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   Chapter 12 Mom's Arrival

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"Brother, father and mother want sister-in-law to leave and have dinner with us." Colin was walking down the cobblestone path. It seemed that Colin had already anticipated Brian's leaving.

"She is not available today." Brian looking down at the cute bunny.

"But..." Colin hesitated for a few seconds, looked up and frowned, "brother, you didn't discuss with father and mother about your marriage. They seem to be a little unhappy."

The corners of Brian's mouth curved into a cold smile. Obviously, they were not happy, which could be seen last night. He didn't marry a woman arranged by them, and the woman he married could not bring any benefits to the Li family, so they were unhappy.

"I can go back by myself." Kate thought Brian who was in a dilemma and raised her hand.

"Let me drive you home." Without another look at Colin, Brian slowly walked out of the Li's mansion, with Kate in his arms.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Brian, the once gentle and cultivated Colin slightly raised the corners of his mouth in an almost invisible way. A strange smile broke his originally gentle appearance.

"Brother, where is my brother?" Lily's voice came from behind.

"Drive sister-in-law home." Colin turned around and gently smiled at Lily.

Hearing what Colin, Lily's excitement almost disappeared. She pouted in displeasure.

"Who the hell is that woman? Why would my brother fall in love with such a woman? " Her sweet voice was full of resentment.

"Lily doesn't like that woman?" Colin asked Lily when walking.

"Yes, this woman appeared out of nowhere. I want my brother to be with me forever." Lily nodded her head in exasperation. She really hated Kate. She hated all the women who tried to approach Brian.

Colin suddenly stopped. Lily looked at him doubtfully. Seeing that Colin was staring at her. Colin said seriously, "Lily, you are brother and sister of different mother. Don't be so capricious in the future."

"It's not like that.. You know it's not like that... " Lily murmured.

"It is. If you want to stay here, you must remember that. " Colin slightly bent down and touched her hair. He was gentle but tough.

After a short pause, Lily nodded in agreement.

On the way, Kate was still in a very nervous state. She was so nervous that she had nothing to say, and found that the CEO had ignored her and she was just talking to herself.

"We are finally here!" Kate shouted with excitement as she saw the coming Faraway community.

However, the CEO next to her rolled his eyes at her behavior. Kate was bending over the window and looking at the familiar scenery outside with great interest, not knowing what had happened.

The car stopped slowly. Kate wanted to open the door. The door at the back was a little strange and she couldn't open it no matter how she tried.

Kate just wanted to get off the car. But thinking of the bad temper of the CEO, she got more anxious. However, the more anxious she was, the less she could open it. Cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

Suddenly, a pair of arms stretched out from her waist, and in an instant, there seemed to be a heavy mountain on her back. Kate felt that her heart was half beating and her brain was stopped for a few seconds.

Whether it was true or not, Kate felt that her neck was cold, like a clear wind blowing, or like someone's lips sliding

No, it must be the wind.

Kate patted her chest while Brian opened the door for her.

Seeing the car door open, Kate wanted to jump out, but the arm around her waist didn't seem to release her waist. Kate stayed in the place, feeling like weeping but had no tears. She put up with him again and again.

"Ask your friend to come down and help you back." Said Brian slightly.

"I can do it myself." Kate still wanted to hold on.

"You want me to hug you upstairs?" His words made Kate give up. She took out her phone and called Sherry right away.

Waiting for a few minutes, Kate felt that tens of years had passed by, and she suddenly was tens of years older.

"Kate?" Sherry came late. When Kate saw her, she just wanted to hold Sherry in her arms.

'I am so familiar with this place. This is my true life. As for CEO and wedding matters, just get out of here

With a polite greeting to Brian, Sherry took Kate over who had a weird look on face and carefully helped her leave the car.

When she heard the sound of car engine coming from behind, Kate's straight back suddenly collapsed. She put on a long face and said to Sherry, "I want to resign. I want a divorce!"

Taking a look at Kate, Sherry said to Kate in a realistic tone, "let alone divorce, I believe your mother will destroy you if you resign. Don't forget that your mother made contribution to this job. What's more, it's not easy to find such a great job. "

"Hey, can you give me some fantasy?" Kate gave Sherry a stare, and then sighed, "I should also go to learn painting. Look at you! you just need to paint at home, and you're making a good salary."


ing at the woman who was full of regret, Sherry frowned and asked, "were you in your boss' home last night?"

"What do you mean by my boss! You are my girl! " Hearing this, Kate's fighting effectiveness soared immediately.

Sherry was very calm about this. She gently asked, "were you together last night?"

"No, we didn't." Kate retorted at once.

Sherry nodded. It was hard to tell whether she believed it or not. Kate looked at her for a while and suddenly said, "I saw Mona last night. But I didn't see her brother."

While they were talking, they had reached the door of the suite. Meanwhile, Sherry and Kate stopped at it in a tacit understanding.

"Did you quarrel with each other?" Although Sherry didn't raise her head, she asked with certainty.

Kate nodded gently with a complex emotion on her face. It seemed that Mona had a good relationship with the Li family. If she would have to deal with Brian in the future, she would have to deal with Mona.

Although it was Mona's fault, Kate still felt a little guilty about it. Moreover, why Mona couldn't get along well with them couldn't be explained simply with a few words.

"Don't think too much. Let's go." Kate giggled and shaked Sherry who was in a trance.

Sherry nodded and helped Kate push the door open.

"Kate, where on earth did you go last night? You should at least answer the phone if you are working in the company! " As soon as Kate's first step into the room, she heard a woman's loud voice.

With these words, Kate plucked up a handful of cotton wool she had prepared in advance and put them in her ear secretly, ready to accept the Luo family's rules.

Kate thought her mother didn't have many shortcomings, and nagging was the only weakness she could complain. However, she waited for a few seconds and her mother didn't nag at all.

"Kate, what's wrong with your feet?" Mary was stunned when she saw Kate's red and swollen foot.

"I sprained my ankle on my way back." Kate smiled.

"Oh, why don't you be careful. Come here." Mary helped Kate to sit on the sofa with Sherry.

Sherry went into the kitchen and began to cook lunch, leaving the mother and the daughter chatting in the hall.

Mary carefully observed Kate's ankle and then took the medicine box to help her apply medicine to the ankle and use the bandage to wrap the injured part.

Seeing there were a lot of grey hair on Mary's head, Kate couldn't help feeling bitter. Mother loved being pretty. Every time there was white hair, she would ask her to pull it out. Now there were so many, she didn't know how to pull them all out.

"Mom, why do you come here suddenly?" Kate was confused.

After the bandage, Mary rubbed her sour waist and stood up with a smile. "Naughty girl, when did you back home?"

Kate smiled sheepishly. It seemed that more than a year had passed.

"It's because you said that you found a very satisfied man, so mom come to check on him for you." Sitting next to Kate, Mary smiled again.

Sure enough, she knew something bad would happen to her when mom came over. Kate gloomily stared at her feet.

"Ah, this pair of shoes are men's, why do you wear men's shoes? Did you sleep together last night?" Mary suddenly noticed the men's slippers on Kate's foot and cried out in surprise.

Kate rubbed her ears and tried to explain: "Mom, you are thinking too much. I just buy it for temporary use. I deliberately chose the biggest one of them which are at the same price."

Kate even smiled at Mary, showing off how smart she was.

However, Mary picked up the men's slippers and looked at them carefully. After she thought over and over again, she slowly said, "don't lie to me, you didn't buy these shoes."

"……" Kate touched her forehead and thought that all people around her were so sophisticated that she couldn't deceive them.

Brian had been in the business world for many years. It was not strange that he could see through the truth.

"Because the quality of this pair of shoes is too good. I don't believe your taste." Said Mary indifferently, putting down the shoes.

Kate lowered her head speechlessly and wondered how she could have a mother like this

"Tell me the truth." Said Mary smilingly, patting Kate on her head.

"It's the man I talked to you over the phone. I fell down when I went to his house, so I borrowed his shoes." Kate said honestly. She didn't lie.

The shoes were from Brian, and she did borrow his shoes. Moreover, she really "accidentally" fell into the pool when she went to his house.

Hearing what Kate said, a big smile lit up on Mary's face. She held Kate's face in her hands, looked around and smiled: "look at my daughter. She is so beautiful. She must marry a rich man in the future."

Kate was flustered and didn't know how to get rid of her mother's hand. She could only look at her coldly.

Noticing Kate's facial expression, Mary patted on her head and said disappointedly, "except for being pretty, you have no advantages at all."

"……" Kate kept silent.

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