. Can we talk about this later?" She broke Lora's chattering and looked at her watch.

Lora wanted to know more about Brian, but Kate was right. It was time to go to work. They would have a lot of time to gossip later. Lora simply nodded and went with Kate.

After pacifying Lora, Kate walked toward her new office.

The truth was that the CEO did not work at the branch where Kate worked. He just had to do some investigation and evaluation there recently, so he let her be his temporary secretary. Jacob said that Brian would return to headquarters after handling things, but she would remain where she was assigned.

"You're going to be late in five minutes." Jacob stood at the door of the office and looked at Kate who was limping toward him. He took a look at his watch and reminded her of the time.

"Has the CEO arrived?" Kate did not care about anything else. She directly asked Jacob as she walked into the office.

"You're lucky. He isn't here yet. Clean up your desk first and then go through the documents that need to be turned in. We'll have to send them to the CEO's office later," Jacob stated with a smile.

Hearing that, Kate felt relieved. She put down her purse and cleaned up the desk quickly.

Kate and Jacob were the only ones in her office at this hour. Jacob watched as Kate carefully collected all the documents needed for the day. He had always thought that his colleague was attractive, but sometimes, he still got caught off guard by her stunning good looks. Jacob quickly averted his gaze.

"Is your foot feeling better?" Jacob asked casually as Kate took the documents to their boss's office.

"It's okay. It's not as serious as you think," Kate replied and began to wipe Brian's desk carefully.

The surface of the wooden desk felt so good to the touch. One could tell by that alone that it was expensive.

Kate could not help feeling proud of herself. She might be cleaning the boss's desk now, but she was already one step closer to earning a pricey wooden desk of her own.

"Hey, what's the deal between you and Brian?" Jacob asked and then looked at Kate, who was dumbfounded by his sudden and very direct question.

"Get back to work, Jacob. I'm not having this conversation with you." Kate really did not want to discuss her relationship with Brian with other people. It was nobody's business anyway, so she rolled her eyes at Jacob and then went on with her tasks.

Jacob was stunned by Kate's words. Although he was not the CEO, he was the boss's top assistant. If this were the ancient times, he would be the emperor's most popular assistant. He had never met anyone who was rude to him.

And he did not forget that when he first saw this girl, she walked with her head held high and looked Brian in the eye with confidence as she introduced herself as a company employee.

It was her style of doing things.

"Hey, you're a man, aren't you?" Kate suddenly remembered something, looked back at Jacob, and asked.

Hearing what she said, Jacob cocked his head to the side. Then, he approached her with a naughty smile and said, "Why? Do you need me to prove it to you?"

Kate stepped back as Jacob walked toward her. They were half a foot apart when Jacob stopped walking. Kate looked up at him, a playful, knowing smile tugging on the corner of her mouth.

In Jacob's eyes, she was acting a little weird.

"Are you free tonight?" Kate asked directly.

Jacob's eyes widened in surprise and wonder, but he did not reply right away. He just quietly looked at Kate and waited for her to continue.

"Can you play pretend with me? Be my boyfriend tonight and meet my mother." Kate did not look like she was kidding at all.

So that was it. Jacob nodded. What she said just now really startled him. It seemed that the boss's new secretary was not afraid to play with fire once in a while after all.

"Did you just nod?" Kate grinned and stared at Jacob more intently.

Her probing gaze made Jacob uncomfortable.

However, Kate did not seem to notice her colleague's discomfort. She continued to stare at him and added, "Well, you look good. My mother will be satisfied, but you can't tell her that you're the CEO's assistant. You must tell her that you're running a financial group for your family. Exaggerate your background. The more grandiose, the better."

"Are you sure you want to lie to your mother like that?" Jacob's mouth twitched.

"Yes, and I believe you can do it. Come on. If something unsavory comes up, I'll protect you. Trust me." Jacob hesitated at Kate's proposal. Kate looked at him seriously and firmly and patted him on the shoulder.

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