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   Chapter 7 The CEO's Sister-In-Law

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With a gentle smile on his face, the man was elegant and extraordinary. He was another handsome man, Kate can't help praising him.

Judging from their words and attitude, they should be family.

"Who is this girl?" The man asked in a low voice when he saw Kate.

On hearing the man's voice, Lily also turned her eyesight to Kate, who just kept the graceful smile to Lily. But to Kate's surprise, Lily just took a cold look at Kate, as if Kate was the enemy of her in her previous life and this life.

Being gazed by such eyes, even Kate felt a little scared. did this girl have brother complex? Kate felt wronged.

"Brother, who is she?" Lily's eyes was so pure and gentle when she looked at Brian.

Kate was speechless again. She didn't expect that the change in the Li's family was not only unique to her grandma, but also could be inherited by her sister.

"Your sister-in-law." No word of pampering or detestation was shown in Brian's mouth to this little sister. He just introduced Kate to her lightly.

"What?" Lily looked at Brian in surprise, full of distrust.

Brian also frowned and looked at Kate. He wanted to find something from her. Kate kept smiling, looking noble and elegant.

"Which family is she from? Why haven't I seen her before?" Colin asked softly, as if it was just a casual question.

But his words dumbfounded Kate. 'should I tell him that I am the daughter of the Luo's group How could she make up a Luo's group?

Lily also turned to look at Kate upon hearing the question of Colin. The fierce look in her eyes made Kate tremble. Kate opened her mouth, not knowing whether to tell the truth or make up a story.

After a moment of hesitation, she eventually peeped at Brian, and she saw that Brian's eyes were closed, with an arrogant expression that he didn't want to care about anything. Kate had to lower her head and said in a low voice: "I'm Kate, the daughter of Luo's family."

"Which Luo's family?" Lily questioned closely.

"If you don't want to have dinner, then go home." Said Brian, rubbing his forehead.

Hearing this, both Colin and Lily stopped talking. But Lily still didn't get out of Brian's arms. That's quite an uncomfortable feeling in Kate's heart, which made her feel more oppressing. Brian's sister and brother was here. She was too afraid to say anything.

Kate raised her head and glanced at Brian. He put Lily in the place next to him expressionlessly and picked up the knife and fork in an elegant and gentle manner.

Seeing this, Kate laughed in her heart. She had been waiting for this moment, and finally she could have dinner.

"Brother, is she really my sister-in-law? Look at her! She is eating like a wild woman. How can she be my sister-in-law? " Lily glared at Kate with disgust for several times. Then she held the arm of Brian and said softly in a spoiled tone.

Even though she were aware that Lily was a sister of Brian, Kate felt still strange that they were so intimate. And from Lily's point of view, it was not like that she looked at her sister-in-law, but her rival in love.

Was this the normal behavior of brother complex.

Kaaahhkkk. Brian's fake marriage was not only for comforting her sick grandmother, but also for this lovely little sister.

When she was thinking about this, Brian suddenly glanced at her. Then, Kate immediately stopped looking at Lily and began to have her meal.

"Brother, why don't you reply me?" Since Brian didn't answer, Lily swayed his arm more fiercely and said in a sweet voice.

Kate got goose bumps and couldn't help but sigh for Lora in mind, 'Brian likes sweet girls. Lora is not this type at all.'.

"Lily, it is inappropriate for you to go out at night. You should stay at school now." Putting down the tableware gently,

Brian gazed at Lily calmly. His tall body blocked the light of the lotus, and his features were more perfect and angular in the shadow.

But his tone was so harsh that no one dared to look at his handsome face. While eating, Kate watched other's family affairs. Lily looked like a college student.

Hearing the severe question, Lily lowered her head. Tears welled up in her eyes. "Tomorrow is my birthday. We will have a party. Have you forgotten it?" she said, gripping the sleeves of Brian.

Her miserable and pathetic tone made people feel sorry for her. Obviously, Brian was not a person who had a tender heart. So, he answered "OK" as if nothing had happened.

Kate cleared her throat and thought to herself: "Mr. Brian, you are so busy that you even forgot your sister and mistress' birthday." In Kate's mind, she had already taken Lily as a couple with the Brian.

"Brother, you are so forgetful. Remember to go home tomorrow." Lily was used to Brian's attitude. She was now clinging to him like chewing gum.

Looking at the three of them sitting on the leather sofa, Kate felt like sitting on pins and needles, uncomfortably enjoying the delicacies.

Kate wanted to see them finish their meal and then asked to leave. However, they didn't seem to want to leave at all. She had a bad temper and couldn't wait anymore. She raised her hand to break the scene where they were talking. She said with a twinkle in her eyes: "um I have something to deal with at home, so I have to go now. "

"Let me send you back." This time, Brian answered her positively and stood up at the same time.

Kate followed Brian and stood up excitedly.

However, Lily smiled at Brian and said, "brother, I want to go with you too."

As she spoke, she stood up. Kate was flustered. She was 100% sure that Lily had an unusual relationship with Brian.

Hearing what she said, Brian took a look at Colin. The next second, Colin grasped the wrist of Lily, and said with a graceful smile, "Be lovable, and go back with me."

"But..." Lily stared at Kate's face discontentedly and gripped Brian's arm.

Kate always doesn't intrude in others' family affairs. Therefore, the dissatisfaction in Lily's eyes was nothing to Kate.

When Kate was looking at them with an air of mockery, Brian let go of Lily's hand and walked to her.

'oh my God! Has Brian noticed my expression?

Kate raised her head and smiled at Brian. Before she said anything, Brian's face had already been close to her face. Before she could think of it, a doleful frown appeared on Kate's forehead.

Brian kissed her?

Brian kissed her!

Kate's brain was buzzing and failed to react for a while. She stayed still, like a stiff clothes rack.

"Honey, it's time to go." Brian slightly smiled and held her in the arms.

As soon as she was held by Brian, Kate was scared again. She felt as if she was in a dream. She was out of mind and just followed Brian, but she couldn't see anything else, not Lily or anyone else.

It was not until she returned to the Faraway community that she slowly came back to her senses. There was only innocence in her energetic eyes. She looked at Brian blankly and asked, "what happened just now?"

After asking that, she even wanted to slap herself. How could the arrogant man answer her question. However She really wanted to ask why Brian kissed her. They just knew each other for two days, and they hadn't held hands for many times. Why did he suddenly kiss her?

Hearing this, Brian didn't get annoyed. He turned to look at Kate, kissed her again, smiled and said, "that's it."

It was not until she heard Brian's words that Kate realized that it should blame her question.

But.... This was the first time she had been kissed! Kate was in mixed and upset mood.

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