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   Chapter 9 Become The Female Companion Of The CEO

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Before going to Li's family, Jacob took Kate to dress up. She was a beautiful girl. After dressing up, she became more glamorous, like a haughty queen.

Jacob looked at her and paused for a few seconds. Then he nodded satisfactorily and said, "you are really good-looking after dressing up."

Hearing the praise of Jacob, Kate couldn't help but want to show off. She giggled and said: "of course. Don't you know who I am?" There was no trace of modesty in her tone.

Jacob smiled and shook his head. He looked at her smug face and said with a relaxed smile, "yes, your majesty, let's go."

With these words, he reached out her hand to Kate like a gentleman. However, instead of reaching out her hand, Kate just lifted her dress and said to him in an imposing manner: "let's go."

Jack was slightly stunned and withdrew his hand, following Kate.

Kate, who walked in front of her, stamped a little as her legs were not fully recovered. With a long purple low cut dress, she looked very lovely.

people was quite fond of such a beautiful woman.

When Jacob and Kate arrived at Li's mansion, the party had not started yet. Jacob took Kate to the study of Brian.

On seeing Kate in a long low cut dress, there was a flash of amazement in Brian's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. He leaned against the desk, staring at her quietly.

Kate was in good shape. The tight dress showed her curvaceous figure. Her white and red skin was very delicate, with her bright red lips slightly glistening, and her pair of bright eyes were even breathtaking.

TSK, TSK, TSK. He didn't expect that an ordinary girl could be so attractive after dressing up.

Kate was not shy. She didn't feel anything when Jacob looked at her with his unscrupulous eyes. Anyway, her dress was for other people to see, so what.

However When Brian looked at her the same way, she was a little embarrassed and dared not look at him. Her heart beat fiercely.

Seeing this, Jacob considerately left and closed the door for them.

As a several-year assistant od Brian, Jacob knew a lot about Brian. Kate seemed to be the first person who could approach Brian in this way.

"Not bad." Brian stood up and walked to her.

Seeing that Brian was approaching, Kate stepped back. Her pretty eyes were filled with fear. She was a little scared.

Since the kiss last night, Kate had known that Brian was a normal man.

As he got closer, she had reached a point where she couldn't move back any more. She leaned on the wall with her bare back and stared at him standing in front of her.

"Thank you for your praise, Mr. Brian." Though Kate was scared, she managed to smile at Brian.

"You're welcome." Brian smiled. His powerful finger hooked her chin, and he looked down at her like a king.

The boss was smiling so coquettishly!

Kate's smile was as bright as the sun, while Brian's was like equinox flowers blossoming on the netherworld, reflecting all her glamour and charm.

However, Kate was totally attracted by his big smile.

As his handsome face got closer, Kate suddenly woke up and gently pushed him on his strong chest, whispering: "this is a violation of the agreement."

According to the agreement, he could not force the other part to do all intimate actions.

Brian frowned and asked in a low and hoarse voice, "am I forcing you?"

"Yes..." Kate said in a low voice, but when she saw that Brian frowned and gazed at her with his dark eyes, her heart trembled, and her mind was in a mess. She said, "no, definite no, hehe..."

Kate, you are so spineless!

After saying it, Kate felt so regretful that she really wanted to slap herself. She had to resist him! So what? He paid her. So what? 'is money more important than my own purity?'?

Wasn't money more important than innocence?

Kate was shocked by what she had come up with. She clenched her fists and was ready to fight against Brian. But before she could do so, she saw that Brian reached out and removed the petals from her head.

Kate was embarrassed. She had made a lot of psychological struggle just now and when she finally wanted to defend her innocence, she found that the CEO didn't kiss her at all.

"You look upset. Do you want me to kiss you?" Brian looked at her. There were deep stars in his dark eyes.

"Of course not..." Kate roared to him out of conditioned response, only to find that she was talking to her boss. She could not help saying: "no..."

Brian was still standing in front of her. From his height and angle, he could see Kate's tempting collarb

one and charming cleavage. Her long hair was casually falling over her shoulders, making her even more charming.

'the woman is really a tempting lure tonight.'. All of a sudden, Brian was reluctant to take her out for a meeting. He wanted to enjoy her alone.

After a while, Brian sneered at himself and withdrew. There were so many women who were prettier than her. He didn't need to be so attracted by her.

Seeing that Brian was released, Kate was finally relieved. Her trembling leg was slowly recovered.

CEO was CEO. His too overwhelming momentum almost made her cringe.

When it was about time, Brian brought Kate out.

The banquet was grand. They said that it was the 18th birthday of Lily, but in fact, it was held just for the reason of find a husband for Lily. Most of the wealthy families did things like this.

Lily looked gorgeous. She was the leading star tonight. Even though Kate was gorgeous, she wasn't the princess in the spotlight.

The designer designed every dress and jewelry for Lily, and they were all tailor-made for her. She was wearing a moon like dress, luxurious and bright jewelry, and with exquisite makeup, there was no doubt that Lily was the most beautiful heroine tonight.

However, when Brian and Kate appeared on the stage together, everyone was watching them. No matter where they went, Brian was the focus.

Kate felt nervous, tightly holding onto Brian's arm. Although she knew that everyone's eyes were not looking at her, but for the men around her, but She would also feel nervous.

When she saw Brian who became the focus, Lily couldn't help but give a proud smile, as if the man in the center of the storm only belonged to her.

"Brother..." at the sight of Brian, Lily leaped into the prison like a canary.

Brian caught her and helped her up. "Mind your manners. Don't act so rashly like a little girl," he advised like an elder

Lily stood in front of him and nodded her head. Her smile was innocent and brilliant.

One was a gorgeous princess, one was a handsome king, and there was another Who was an elegant queen. The group of three undoubtedly caught everyone's attention.

Brian slightly smiled and exhorted Lily. Regardless of Lily's dissatisfaction, he took the numb Kate away.

Yes, Kate was nervous all the time since the moment she walked in. It was her first time to attend such a luxurious party.

The sound of cheers and flattery were heard everywhere They are all eyes of erotic women

Of course she was not the one who was stared, but her boss, Brian.

She admitted that Brian was good-looking, but it was impossible for those girls to look at him with such eyes? Her husband was dressed neatly.

Her husband? Kate was shocked by the idea she had come up with. She got rid of it in a hurry. 'CEO is everyone's, not mine.'.

After talking to all the big shots, Brian took a look at Kate. He could see that she was either in a trance or did some strange movements. He knew that she came up with some strange ideas again.

"Brian..." it's been a long time since the last time she saw each other. The sound was so sweet that Kate could only feel the cold wind on her back. Then a woman in a very sexy dress came to the front of Brian. Her red lips were even more charming because of the red wine.

Kate felt a little cold and tightened her hand that was holding Brian's. Brian sensed her unease and looked down at her. Kate turned her face to Brian and hid behind him.

"Hey, isn't this Kate? The big shot of Z city. " The woman looked at Kate. She was surprised first, and then laughed louder.

Kate had nowhere to hide. She stepped forward and smiled at the coquettish girl: "Hey, nice to meet you, Mona."

Seeing that she could not escape, Kate stood calmly in front of Mona and smiled brightly.

But apparently, Mona's attention was not on Kate. How she wished that she could not be seen by Mona. However For Mona, Kate was absolutely a topic.

"Brian... How could you be with Kate? When we were in college, she was very popular in our school. "Mona tried to hold the other hand of Brian, but was gently avoided by Brian.

With a stiff expression, Mona drew her hand back in embarrassment and took a slight glance at Kate. Her beautiful face suddenly twisted. She recalled what Brian said a few days ago. He said he already had a fiancee. Why would he bring Kate here now. Was Brian's fiancee Kate?

At the thought of this, Mona looked at Kate with more and more vicious eyes. But she couldn't give vent to her anger in front of Brian.

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