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   Chapter 10 Encounter With An Old Classmate

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"Brian? Aren't you curious about what happened to her when she was in Z University?" As Mona was asking Brian with a seductive smile, she really wanted to throw herself into him.

Kate tightened her grip on Brian's arm. She didn't want Brian to know what had happened to her in Z University. If she hadn't met Sherry in the campus, she would have hated that school for the rest of her life.

Noticing Kate's resistance, Brian said softly, "Miss Chen, I'm never interested in stories."

His cold aura kept people at a distance. His sternness daunted Mona not to breathe heavily. She just looked blankly at Brian, who was holding Kate's arm and leaving.

Looking at their backs, Mona gritted her teeth with hatred. There was a hint of crazy ferocity on her beautiful face. Her eyes glued on Kate's back, seeming to be burning with anger.

'Why does this bitch steal things from me again and again?' wondered Mona. Brian was hers, absolutely hers! No one could take him away, including Kate!

"Mr. Li, thank you so much." Kate raised her head and said sincerely.

Brian looked at her indifferently. "Call me by my name."

"Uh." Kate was stunned.

Call the CEO by his name. It was indeed a sin! Kate hesitated. At this time, Brian's cold eyes swept over her again.

Under the CEO's cold glance, Kate was shocked and then felt a severe pain in her lower abdomen.

She bent down a little and put her free hand on her belly. Her pretty face was a little pale.

Brian's eyes were more effective than poison. Even though the pain was agonizing, Kate still didn't forget to whine deep down.

"Is there something wrong?" Brian asked unpleasantly.

"It seems... abdominal pain." Seeing Brian's displeased expression, Kate stated more cautiously. Then, she had to lower her head.

Brian frowned at her.

Kate hurriedly raised her hand and added, "I can find the powder room by myself. Don't need to be bothered." With these words, she loosed the grip on Brian's arm. She then turned around and left at a slow pace.

Mona, who had been keeping an eye on Kate, saw her leaving. She put down the wine glass and followed her.

Kate rushed to the corridor and looked around, but she couldn't find the bathroom.

"Kate, what are you looking for? Need my help?" Mona leaned against the wall and glanced at Kate with defiant eyes.

Hearing Mona's voice, Kate was first stunned. She straightened her back and smiled at her. "I can't find the toilet. Do you know where it is?" Her tone was natural.

"Okay, I'll take you there," said Mona cheerfully with a glint of slyness in her eyes.

Although Kate knew that Mona would not be so kind, she still followed her because they had to clarify things with each other.

Mona led Kate to the backyard of the Li family. The two stood at the edge of a small pool, looking at each other.

"Tell me, why are you with Brian?" Mona raised her eyebrows.

"It's none of your business whom I'm with, right?" Kate was as arrogant as Mona.

Mona was speechless. She rushed to Kate, who looked at her warily.

"Why do you always steal things from me? Is it amusing?" asked Mona with a cold face. At this time, they were facing each other.

Kate sneered at her, "When did I steal things from you? I've never been in a relationship with Moore Bai. And when he broke up with you, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with me, right?"

"You!" Mona was so furious that she wanted to slap Kate's face. However, her hand was grasped by Kate tightly.

"Mona, I don't want to argue with you about what happened in the past anymore. But if you attack me again, I won't be polite to you. Yes, you have your ways, and I also have mine," threatened Kate indifferently.

Mona looked at Kate indignantly and threw her hand off. Kate was not upset but still smiling.

"Kate, I will let everyone know that you're a lesbian! You're a freak. You only like women! And that you have a relationship with Brian just for the Li family's properties!" When Mona found that she couldn't control Kate, her tone became more and more ferocious. Her pretty face became hideous and terrible.

Kate glanced at her coldly and questioned, "Mona, do you think I can't see through your scheme? You ruined my university life. What else do you want?"

"What do I want?! I want you return Brian back to me!" As Mona spoke, she pushed Kate away violently.

Reflexively, Kate stretched out her hand to block Mona's hand. And unexpectedly, Mona lost her balance, and fell into the small pool. They were very close to each other. And when Mona fell down, she grabbed Kate's clothes indiscriminately.

Plop! They both fell into the water.

The backyard and the hall where the party was held were only separated by a tall glass wall. Naturally, the sound of someone falling into the water attracted some people's attention.

"Oh my god! Someone fell into the water!" An exclamation interrupted the party.

With his brows furrowed, Brian swiftly walked towards the pool. As he reached there, he saw that Mona and Kate had been pulled out of the water. Both of them looked pale. Mona burst into tears. "I just came for a walk by the pool. I didn't expect that someone would push me down into the water. Fortunately, I caught her clothes. Do you have a grudge against me? Why did you have to do this to me?"

Her lovely face was full of grievance, and her voice was sad and mournful. Mona was the darling of the Chen family, and in that gathering, no one had seen Kate before. Obviously, all the doubts were pointed at this new face.

Kate kept silent, not because she didn't want to say anything, but because she was in too much pain to utter a single word. She felt a sharp pain in her ankle and in her abdomen.

As for Mona, she had already been taken away. Sadly, there was no one coming up to help Kate.

Her tight dress had outlined her curvy body. The soaking dress seemed to have clung to her body that made her exquisite figure more prominent. Her long, wet hair fell over her shoulders.

This picture of femme fatale almost made every man present shed nosebleed.

Kate lowered her head and felt a lump in her throat. She wasn't a crybaby. However, right now, she just wanted a pair of hands to take her away from there. She didn't like being watched and discussed by others.

She didn't see Brian. Yes, he was the CEO. How could he care about the life and death of an employee? Kate smiled with self-mockery.

Just when she was desperate, a white bath towel was suddenly thrown on her head. She looked up confusedly and saw Brian bending over to pick her up. He tightly wrapped her body with the towel, so that she wouldn't be exposed at all.

It turned out Brian didn't abandon her.

With her head against Brian's chest, Kate held back her tears, which were almost spilling out of her eyes. Her heart trembled inexplicably.

Everyone was shocked when they watched Brian take Kate away. They were speculating the relationship between the girl who pushed Mona into the water and the CEO of Li's Group.

Under the gaze of the crowd, Brian was not in the least flustered. Everyone seemed to have disappeared, and he looked as if a god.

Brian put her on the bed, and then Kate came back to her senses. She turned her head and looked around the room. It really fit the style of the CEO as it was elegant, generous but unassuming.

When Kate was looking around, Brian had squatted down in front of her and held her injured foot.

"Ah!" Kate couldn't help but screamed. However, when she saw Brian's frowning brows, she gripped the quilt on the bed, bit her teeth, and held back her voice.

Her ankle was swollen and red. It became more terrible after being soaked in water.

Kate was still wet from head to toe. Her curvy figure was a fatal attraction to any man.

Brian had released Kate's foot. Finally, she breathed a sigh of relief. But the next second, she felt her nerves tightened again. It was because the next second, Brian lifted her up and put her on his lap.

"Mr.... Li..." Kate struggled hard and protested in a trembling, low voice.

However, for Brian, Kate's strength was not enough at all. She could only watch Brian's big hands moving up and down on her body. Every inch of her skin he touched felt like it was burning, very hot.

Although they were indeed a couple, they were just in a fake marriage!

Kate was overwhelmed by her thoughts. But she dared not to speak one word, because Brian was her boss. To be more specific, she was already scared to death, forgetting to use all her strength to fight back.

Soon, the nearly naked Kate appeared in front of Brian. With her arms embracing her chest and her little head drooping, Kate was self-conscious. Her heart was like a fast-moving train.

"Mr. Li... I..." She was too nervous that she had no idea what to say next.

She was still a virgin! In her head, she was scolding herself for not being able to admit it to Brian right away. Anyway, maybe it wasn't so bad to give her virginity to such a man? After her grief, Kate decided to put her virginity aside and face the fact calmly.

However, things had never gone as what Kate thought.

Now, she was wrapped up by a clean bath towel and felt much better after leaving her wet clothes.

Kate was a little startled. She thought, 'Did boss help me change clothes just because of my injured foot?'

But when she came up with this idea, she saw the CEO's handsome face coming closer. When his cold lips touched hers, Kate felt that the tight strings in her mind had broken.

She wanted to escape, but her whole body was imprisoned by Brian. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't avoid him.

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