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   Chapter 11 Heartbeat

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Being rubbed by his soft and strong kiss, Kate's taut body turned soft, gradually turning into a pool of water, leaving her at the mercy of the CEO.

Her tightly closely teeth was pried open, and his warm tongue was forced in.

It was absolutely the first time that Kate encountered such a situation. Although she was very intimate with Sherry, they only kissed on the cheeks.

Kate quivered, her bare shoulder turning pink and her cheeks flushed. Her awkwardness and bashfulness were all seen by him.

Woman's born blandness and obedience pleased Brian, and Kate's light moan was more comforting.

Brian was always right about timing. When he released Kate, she was almost stifling to death.

The woman, who had been kissed, obviously became much more obedient. Her smart eyes were full of tears, and she looked blankly at Brian. Her red lips were slightly swollen, her cheeks flushed with shyness, and her messy and wet hair added a bit of glamour to her.

This scene was so beautiful that the eyes of Brian could not move.

A knock on the door broke the silence.

Brian put Kate on the bed and tucked her in quilt before going to open the door.

Kate was stunned and hid in the quilt, with her ears ringing. What did she do just now? Actually She dared to..again...

This time, Kate could think that she was bitten by a dog. But again?

However She should feel nausea and want to vomit. Why didn't these symptoms appear again?

She even thought Mr. Brian was good at kissing Oh, No. Kate gave herself a hard slap. He forced her. Kate, you are such an idiot. How could you come up with such an idea!

Did he force her? Kate blinked, and her answer to this question was a little blurry. Well, forget it. She felt a headache

She closed her eyes. When she was about to go to sleep, someone pulled her out of bed. To Kate's surprise, she was pulled into the arms of Brian again.

Mr. Brian, I don't care about your sexual behavior. I just want to have a sleep, ok? Kate put on a long face and roared in her heart. But she didn't dare to look at Brian's face.

Kate didn't care anything else and went to sleep with her eyes closed. The kiss wit Brian last night had made her insomnia for the whole night. Besides, because Brian was her boss, she didn't sleep well the day before yesterday. In addition, she had been trapped in various kinds of embarrassing things these days.

No matter it was for body or mind, Kate felt that it was beyond her ability.

In fact, Kate still didn't want to admit that it was really comfortable to stay in the arms of the CEO. She didn't expect that one day she could rely on someone like this. Especially just now, under people's scornful and squinting eyes, Brian had given her the greatest protection and support.

After a while, Kate fell asleep soundly.

Brian's cold eyes softened as he held Kate in his arms. He wiped her hair gently.

"Oh... Sherry... I am so full..." Kate lay on the leg of a big chicken and began to bite it with her mouth wide open.

What? Why was the drumstick so hard? Kate was puzzled and she rubbed her eyes. The chicken leg in front of her suddenly disappeared, and the CEO suddenly appeared in front of her. He lifted her clothes with his little finger and saw her with his black eyes. After that, he grinned and threw her into his mouth.

"Ah! Don't eat me! " With a scream, Kate suddenly sat up from the bed.

The sky outside was still bright. The sunlight poured in from the window and spread golden yellow everywhere.

Then, Kate wiped away the cold sweat from her forehead, and thought that it was just a dream, and she was indeed very frightened

However When Kate turned her head and saw another man on the bed, her heart beat fast again. She blankly pinched her thigh, and the pain from it was obviously shouting at Kate, "haha, it's true!"

It's true Mr. Brian was really sleeping on her own bed

No, she slept on the CEO's bed At the thought of this, Kate was frozen and wondered if what she dreamed of was true? Did she really let Mr. Brian eat her?

She looked down at her clothes and found it was just a big bath towel.

Under this strong shock, Kate's thoughts became clear. She fell into the water with Mona. It was the CEO who took her here and helped her change wet clothes for her who was not inconvenient to move. Then she fell asleep here.

Someone deliberately ignored the aggressive kiss, and deliberately ignored what happened after she fell asleep

'I see. It's not a big deal. I didn't lose anything, ' she thought. Kate thought with satisfaction, and she pretended to be calm, lifted the quilt and wanted to jump out of bed.

"Watch your feet!"

Just hearing what Brian said, a sharp pain came from Kate's foot as it touched the ground. She took a deep breath and her face turned pale.

"Well CEO I I'm going home... " Kate didn't dare to look back at him.

Two young people of the rig

ht age woke up in the same bed. Even if nothing happened, they would still be embarrassed. Besides, that man was her boss. It would be terrible if she accidentally offended him.

"Get dressed." It seemed that Brian didn't hear what Kate said. Her voice was light, but it sounded aggressive.

Hearing that, Kate's face turned red and her forehead twitched. Mr. Brian, please don't say that intimately? Nothing happened to us yesterday!

Kate took the clothes from Brian and sat silently on the edge of the bed. When she heard the door closing behind her, she turned her head carefully and thought that the CEO had finally left.

She breathed a sigh of relief and put on her clothes with a little stiff.

After getting dressed, Kate was still lying on the bed. First, her foot was injured and she couldn't go. Second, she didn't know where she should go.

She didn't dare to leave without the order of Brian.

It would be an easy task for Brian to give her a hard time. And then her would be unable to escape from Brian no matter what would happen to her.

By the way She could not escape easily now? Kate kept fiddling with her fingers and looked at the door from time to time. A lot of thoughts were going on in her mind.

Suddenly, her phone rang. Kate picked up the phone and found it was a call from Sherry.

"Kate, where are you?" Asked Sherry as soon as she answered the phone.

"I'm.. at my friend's home. What's wrong? " Kate thought for a while and said. It was not wrong for her to take the CEO as her friend

"Please come back home as soon as possible. Your mother came here last night. She called you many times, but you didn't answer her," Said Sherry.

"What!" Kate was shocked and almost jumped out of the bed again. She didn't expect her mother would come to her home?

After hanging up the phone, Kate found that there were so many missed calls on her phone. Some of them were from her mother, and the others were from Sherry.

Kate thought that something was wrong, so she carefully put her foot on the ground. Her foot was a little swollen and terrible, so it seemed that she couldn't wear high heels anymore. She casually found a pair of slippers and put it on. Then she slowly walked to the door while holding the table.

When she opened the door, she was surprised to see Brian walking towards her.

Kate quickly lowered her head, with her heart beating fast. She felt strangely guilty but she didn't do anything wrong.

"Where are you going?" When Kate was about to go back with the help of the table, she heard a cold voice from behind.

Kate stopped because of his words, turned around and said with a big smile: "I'm looking for the bathroom, hahaha..." She would not tell him that she wanted to leave without a word.

"What?" "I don't believe it" was hanging on Brian's face.

Under the pressure from Brian's powerful eyes, Kate lowered her head. Then, Brian said coldly: "do you still remember the standards of choosing employees of the Li's group?"

"Yes, I do." Kate's voice became weak. She naturally remembered that one of the standards of choosing people for the Li's group was honesty.

Then there was another silence. Kate laughed and said, "my mom is at my home, so I want to go back." Then she looked at Brian seriously and said: "it's true. I didn't lie to you."

"I don't doubt you." The serious look on her face amused Brian.

You have suspected me! Kate wanted to stare at him, but since he was her boss, she could only despise him in her heart.

"Let me send you back."

When Brian picked up the woman who was still in a daze, Kate screamed and casually grabbed the man's tie.

When she came to her senses, Kate immediately released her hands and slightly twisted her body, trying to break away from his arms.

After all, Kate was a principled person, so how can she allow others to hug her casually? But before she determined to do that, Kate raised her head and secretly glanced at Brian's face.

Well, the man's expression didn't look good, especially when he felt that she resisted him, his face was even gloomier.

Kate was a principled and sensitive person. When she sensed that Brian was dissatisfied with her, she immediately stopped resisting, curling up in the arms of Brian like a docile kitten.

Tut, tut, rich people is really rich. According to Kate's visual observation, from the bedroom door to the gate, it is about five times further than her home.

The black suits and cool bodyguards were arranged on the road from the gate to the gate of the yard. Kate used to dream to be a bodyguard, which was so cool that everyone wore a pair of sunglasses. She would have jumped off and asked the bodyguards for autographs if she were not held in Brian.

Moreover, she hadn't had the time to see the big house last night, so she couldn't help looking at it a few more times. She was so excited that she almost forgot where she was.

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