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   Chapter 8 Get A Divorce

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After a long while, Kate heard herself say in a gentle voice, "Boss, can we get a divorce?"

Upon thinking it through, she honestly wanted a divorce. Kate only wanted a fake marriage with an ordinary man who didn't actually want to get married. Marrying a wealthy man wasn't part of her plans. Her requirement wasn't that strict. The man didn't need to be so handsome and rich. She only needed a man who was weaker than her, so she could control him.

However, it was evident that Brian was used to dominating others. Kate didn't like men who were too powerful. The feeling of being submissive was very uncomfortable for her.

"Sure," Brian answered hastily. At the sight of Kate's charming face, there was a bit of pleasure in Brian's heart. The pleasure was so light and unexpected that even he wasn't aware of it.

Hearing his answer, Kate couldn't care less about her seductive appearance. She just looked at him expectantly. Brian smiled and added, "After I find a suitable person to replace you."

Kate's hopeful eyes immediately darkened after she heard what he said. She sat on the passenger seat with her head bowed down like a mourning puppy.

Then, an idea occurred to her. She clenched her fists, looked at Brian excitedly and asked, "Alright, how about this? I'll help you find the one you want!"

As long as she could find a right person, she could get rid of him. Pondering upon this idea, Kate couldn't help giggling.

"I want a girl who is agreeable in my eyes." Brian clarified. With smiling eyes, Brian thought, 'Is this girl so eager to get rid of me?'

Kate was confused. There were so many beautiful girls in the world. How could she know who could meet Brian's conditions? Maybe she should bring all the attractive women one by one to him and ask him if he didn't like them or not?

"Okay, I'll help you to find one!" affirmed Kate, looking at Brian firmly.

Kate was forced to take her gaze back from Brian because he was just staring blankly at her, and her heart couldn't help beating fast.

"Then, I'm going in." With her head down, Kate opened the car door and rushed out in a panic.

Slowly, her little figure disappeared in the corner of the community.

Right after, Brian started the engine and drove away.

To get the CEO a wife who he would adore troubled Kate all night.

Kate looked at the ceiling with a pair of big eyes. Suddenly, Brian's shadow appeared on the ceiling. She saw him pressing towards her with a wicked smile.

Hurriedly, she closed her eyes and frantically shook her head.

'Damn it! Why is that scene playing in my mind again? Kate, you should remember that men are all heartless, and all men are the same. You can't like men! Just forget what happened in car!' Kate was scolding herself in her mind.

However, the more she tried to forget it, the more vivid the scene became. Even the temperature and breath of him became lucid to her imagination.

She was doomed to another sleepless night.

The next day, she came to work drained and spacing out.

She had only known Brian for two days, and she had already been physically and mentally tired. Kate believed that she would be more worn out in the following days! She bent over the desk and her spirit was getting weaker and weaker.

"Kate, are you really fine?" Lora moved closer to her, very concerned.

Kate raised her head with difficulty, and then turned slowly to face Lora. The latter was so startled by her pale face that she couldn't help but take two steps back.

"I... am... fine..." After saying that, Kate then fell on the desk again.

She really wanted to get some rest.

Lora wanted to say anything else, but she saw the director walked in. She immediately gave Kate a quick shove, and hastened back to her own desk, without asking if Kate had understood what she meant.

"Kate." The director's voice sounded over Kate's head.

Kate was surprised. She quickly straightened her back, looked straight at the documents in front of her and pretended to be serious.

"Can you please come with me?" said the director in a cold, hard tone while staring at her.

"Yes, sir!" Kate stood up, shook her body for a while before she could barely stand firm.

Under the gaze of everyone in the office, Kate walked in a solemn manner, as if she was going to do something magnificent.

However, when she had reached the door, the director told her to follow the other man waiting for her. Immediately, the director sped away. Confusedly, Kate gawked at the man and followed him.

"Mr. Li, Miss Luo is here," said the man.

The CEO! When she heard the word "Mr. Li", Kate, who was very sleepy, was totally sober. She raised her head.

Who else could it be? It was no one else but Brian!

It was the first time that she saw Brian working. Kate was dumbstruck again. There was a saying, "A man at work is the most handsome man." This saying perfectly suited Brian.

His gorgeous face, deep facial features, his calmness and elegance, and even the black hair in front of his forehead showed that he was so handsome.

Kate's heart beat rapidly when she looked at him. Her sluggish ne

rves seemed to be stimulated. Finally, she was feeling so alive.

After a long while, the CEO put down his pen. Then, he cast a glance at Kate and then his eyes landed on the other man. "Jacob, help her get familiar with the duties of a secretary."

The duties of a secretary? Undoubtedly, Kate heard the words clearly.

It turned out that Brian didn't want to fire her but wanted a promotion for her.

It was a great distance between an obscure clerk and the CEO's secretary. But then, she muddled through it and ascended from hell to heaven.

The silly smile on Kate's lips made Jacob Nan uncomfortable. If the CEO hadn't ordered him to help the woman, he would have distanced himself from her.

"Is this my desk? It is spacious, huh?" Kate looked at her bright desk and said excitedly.

Jacob Nan silently shot a glance at her and replied discontentedly, "I'm the CEO's top assistant. Anyway, you can call me Jacob."

"Wow! This crystal brush pot is glamorous. Jacob, can I use it?" Kate relentlessly interrupted Jacob Nan. She looked at the delicate brush pot on the desk with her sparkling eyes and shouted.

With a sigh, Jacob Nan only stood still. He was petrified.

It was not until dusk that Jacob Nan got rid of Kate and returned to the CEO's office.

"Boss, I'm fed up with that woman! I can't work with her!" Jacob Nan stood still in front of Brian. With tears in his eyes, he was trying to tell his boss about what Kate had done.

Brian's full attention was still on the documents in front of him, as if Jacob Nan had never existed.

Until Jacob Nan finished what he wanted to tell him, Brian raised his head. He looked at his assistant indifferently and asked, "Are you finished?"

Looking like a pitiful cat, Jacob Nan nodded his head. Sadly, Brian was obviously not a sympathetic person. He slowly stood up and said, "I'll get off work when you finish."

"Boss, you abused your power," Jacob Nan grumbled with his lips pouted.

Brian raised his eyebrows and gave a coquettish smile. "Do you want me to transfer you to an entry-level position?"

Hearing this, Jacob Nan immediately shut up and followed behind Brian with a flattering smile.

In the secretarial office, a petite woman was leaning against the window while talking on the phone. Her white shirt was coated with a layer of light orange sunset. The soft wind blew her hair, making her more noticeable.

As Brian's eyes reflected her, his brows wrinkled subtly. She had never smiled so brightly in front of him.

"Ahem." Jacob Nan, who followed behind Brian, gave a slight cough.

Kate noticed them and hurriedly hung up the phone. Her casual move also became slightly stiff. She quickly walked towards Brian and smiled professionally. "Hello, Mr. Li," she greeted.

However, the look in Brian's eyes became colder, and Kate felt more restrained. Noticing that he was unhappy, Kate cautiously asked, "Mr. Li, what can I do for you?"

"Follow me," said Brian as he turned around indifferently.

Kate was a little stunned, yet followed up at once. Although her position had changed greatly, she still felt uneasy. Why did Brian want her to be promoted? Was it a conspiracy?

Kate knew that she wasn't a capable worker. And she wasn't supposed to be promoted since she hadn't proved herself yet.

Was that because she had become one of his family members? Kate had a lot of speculations.

But if Brian could promote her, he could definitely fire her.

She should be more cautious in front of him.

As soon as she arrived at the company's door, Brian left her to Jacob Nan. Kate was in a daze as she watched the cool Bugatti Veyron disappearing in front of her.

"Hey, Kate! Let's go," Jacob Nan called her name sourly.

It was not until Jacob Nan called her that Kate regained her consciousness. She followed the man and got into the car.

"Where are we going?" As soon as she sat down, Kate asked quickly. She had a lot to ask, but considering the power of the CEO, she didn't dare to.

Jacob Nan rolled his eyes at her and said, "I wonder why our CEO likes you so much that he wants you to be his female companion tonight."

His female companion tonight? It suddenly occurred to Kate what Lily had said at the restaurant yesterday. As it was Lily's birthday, her family was holding a birthday party for her. And of course, Brian would be home with his family.

"Actually..." Kate wanted to tell Jacob Nan that in fact, neither of them had taken a fancy to each other. They were just performing in front of the Li's family.

Tonight, she would have to meet many of her fake husband's parents.

Kate was having mixed feelings. Although she had met Brian's grandmother and younger sister and brother yesterday, tonight would be different since she had to meet Brian's parents. The meet-the-parents would be difficult, she thought.

Since ancient times, the relationship between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law was usually awful. Who knew whether it would be difficult to get along with Brian's mother, and whether she would be dissatisfied with Kate.

Thinking of this, Kate was anxious and distressed.

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