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   Chapter 6 The CEO's Grandma

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While Kate was confused, Brian had taken her to the front of a hospital bed and gently called the old woman on the bed, "grandma."

With a bang, Kate's mind collapsed. She was not ready for the parent meeting, but he brought her here! The makeup, the clothes, and her legs had not been healed yet. Lame limp when walking was really not good-looking. How could he bring her to meet his parents without saying anything in advance!

"Yea Brian? " The old woman's pale face appeared a little bit scarlet when she saw Brian. She struggled to sit up from the bed.

Hearing this, Brian loosened his hand supporting Kate and reached out his hand to try to support his grandpa. He was so gentle. Kate was stunned as she had never seen such a gentle boss.

"What now?" The old woman's face was pale and she was weak, but she still had a good eyesight. When she sat up, she saw Kate and Brian standing side by side. She couldn't help asking.

Kate wanted to introduce herself, but was interrupted by Brian. He coldly introduced: "her name is Kate, and she is my newly married wife."

Kate was about to say something, but she immediately stopped. This was the second time he had introduced her like this today. Compared with the shock for the first time, she felt that she seemed to adapt to it.

She grinned, "Hello, grandma. You can call me Kate."

Kate thought that the old lady would be very kind and nodded her head, then she would begin to ask her a lot. Wasn't rich family always valued the match of family? She even came up with a solution to the old lady's question.

But she didn't expect that the old woman looked at Kate with excitement. The old woman looked better now and smiled: "Hello, I am the grandmother of Brian. When did you get married? Why didn't you tell me earlier? "

In a daze, Kate looked at the old lady's reproachful expression and suddenly thought she was very cute.

"Yesterday." The coldness on the face of Brian was also replaced by gentleness.

"Have you chosen a date? Do you get the dress? Have you held your wedding ceremony? " Speaking of Brian's marriage, the old woman was more enthusiastic than Brian himself and kept asking questions.

Kate was speechless. She suddenly understood that she went on a blind date because of the pressure of her mother. The reason why Brian promised to feign marriage with her was mostly because of this old woman.

It seemed that the CEO was quite filial towards his grandma. Kate liked Brian even more.

"We're not going to hold a wedding ceremony. She thinks it's troublesome." Brian shifted all the responsibility onto Kate.

"Kate, how can you think it troublesome? Marriage is a lifetime thing. Some women can only wear wedding dresses once a lifetime. Why do you think it troublesome? " When the old woman heard that it was a question from Kate, she turned to her head to Kate and tried to persuade Kate earnestly.

This energetic old woman was totally different from that pale old woman. Kate was magnificently embarrassed, and it turned out that a person's mental strength could really be so great.

Kate's eyes rolled quickly and then she said in an embarrassed voice, "it's not that I don't want to hold a wedding ceremony, but that we went to calculate the fate. The fortune teller said that we were not suitable for holding a wedding this year. So we just get our marriage license first and then hold a wedding ceremony. "

Hearing that it was the fortune teller, the old man stopped talking. As a member of the wealthy family, sometimes people were more superstitious than ordinary people.

"Okay." The old woman's tone slowly faded down, and her voice was not that loud.

Kate held old lady's hand and smiled: "we have already got the marriage certificate. It doesn't matter whether we hold the wedding ceremony or not."

"Yes." The old woman nodded and suddenly looked up at Kate's stomach and asked, "Kate, are you pregnant?"

Kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk, kaaahhkkk

Kate covered her mouth and coughed. She thought to herself, 'grandma, your thought changed so fast. We just got married yesterday, and you want us to have a baby?

"Not yet." Kate said in a low voice.

"Then you should hurry up as soon as possible. Brian was already twenty-six years old. He has never been in a relationship before. I thought he was abnormal. After seeing you, I'm relieved. " The old woman put Kate's hand into the hand of Brian and sighed.

At the moment when Kate touched Brian, she wanted to draw back subconsciously, but her hand was clasped in the palm of Brian tightly. The palm of Brian's hand was a little cold, while Kate's was warm. It was said that the couple of warm and cold could be a perfect match, because they can warm each other.

It was undeniable that Kate's body got a sort of electric shock.

She didn't hate him at all and didn't find it so hard to accept.

Was it because that thing has less effect, or the man in front of her was so outstanding that it less affect her?

Since her stepfather left, she had rarely touched a man. Every time she touched

a man, with one centimeter away from him, she would reflexively escape. Even though sometimes she had to do that, she would feel disgusted.

However The disgusting feeling seemed to be not so strong every time she touched this man.

Very soon, the old woman fell asleep. Seeing that, Kate immediately pulled her hand out from the palm of Brian's hand.

When he felt that Kate was trying to refuse him, Brian slightly raised his eyebrows. No one had dared to refuse him like this before.

"Are we going now?" Kate didn't look at Brian's scrutinizing eyes but looked around.

There was only the old people in the ward, and the decoration was very warm and elegant. It was more like an ordinary bedroom than a ward. It seemed that the old woman was the elder living here.

"Yes." replied Brian.

As soon as she was in the car, Kate's belly started to protest. With a weird look of Brian on her face, Kate looked out of the window and smiled: "the moonlight is so beautiful tonight."

Brian looked in the direction of her sight and said softly: "there is no moonlight today."

"……" Kate found it so tired to get along with someone who didn't have sense of humor.

The car started slowly. Colorful neon lights flashed outside the window. The wind gently lifted up the hair in front of Kate's forehead. Her fine hair fluttered in the wind, looking rather stunning.

Looking out of the window, she still could not believe what she had experienced these two days.

She got married, as the wife of Lora's dreamy boss, and her own first boss.

What made her most speechless was that she had irritated him yesterday.

"Well I want to go home. " Kate said in a low voice. If a weak woman hang around with an adult man in the middle of the night, the probability of an accident is more than 80%.

Though, as a modern female, she didn't care much about loyalty, in her eyes, it was a matter of dignity rather than loyalty.

Brian didn't answer her, Kate raised her voice, "I want to go home."

Kate was just like a timid little girl who was forced by her family to greet with an outsider.

"Okay." The man on the driver's seat finally responded.

The car stopped. Kate looked out of the window excitedly, thinking that she had already returned to the Faraway community. She didn't expect that there was a hotel outside the window...

At the sight of so many couples walking in and out of the hotel, Kate was in a panic and wondered if Brian wanted... that...

As she thought about this, Brian had got out of the car first and Kate had to follow him.

She stopped there and was unwilling to move her steps. But when she looked up, she found that Brian was going into a hotel, but a restaurant opposite the hotel.

She was wrong again. The CEO was taking her to dinner. Was it because he was very satisfied with her performance? Thinking of this, Kate was suddenly in a good mood, with her tender red lips slightly upturned and her dimples glimmering.

Brian paused a little his steps and Kate happily followed him. Although it was already over ten o'clock in the evening, there were many people in this restaurant. At the sight of Brian coming in with Kate, the waiter respectfully took Brian to a separate suite.

Touching the leather sofa of the five-star restaurant, Kate greedily looked at all kinds of luxury goods. Kate swallowed and thought, 'how long will I earn for these?'?

On the other side, Brian had already sat down and leaned back on the sofa, quietly closing his eyes for rest. He was a little annoyed today. This little woman didn't have much but talked a lot. However Grandmother was very happy today. Just take this meal as a reward.

Soon, the waiters served the dishes. Looking at the delicious food, Kate swallowed hard but still didn't dare to eat anything. She glanced at the direction of Brian and saw that Brian was leaning against the sofa as if he were asleep. She could not help gently asking: "Mr. Brian, are you asleep?"

The latter said nothing.

After a while, Kate couldn't help but call out again: "Mr. Brian?"

Her voice was so low that she didn't want to disturb Brian. But she still wanted to eat. This ambivalent feeling made Kate very unhappy.

Finally, Brian slowly opened his eyes, looked at Kate and asked, "do you get your job in the company by your tongue?"

Kate lowered her head. The work novel didn't tell her how to react in this situation. Did the boss dislike her for speaking too much? Kate thought to herself.

Luckily, there was a knock on the door, which saved Kate from the embarrassment. When the door opened slowly, a handsome man and a beautiful woman came in.

When the girl saw Brian, she immediately pounced on Brian with a big smile on her face. Her lovely body quickly threw into Brian's arms, her soft hands encircling Brian's neck. She raised her little face and looked at Brian. "Brother, I miss you so much."

The man who followed him also showed a slight smile. "Lily has a pair of sharp eyes. I didn't see you come in, but she saw you and dragged me to find you."

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